Features, Awards, and Interviews

Getting Recognization in the field you are passionate about, gives a whole another level of happiness and pride. I am honored to receive awards and features in some of the biggest publications for my blog – The Pink Velvet Blog.

Below you will find all the Awards, Features, Press Releases, and Interviews of Me, Niharika Verma, and My Blog, The Pink Velvet Blog in some of the biggest publications. 🙂

Thank you for all the love and support. 🙂

Features, Awards, Press Releases, and Interviews of Niharika Verma – Beauty Blogger and Founder of The Pink Velvet Blog

Award – The Rising Lady Digital Award 2020 in the Category – Beauty.

Featured in Press Trust of India (PTI News).

Featured in Yahoo India.

Featured in Outlook.

Featured in DevDiscourse.

My Interview with Poulomi’s Abode.

Featured Under Top 30 Indian Lifestyle Blogs by FeedSpot.

Certficate by Story Mirror for Niharika Verma The Pink Velvet Blog

Appreciation Certificate by StoryMirror.

Featured under “Best Beauty Blogs to Follow” by TheBlogFrog.

Featured under Resources to Start a Blog by Receptix

My Interview with ScoopEarth.

My Interview with PeepyPeeps.

Hope you all loved reading the interviews 🥰

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