Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review

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Vaseline body lotions are my constant and I have been using them since I was a teenager. When they launched Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream, I didn’t think much and I decided to buy one as I was pretty sure because first, it’s vaseline, and second it’s from their trusted body lotions range. It was winter season and mom said that the current moisturizer, Dove deep moisturizing cream wasn’t providing enough moisture for dry cold days. That is while scrolling through rich moisturizers on Nykaa, I spotted this one and decided to go for it.

If you have been reading my blog or following me on my Instagram you know that this time, my skin went through crazy amount of dryness. Me being a combination to oily skin person turned into super dry skin person.

That is the reason I was able to experience and review products meant for dry skin more precisely.

I tried and tested the Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream and I am all set to share my views with you all. If you have been looking for Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review, you are on the right page.

Let us begin with the details…

Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream

Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review

Price: Rs.160/- for 150 ml or 140 gm

Available at Nykaa and Amazon

Product Description

It is believed that healthy skin starts with deep moisturization. In Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream, microdroplets of Vaseline jelly are combined with a fast-absorbing moisturizing formula. The result is a body cream that moisturizes to restore dry skin, leaving it looking and feeling rejuvenated. Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream has been clinically proven to moisturize deeply with the first application and to keep dry skin restored with moisture. It is a skincare solution for achieving healthy, glowing skin all day long.

Changes in environmental conditions lead to low humidity and moisture depletion from the skin. Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturising cream has oat extracts known for its water holding capacity thus helping in improving skin and restoring dryness. Its luxurious formula doesn’t leave a greasy feel on the skin. It can be used as a multi-purpose cream.


  • Moisturizing cream with oat extracts for smooth, soft skin
  • Locks in moisture for up to 24 hours
  • Features a non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula
  • Treats dry skin leaving it healthy and glowing


Mineral Oil, Oat Extracts, Water (According to what mentioned at Nykaa)

Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review Ingredients

How to Use

For soft, glowing skin, apply Vaseline deep restore moisturizing cream as part of your daily skincare routine. Massage a generous amount of the light, creamy formula into your skin (paying special attention to any areas of dry skin). Before getting dressed, pause to enjoy the luxurious, warm fragrance on your skin.

Review – Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream

Review - Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream

My Skin type – Combination to Oily in Summers, Dry in Winters, Sensitive, and Acne-Prone Skin

Packaging: It comes with a sleek round tub with a screw lid. Even though it isn’t much of a problem, but sometimes this type of lid can be stuck and won’t screw well which becomes quite uneasy.

Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review Packaging

The packaging has all the details on it from Price to Ingedients to Expiry date.

Fragrance: It has a completely similar fragrance to its deep moisture body lotion. The yellow one.

My Experience

One thing which I didn’t notice at first was the product I received was near to expiry. Not good Nykaa, not good! This can be one of the reason for my not so satisfying experience with this cream.

Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review Texture

I took a nice coin sized amount and started to spread and massage evenly on my face and what I notice it wasn’t easy to massage. You know how smoothly and softly moisturizers go over skin? Well, this wasn’t it that way.

Massaging Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream onto my skin wasn’t smooth or satisfying at all. It just went into the skin and that’s it. No softness, No moisturized feel, nothing. Whereas my Aveeno Moisturizer goes so smoothly I love how my skin feels after it.

Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizer Review

Next, it was time to see how effectively it keeps my skin moisturized and for how long. Well, it didn’t come out I was expecting. I thought my skin will feel so moisturized and nourished but there was nothing like that. There was no such feeling and shortly, my skin felt like in need for a moisturizer.

Review - Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizer

There was no well-nourished feeling on my skin, no suppleness and my skin was lacking moisture.

On the other side, my mom seems to like it and she is regularly using it. She is about to finish the jar and used it the whole winter season.

I don’t know the main reason why it worked so differently. Maybe it’s just preference.

Being someone who loves Vaseline body lotions, Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream was a bit disappointing for me. You expect a rich moisturizer to go smoothly over your skin, leaving a softness to massage and nourishment which last long but there was nothing like that with Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream.

Not only this, I experienced some oil heads and clogging up of pores too. I stopped using it and went back to my Aveeno Moisturizer.

Even the Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Moisturizer did so well during winters. I found it so rich and moisturizing and my sensitive skin loved it. The whole Plant-Powered range is so beautiful and the moisturizer itself kept my skin so healthy and soft during winters. You can check it out on my Amazon Storefront.

Well, if this is because I received near to expiry product, chances are another one might do good or it will be just like this one. Thing is, I am not going to try another one.

Summing Up…

The Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream didn’t do well for me as I expected. It wasn’t much moisturizing and neither it felt smooth and soft while applying and massaging. The application wasn’t smooth and didn’t keep my skin moisturized for longer hours. Plus, it did give me oil heads and clogged pores. Bit of a disappointment as the Vaseline Body Lotions are my number one favorite.

  • Affordable
  • Worked for my mom and she seems to like it
  • Not smooth while applying
  • Didn’t keep my skin moisturized for longer hours
  • Skin doesn’t feel soft and nourished after application
  • Gave me tiny oil-heads
  • Received near to expiry product from Nykaa

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading the Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review Helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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