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All the Product Shots used in this Blog are by Rajat Verma

SNP Cosmetics (Korean Skincare Brand) is now in India

Sheet Masks are everyone's favourite. If you haven't tried yet, try and you will fall in love with them too. Our Love for Korean Skincare Brands and their Products is increasing day by day and it's worth it. I myself have been using Korean Skincare Products for my skincare routine as I found them effective. Thanks to Beaute.ONE for bringing SNP Cosmetics (Korean Skincare Brand) to India and now finally, we will be able to include SNP Sheet Masks to our Skincare Routine. Let us get into details.

June 2018 FAB BAG "All She Needs" Unboxing and Review

June Fab Bag "All She Needs" is here and I am here, all set, to share what's in the June Fab Bag. So, in case you are Googling what is in the June Fab Bag before you buy, this post might help. 😍 Fab Bag is India's most affordable beauty subscription bag I guess and the most exciting one. Every month we receive the different style of bags with the different curation of skincare and makeup each month. Let us get into details. 😊

3 Reasons Why Girls Need To Do Their Makeup and Nails

Girls like to look pretty. Not just for themselves but for the audience that adores them. And looking good doesn’t just mean looking good for others. It also means looking good for themselves. If anything, the latter always counts as a priority. Two of the things women are so concerned about is their face and body. And nothing helps women present themselves better than the right makeup and nail polish.

How to Get Clear and Glowing Skin Naturally in a Week with Healthy Lifestyle

I am a person who can do every possible step for a Healthy skin. Be it Healthy Lifestyle or Skincare Routine to follow. I feel Investing your time and efforts towards your lifestyle and skin is the best investment. In fact, we all want Clear and Glowing Skin. But let's just accept the fact, between the polluted environment and lifestyle changes, having a healthy skin is a mission. Glowing skin is not a result of costly cosmetics only. There is our Diet, Mental Positivity, The Happiness and a Healthy Lifestyle which plays an Important Role in achieving clear skin goals.

Homemade Coffee Face Scrub and Coffee Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Everyone loves coffee. No Doubt! Its aroma attracts you towards it. Isn't it? Some are conscious about the level of intake while for some, they can't function without having a cup of coffee. 😃 Coffee, not only as a beverage but it is also widely used in skincare industry because of multiple benefits it has for the skin. You will find coffee as the main ingredient in a lot of face scrubs, face packs or masks, and even in facial kits.

Flipkart Offers Made Your Shopping Easier Than Ever!

In today's world, life has become lightning fast and everyone live in the fast lane. Apart from the daily routine and the pre-scheduled works, people merely have time for any other activities. You can’t deny the fact that you won't be able to go much without shopping. Be it groceries, be it clothes, be it gadgets. You need to buy, repair, or if needed exchange those products.

Have You Seen These Stunning Butterfly Jewellery Designs Already?

You walk out of the house and see colourful blossoms around you. The hues of pink, orange and deep red look mesmerizing and the fragrance fills your heart with a sense of serenity. You cannot miss the butterflies fluttering lazily over the fresh blooms and wonder over the kind of sublime sight. We all love spring and the beauty it brings with it.

Rockrush has picked the mood of spring and infused in its Butterfly Jewellery Collection. The diamond-studded butterfly rings, the gold butterfly earrings and colourful butterfly bracelets are all set to take over your spring wardrobe! Make them a part of your daily ensemble to look your best at any time of the day.