Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream Review

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Honestly, I have never been a “Dove” person because of the oily skin I have got and the Dove Products are more milk-based, mild, and gentle. A few months back, I bought Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream for my Mom, who is a dry skin person and she absolutely loved it.

I too tried and tested the cream in order to share my views and opinions on the Dove Moisturizer with you all via my blog. What can I say, I love trying and testing new beauty products. 😃

So, here I am, with my Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream Review.

Let us get started…

Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream

Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream Review

Price: Rs.299/- for 250ml

Available at Nykaa and Amazon

Product Description

  • Absorbs Easily
  • No Greasy Feel
  • Locks in moisture for 24 hours
  • Nourishes Skin Deeply
  • Sweet Fragrance
  • For All Skin Types – Normal, Dry, and Oily
  • Long Lasting Soft and Smooth Skin


Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream Ingredients

How to Use

  • Scoop with two fingers
  • Apply as per your need
  • Gently rub until absorbed

Review – Dove Deep Moisturization Cream

Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream Review for Dry Skin

My Skin Type: Combination to Oily in Summers, Dry in Winters, Sensitive, and Acne-Prone Skin


Review - Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream

It comes in a cute round jar with a large screw lid. The jar is easy to store, carry, and use. I feel like these jars are someway better than those squeezable ones because it gets really hard to squeeze out the product ones they are about to over.

With these jars, it becomes really easy. It has got all the information such as expiration date, ingredients, price, and everything. Plus, it comes in a really soothing cute baby pink color.


The classic dove fragrance. You know that mild soothing milky fragrance those dove body soaps has? This dove deep moisturisation cream smells the exact same way. I like it.

My Experience…

On a freshly cleansed face, I dotted dove deep moisturisation cream and massaged gently in circular motions. What I noticed first, the super smooth and soft texture this cream has.

Dove Deep Moisturization Cream Review

It is neither too thick nor runny in the consistency. Right after the application and massage, skin felt really soothed and nourished.

It instantly nourishes dryness if any, leaving the skin feeling moisturized, glowing, soft, and smooth.

How it is for Combination-Oily Skin…

Now on some days, I felt like Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream is a bit heavy for my combination skin because of all the sweaty and humid atmosphere but, it worked absolutely amazing for my skin as a nighttime moisturizer.

For day time, I switched to Ponds Light Gel Moisturizer or Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer followed by Re’equil oxybenzone and OMC free sunscreen for my sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Because our skin needs extra during the night, Dove Deep Moisturization Cream worked really well for my combination skin in giving all the moisture my skin needs throughout the night without being greasy at all.

My skin actually felt and looked supple and all glowy with the Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream. Plus point, I didn’t notice any breakouts.

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How it is for Dry Skin…

Talking about how it worked for my mommy and her dry skin, she fell in love with it. It nourished and healed her dry skin in such a healthy way, leaving her skin all glowy, nourished, and dewy.

She uses this Dove Cream as her morning, evening, and nighttime moisturizer and she absolutely loves how soft and moisturized this dove deep cream makes her skin without making the skin look greasy.

If you are a dry skin person, you are going to love the Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream.

Is it Rich Enough for Winters?

My Mom, who is a dry skin person, said as the days are getting drier and colder, this isn’t fulfilling the moisture needs of her dry skin. Skin feels good and moisturized for a few minutes and then it starts feels so dry and strectchy. In short, it isn’t keeping the skin moisturized for longer hours during these winter days.

Even my oily skin turns super dry during winters which is why I love using rich moisturizers during winters.

Best Winter/Rich Moisturizers

During winters, I feel moisturizers like Palmer’s Coconut Water Facial Moisturizer, Sukin Facial Moisturizer, Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion for dry skin, or even the Aveeno range will be the best options for dry skin as they are some really rich, thick, and intense moisturizers made to nourish dry skin. In fact, for oily skin people as well because the skin really gets dry and rough as the winter arrives.

Recently, I bought the new Vaseline Deep Restore Moisture Cream for my winter needs. I think my whole family going to love it. 😀 On top of that, Vaseline is my number one Brand for body lotions so when they came up with creams with the same moisturizing qualities as their lotions, I knew they are going to be awesome.

I will make sure to publish an in-depth review of Vaseline Deep Restore Moisture Cream here pretty soon, on this blog for you all. Make sure you are subscribed to get the updates directly to your inbox for FREE!.

So, I think these rich and intense moisturizers going to suit all skin types during winters.

UPDATE – I tried, tested, and reviewed Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream on my blog and it didn’t go as expected for me. You can read the full detailed review here.

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Suming Up…

Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream is a soft-textured moisturizer suitable for people with dry skin. It nourishes and heals the dryness with regular usage resulting in soft, supple, nourished, and glowing skin. It instantly soothes the dryness leaving skin soft and moisturized without being greasy. For oily skin people, this is a really good option for nighttime skincare as during the day, it can be a bit on the heavier side. During winters, this might not fulfill the needs of super dry skin people but will be a good option for oily skin people.

  • Soft and Smooth Texture
  • Results in healthy, nourished, and soft skin
  • Gives skin a beautiful glow with regular usage
  • No Breakouts
  • No Greasiness
  • Soothes dryness instantly
  • Affordable
  • A bit heavy for oily skin during summers
  • Not rich enough for dry skin during winters

So This was it for today. I hope you have found Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream Review Helpful.

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