Migrating from Blogger to WordPress Increased My Adsense Revenue by 163%

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Blogging is fun, passion, and career and recently after Migrating from Blogger to WordPress my Google Adsense Review by 163%. Its been only a few months after I moved to WordPress and a few days back I got an email from Google Adsense informing me that my Adsense Revenue grew by 163% and also cheered me up by saying “You are on Roll!”. 😀 Woohoo!

If you have been blogging for a career or for a living or maybe for your passion and wondering if you should move to WordPress from Blogger or if you should pick WordPress for your blog then I am sure this post is going to help you with your doubts Including the Best WordPress Hosting you can go for.

Started My Blog on Blogger in June 2016

Initially, I created accounts on both, blogspot.com and wordpress.com just when I was giving it a start. When I was working on both the platforms, I found wordpress.com way more complicated, full of confusion, and features more than a beginner could understand.

Whereas the blogspot.com by Google or simply Google Blogger offered a clean, simple, and user-friendly platform to blog.

Since then I kept on Blogging and Improving my blog on Blogger Platform Only.

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress Increased My Adsense Revenue by 163%

I Moved to WordPress (wordpress.org) from Blogger in January 2020

Even though My blog on Blogger was going great, getting good traffic, I kept on reading posts from people that they wasted a lot of time on Blogger and they are so grateful of their decision of moving from Blogger to WordPress.

Even though Blogger as a platform is really easy and user-friendly, I wasn’t feeling happy or satisfied with the analytics. I was feeling like yes my blog is growing but its been 4 years, it should be on another level.

Plus, my traffic started to drop, my blog was getting affected by Google Updates and I wasn’t just feeling that happy.

I was attached to Blogger after giving it 4 years of my life but after seeing people recommending me to move to WordPress really made me think about it.

I didn’t want to move to WordPress simply because it has more features, I wanted to see the growth. And when I researched a little and read how Migrating from Blogger to WordPress changed their life, I finally decided to go for it after spending weeks researching and reading blogs via Pinterest.

And then I realized that wordpress.com and wordpress.org are both different and wordpress.org is the one actually where you create self-hosted websites or blogs whereas wordpress.com works similar to Google Blogger by providing you a Free Blogging Platform to start with.

With self-hosted Blogs or Websites, you actually own your Website, data, and the whole content, You are the Owner, You are in Full Control, Everything is Yours Completely and no one can take it from you.

Whereas on wordpress.com, you get limited features, limited customization options, you can not place ads on your website, can not add Google Analytics, and simply, you don’t have the full control.

To put simply, My Blog i.e, www.thepinkvelvetblog.com, the one you are reading this post at, is a self-hosted blog built on wordpress.org with InMotion Hosting and I LOVE IT!

Read more on the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org here.

I never really knew the difference and I didn’t even know something like wordpress.org even exists and I kept wondering what’s in wordpress.com people even like? 😀 I kept resisting WordPress because of this? LOL! 😀

See, how important researching is?

Afterall mine is a well-established blog and I didn’t want to ruin anything by such a heavy technical step.

Luckily, I met an amazing friend in one of my Facebook Group without whom I couldn’t go through the technical part of the migration. She literally saved me by helping me with the migration. I am so blessed to have her by my side and I am so thankful to her. 🙂

Which is the Best WordPress Hosting Service I used?

InMotion Hosting is what I am using on my WordPress Blog, the one you are reading this post at and I will recommend InMotion as the Best WordPress Hosting.

After I decided to Migrate my Blog from Blogger to WordPress, it was time to select the Best WordPress Hosting.

A lot, literally a lot of people suggested Bluehost or Siteground. No doubt these are the most recommended WordPress Hosting but to be honest, I find both of them costly.

Siteground is still number one when you ask from people whereas Bluehost still has some negative reviews saying that customer service fails to solve their problems or they overcharge on renew and stuff like that.

UPDATE on 26th February 2021: Recently, I was introduced to Chemicloud and I feel it is a great hosting option to consider. They provide lifetime free domain, 50% off discount, and free migrations. Plus, they got servers in India. Isn’t it great? 🙂

I was asking all these suggestions in Facebook Groups where someone suggested me InMotion Hosting. She said she has been using it on her blog, it is affordable, and fast.

I checked out the InMotion WordPress Hosting and was impressed with the plans, packages, and price. There were affordable plans with Unlimited Disk Space, Band Width, and E-mail whereas other options were having a cap on the number of visits.

I had a chat with their customer service agent and asked for the best plan as per my needs and I decided to go for it.

And, I was actually getting really good vibes with my decision. You know that gut feeling, right?

The whole setup of launching the website on wordpress.org comes in your hosting plan which is accessible via the dashboard of your hosting service provider. No, you don’t need to go to wordpress.org and download the whole stuff. Everything comes with your hosting with the super easy installation process.

That’s really some technical stuff where I am not going in this post. But let me tell you or maybe warn you, that if you are migrating from blogger to WordPress or even started a WordPress website, always have a helping hand with you who can help you in between the technical stuff.

Phew! Let’s talk about the improvement in Google Adsense Revenue now. 😀

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Migrating from Blogger to WordPress Grew My Google Adsense Revenue by 163%

It took me over 3 years on Blogger to reach the threshold of 100$ in Google Adsense and in just 2 months, I received an email from Google Adsense informing me that my Adsense Revenue grew by 163%!

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress Increased My Adsense Revenue by 163%

Not only moving my blog to WordPress boosted my Adsense Revenue, but my website traffic also started to reach another level after Migrating from Blogger to WordPress.

Blog Growth after Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

You see that? Migrating from Blogger to WordPress has been the best decision in my blogging career.

Even though I had Ezoic on my Blogger Blog which was definitely improving my AdSense a lot but after moving to WordPress, I had to change my nameservers in my domain account accordingly and couldn’t keep the nameservers given by Ezoic because I have InMotion as my WordPress Hosting and GoDaddy as Domain Provider.

UPDATE on 26th February 2021: I am now testing out Monumetric Ad Services to see how it performs on my website.

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress can literally take your blog on another level in no time. The growth rate improved, my SEO Improved, and the plugins you get are just cherry on the top. I am so happy I migrated from Blogger to WordPress.

Summing Up…

In case you are still wondering if you should migrate to WordPress from Blogger then you definitely should and I really hope my super long blog post on my experience has helped you in any way.

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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