How using Coconut Oil solved all My Hair Problems

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How using Coconut Oil solved all my Hair Problems

We all face a lot of Hair Problems on a daily basis. The issue may vary from person to person such as some might worry about their hair fall, some for their dandruff while some for just the lack of lustre. And when the Monsoon hits, our Hair and Skin reacts really weirdly to it. Monsoon Haircare can be a challenge but luckily, I found a way to solve all my Hair Problems and it is Coconut Oil. I was Impressed to see results from the one use only and I am really happy to find a miracle oil for my Hair Care Routine. 😃

Yes, Coconut Oil is like a Miracle Oil for me because after seeing the results, I can’t think my Hair Care without it. 

How My Hair met Coconut Oil 😃

When it comes to hair care, neither I was a very dedicated person nor a very lazy one. I had my schedule fix of oiling and washing my hair two times a week. Everything works well when you are in school or college but later, I shifted to Noida and everything got changed. Quality of water, pollution level, atmosphere, everything was affecting my hair. One day, I got up and I was literally sad to see my dull, boring, and weird-textured hair. I don’t know how, but instead of all the hair oils I was having, I picked up coconut oil from the shelf and massaged well. Next what I see is the Beautiful and Lustrous hair of mine which I was missing. 😍 Cute Story na? 😃

Before getting into my experience with Coconut Oil, let me share some Benefits Coconut Oil has in general for hair.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

  • Reduces Hair Loss
  • Fights Dandruff
  • Controls the Frizz
  • Improves Hair Growth
  • Reduces Scalp Heat (Has Cooling Properties)
  • Nourishes Hair
  • Adds Volume and Bounce to Hair
  • Lice Protection
  • Adds Lusture and Shine
  • Reduces Split Ends
  • Works on Grey Hair and Baldness
Coconut Oil for Hair

Who can Use and How many Times a week Coconut Oil for Hair Can be Used

Anyone can include Coconut Oil in their Hair Care Routine no matter whether they have a dry or oily scalp.Using coconut oil on oily scalp won’t cause any issue and there won’t be any greasiness. 😃 So no matter what your scalp or hair type is, you can give your hair a great massage with coconut oil and You can use Coconut Oil for your Hair 2-3 times a week or as per your Hair Wash Schedule.

How to use Coconut Oil for Hair

I am going to share How I used Coconut Oil for my Hair Care Routine. I didn’t include the number of fancy steps. Of course, you can use Hair Steamer, Hair Cap, Warm Towel or anything if you are not lazy like me 😃 But I kept it really simple.
I simply used Dabur Anmol Gold Pure Coconut Oil for my Hair Care. It is a multipurpose coconut oil and can be used on your skin and on your body for skincare/moisturizing purposes as well. You can also use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil if you are having. I didn’t opt for Hair Oils made with Coconut Oil. I simply took Pure and Multipurpose Coconut Oil which I guess is present in everybody’s home.😃

  • I massaged my hair well with Coconut Oil in the morning, 2-3 hours before Hair Wash. You can also warm up the oil by rubbing your palm for extra effectiveness. 
  • I gave a good 5-10 minutes massage to my scalp and hair with my fingers tips and palm of my hand and let it work on my hair for around 3 hours.
  • If you prefer, you can also leave it overnight and wash it off next morning.
  • Next, I Washed my hair with a good shampoo followed by paraben-free conditioner. You can use any shampoo and conditioner of your choice.
And that’s it. Post washing my hair I let them dry without using any styling products and I was like WOW! I couldn’t stop myself staring my Hair in Mirror. This was the effect from the first use only.
Coconut Oil for Hair Care

Gorgeous Results I got after using Coconut Oil for my Hair

  • Coconut Oil added a healthy bounce and volume to my hair and curls. I was literally flipping my hair again and again because I was just so happy with them. 😍
  • There was a beautiful shine to my flicks which was easily noticeable. 
  • My hair locks got a beautiful lustre.
  • All the dullness and roughness caused by sweat was away.
  • My hair felt so soft to touch and easy to manage.
  • Itchiness of scalp was reduced due to cooling properties of Coconut Oil.
  • My hair texture was overall Improved.
  • Reduced Hair Breakage.

And I was just touching my hair again and again because they felt so smooth, nourished and happy. Coconut Oil also helped me to manage the damage this monsoon humidity was causing. 

If you are facing any kind of Hair Problem and looking for an easy home remedy, just massage your hair with Coconut Oil. Slowly and gradually, you will notice the difference and will feel Happy with your Hair. Believe me, Happy Hair can bring a lot of Confidence and Happiness. 😍 Just be patient with any home remedy in case it didn’t work from first use as it all takes time to bring results. 

In short,

Pure Coconut Oil is a great and one stop solution to all your hair problems such as itching, hair fall, dull and dry hair, lack of shine or lice problem. Massaging you hair with Coconut Oil two times a week can do wonders for your hair. 

So this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. 😍

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