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Running a Beauty Blog, or simply, a blog is a task that involves passion, hard work, and dedication. I, being a beauty blogger since June 2016, have received tons of messages asking “How to Start a Blog or How to Grow your Blog?“.   

Well, I won’t lie, I feel super happy when I receive such messages as it tells that my blog is somewhere inspiring to them to start blogging.   For me, it is a combination of your passion for blogging, constant hard work in order to grow it, dedication to creating new every time for the readers, and a lot more factors. It is like growing a plant and keep watering it.

How to Start a Blog – Grow, and Monetize your Beauty Blog

1. Start with a Free Blog

The very basic step to start a blog is to create a free blog on platforms such as Blogger (Blogspot) and

I personally love Blogger Platform to start a blog because I find it convenient to use whereas is loaded with widgets which I find confusing. It is more into creating a professional website whereas the platform blogger is more into blogging.

—UPDATE – On 10th January 2020—

I moved to self-hosted from Blogger in order to explore more features and to see what WordPress has in for me. I selected InMotion Hosting as my Hosting Provider. It is fast, secure, affordable, with 24*7 support. Initially, it is a bit hard to understand the interface but I can sense it’ll result in good in terms of “Pro Blogging”. I will soon update my experience on my blog, the one you are reading. 🙂

Free vs self-hosted are two totally different things. Click Here to know more about the difference.

—UPDATE – On 15th May 2020—

Moving to was the best decision I ever made. It turned out to be fruitful and my traffic started to increase. I shared my views and thoughts on How Migrating from Blogger to WordPress Increased My Adsense Revenue by 163% here.

— UPDATE – On 23rd May, 2021—

I decided to move my website to Lyrical Host as I started facing issues with InMotion Hosting. Click Here to Read my complete experience with InMotion Hosting and Why I am moving to Lyrical Host.

Talking about a free blog, basically means, it will allow you to have your own blog where you can write what you love, but, with a free domain i.e, your Blog URL. 

A free domain is marked with or such as, or This is what will be your Blog URL, Blog Link, or Blog Address. People will be able to read your blog by simply visiting this URL. You can share your blog with your friends and followers by simply sharing the Blog Link. Just like you share the link of your social media profiles.

2. Give your Blog a Name

Consider this as a Brand Name for your Blog just like mine, The Pink Velvet Blog

The Pink Velvet Blog by Niharika Verma - How to Start, Grow, and Monetize your Beauty Blog

Your readers will remember your blog with this name. Giving your blog a name is like giving an identity to your blog. Your blog’s logo, blog link, blog header, all of this will revolve around your blog name. Hence, it is very important to give your blog a catchy yet unique name.

Your blog name can be expressive of what your blog is about, can be fancy and unique, can have your name on it or anything which makes you feel like “Yes, this is exactly what my heart and mind saying a yes to”. Just like naming your baby. Your pour in your heart in it.

The whole world is going to remember your blog with your blog name, therefore, invest your time and create what you feel the best.

3. Start Creating Content – Write What your Love

How to Start, Grow, and Monetize your Beauty Blog

Here is me, Niharika, posing with lipstick simply to indicate that’s what I love and what My Blog is about, i.e, Beauty – Skincare and Makeup. In case you are wondering, the lipstick shade is Hestia from the SUGAR Cosmetics Mettle Range. 

This is the main component of your blog. A blog is an online magazine or diary where people write and read. There is no blog without content.

The success story behind all the famous bloggers you know is, they write what they love. This helps them to create more and more without any pressure from above or any burden. 

I love trying new cosmetics which turned into my love for beauty blogging where I love sharing my experiences with different products. I love reviewing beauty products, talking about skincare and makeup hence I do it from the heart and I don’t feel any burden. 

When reviewing beauty products after you start a blog, it’s really important to test the products properly, go through all aspects, and be honest with your readers. Like the Reviews, you read on my blog, and on websites like The Wire Cutter and OGLF (Our Good Living Formula), for example, are honest and unbiased to serve the readers the best.

At the same time, if someone will ask me to read a book and review it on your blog, I would not be able to do it. Why? Because that is not my interest. I don’t read books hence I won’t find this interesting. But, if someone will ask me to review a newly launched skincare or makeup product or even a new cafe, I will do it from all my heart because I love trying new cosmetics and I love food. 

The reason you find some blogs or YouTube channels worth trusting on is because they are all into it. They have knowledge in that particular niche because of their passion for it. They, themselves love to explore a product in-depth to share with the audience.

There is no limit on creating content or setting a niche in order to start a blog. 

If you love cooking and want to share it with everyone, you can start a recipe blog. If you love traveling and want to share with everyone what is best where- you can start a travel blog. All into fashion – fashion blog. Love sharing your life experience – personal/lifestyle blog. Think about it, there you have it. 

It is your own free world where you can share your experiences or your knowledge with the whole world.

4. Buying Hosting and Domain

This is where comes the technical part. Till this point, you are happily running your free blog. But, if you want to take your blog to the next level or you want your blog to look more professional, buying hosting and domain is a must. 

Free Blog with a Free Domain allows you to know what blogging is. What it feels like creating and publishing content. I have seen a lot of people not finding blogging interesting, or they are not able to invest themselves or their time in their blog or they simply feel like leaving it. At this point, buying hosting or domain will not be an option for them.

But, if you feel like this is what you love, you are enjoying blogging and want to continue it by making it more professional, buying a domain and hosting is the next step you need to do.

Web Hosting basically means taking your blog to the Internet, to the World Wide Web (WWW). This is where Google thinks of your blog as a website, with its own dedicated space on the Internet. If you are a WordPress user, buying a hosting and domain is a must for you. If you start a blog on blogger, you don’t need to buy hosting. An only domain is required to run blogs on Blogspot.

A lot of hosting providers provide a free domain with their plans.   

My personal favourite hosting and domain providers are-

In simpler terms, buying a domain such as .com, .in, .co, .uk, .biz, etc., turns your blog URL to from Just like mine, It not only makes your blog look professional but also helps Google to rank your website better, it gives your own space on the internet, it helps in better branding for your blog, improved search results, and a lot more. Your blog will be having a professional domain name just like other running websites have. 

5. Promoting your Blog and Making it SEO Friendly

Everything needs a promotion. It is a way of letting everyone know about your business, your product. The best and organic way to promote your blog is to keep sharing your blog content on your social media with your followers. 

This helps them to get to know about the content of the information you have on your blog and keeps them engaged. This way, your blog makes a social presence. You can share it on your Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, or anywhere you feel you have an audience which might find this interesting. 

Making your blog SEO-friendly is a way to let Google know more and more about what you write in a language that Google Understands. 

This helps your blog post to the rank top or on the first page of Google whenever someone searches on google which is relevant to what your blog is about.

6. Building an Audience

I am sure, most of you must have subscribed to regular blog updates of your favorite beauty or makeup blogs or the newsletters of your favorite brands that you receive daily in your inbox.

E-Mail Marketing is one of the ways of promoting your blog to the audience who signed up for the blog updates after you start a blog. Let’s say you Subscribe to The Pink Velvet Blog which means you liked what you saw on this blog and you are interested in receiving further updates of what is new on the blog.

I personally like building my audience over My Telegram Channel and sending regular updates over there as I feel it is more convenient and reaches people in a more simple way.

7. Monetize your Blog

When you start a blog and start blogging as a career, it is crucial to monetize your blog. The very first and basic way to monetize your blog is by serving relevant ads to your readers. This is where Ad Networks like Google Adsense, Monumetric, Mediavine, and Ezoic come into the business.

Adsence, Monumetric or Ezoic, helps you to monetize your blog by serving ads in which your readers are interested.

I have used Adsence for the first two years and later switched to Ezoic as my website grew.

Ezoic is a complete package that serves your readers with the best version of your website. From relevant ads to compatible layout, taking care of SSL, Ads.txt files, creating a privacy policy for your blog, it does everything for you.

—-Update on 30th May 2020—

I switched from Ezoic to Monumetric which is another great ad platform and is working better than Ezoic and Adsense in terms of revenue generation. It’s been only a day and I already made 4.36$ which is the fastest and highest I have ever made via any ad platform in just ONE DAY!!

So if you are looking for ways to monetize your blog, ad networks are one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog.

Next comes the sponsorships or sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. 

When Brands feel your blog has the right audience for their products, they will reach out to you for marketing purposes where you can charge for the same. 

Whereas in Affiliate Marketing, you are given a dedicated link that you can use to promote brands or products which will, in turn, generate small commissions for you when someone buys from that link. Just make sure to disclose the same or put a disclaimer on your blog. Just like you see a small widget named DISCLAIMER on my Blog.

8. Stay Away from Promoting Adult/Gambling Sites

After you start a blog and your blog is reaching masses and generating a large amount of traffic, a lot of people will reach out to you to promote gambling or adult links in return they will offer a deal to pay you a heavy price. You need to make sure you avoid such partnerships and avoid adding such links which can harm your blog. 

You can consider working with them only if the content and links fit the niche your blog is in and you are sure of whom you are working with.

9. Keep Creating Content – Keep Your Blog Alive

Now that you have successfully launched and promoted your blog, the most important next step is to keep creating content. 

After you start a blog, the next thing you want to make sure is to keep your blog alive by publishing once a week, thrice a week, daily, or even two times a day. Whichever works for you. A running, growing, informative, and healthy blog is what all the readers and Google Love.

10. Stay true to your Blog and to your Audience

Along with publishing content on your blog after you start a blog, comes the responsibility of being honest with your readers. It builds a level of trust in your readers. 

Make sure you are not recommending anything to your readers which you don’t personally like using. Make sure your content is informative as well and help your readers in one or another way. 

Always stay true to your blog and to your readers. 

So this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful and answered your queries on how to start a blog, grow and monetize it.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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