Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Review – Foundation, Lipstick, and More

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Sale Alert for my readers-

I still can’t believe I own the SAMER KHOUZAMI COSMETICS like it is an “OMG! moment” for me.

Recently, I received a huge PR from Samer Khouzami Cosmetics all the way from Beirut including Samer Khouzami Foundation, Concealer, Lipstick, and more, and without waiting any longer, I created a smokey eye makeup look using all the Samer Khouzami Cosmetics inspired by Samer Khouzami himself.

When I shared about these cosmetics on my Instagram, I got a few DMs if they are launching in India and honestly, I do not have any clue about this but I really hope they come to India. This makeup line is ammaazingg!!

Now if you have been looking for Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Review India, you are on the right page.

Let us get into the details…


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Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Review India

Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Review and Swatches India

1. Samer Khouzami Foundation

Samer Khouzami Foundation Review

Shade – SK 20

OMG! the finish. It is such a dreamy foundation and the fact that it comes with a pump, gives this foundation bonus points.

The packaging is luxurious. It comes with a see-through frosty body with a shiny glossy gold cap.

Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Foundation Review

Samer Khouzami Foundation Packaging

The consistency of the foundation is on the runnier side and the way it blends on the skin is heaven. Just one pump and it can cover your whole face. No patchy streaks, no lumpiness, just smooth gorgeous finish.

It offers medium to buildable coverage and creates a smooth even base for your makeup. Plus, it felt so soft and lightweight on my skin. Even after going with another layer on the pigmented area, it didn’t felt heavy or thick at all.

Samer Khouzami Foundation Review SK20

Samer Khouzami Foundation SK20 Swatches

Oh, and when I was doing my makeup look with this foundation, I realized it has a yummy chocolate-y vanilla fragrance. I literally felt like grabbing a Milky Bar later lol.

The finish of this foundation is somewhere around semi-matte which I like. I love foundations with a natural or demi-matte finish. I am an oily skin person during summers and a dry one during winters and even during these cold air days, this foundation looked so pretty on my skin. Just set it with a loose powder or a compact, and you are all set.

Samer Khouzami Foundation SK20 Review and Swatches

I couldn’t check the longetivity as I have no where to go during this time. Its been a whole year 2020 since we all roamed somewhere far away from our places can you believe it?!

This foundation is a dream you guys, just go with it. The moment it launches in India, go grab it.

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2. Samer Khouzami Concealer

Samer Khouzami Concealer Review

Shade – SK 2

This is the concealer I have always been looking for. I have spent so much on the search for the perfect concealer. I always wanted to have that one perfect cream concealer with me and this is the one.

Samer Khouzami Concealer SK2 Review and Swatches

It comes in a tub and the texture of this concealer is soft and dreamy. You can blend it with your finger, brush, or even beauty sponge and it will offer such a beautiful finish. It went on really smooth under my eyes and it didn’t look ashy at all. It doesn’t feel cakey which is all I ever wanted with my concealers.

Samer Khouzami Concealer SK2 Swatches

The coverage of this concealer is pretty rich. It concealed my dark circles, minor spots, and unevenness amazingly. Even those acne marks I was having, it concealed them really well. It even reduced the redness of some acne I am having around my jawline.

After setting it with a compact or lose powder, it just simply looks amazing.

3. Samer Khouzami Instant Blur Compact

Samer Khouzami Compact Review

Shade – SK 140

It is so soft that I felt like I am rubbing my finger on a teacup of porcelain while swatching.

Samer Khouzami Instant Blur Compact SK140 Review

It comes with a built-in quality mirror and a separate tray for the compact. Beneath the compact tray, there is a different compartment for it’s applicator.

I used it to set my foundation while doing my makeup look and it did an amazing job. When used with a beauty blender, it offers a smooth filter-like finish, especially under the eyes. It sets everything in place so beautifully creating a smooth soft base.

Samer Khouzami Compact SK140 Swatches

I love how it offers that smooth and even finish to your skin. I think I am also going to use it alone itself on top of moisturizer for my nearby visits. I am enjoying it!

4. Samer Khouzami Face Palette

Samer Khouzami Face Palette Review

Shade – Medium

How gorgeous this palette look! It comes with a built-in quality mirror in which you can literally spot your giant blackheads lol!

I am honestly amazed by the luxurious gold glass-like packaging. It gives such a royal feel you guys.

Samer Khouzami Face Palette Medium Review

The palette has contour powder, blush, and highlighter and the finish of these all three is so soft on the skin. None of them felt patchy or chalky at all.

Samer Khouzami Blush, Contour, and Highlighter Medium Swatches

The shade of the contour and blush is so appropriate for my light to medium skin tone. The cool-toned contour gave me that natural dimension and blush looked so natural giving a rosy look.

Contour went on smoothly giving soft dimension to my cheeks. Blush made my cheeks looked plumped and rosy and the highlighter is the bomb. I was literally enjoying applying highlighter to my cheekbones and looking them shine like a star haha!

5. Samer Khouzami Matte Lip Drop Lipstick

Samer Khouzami Matt Lip Drop Lipstick Review

Shade – SK303 Sand Stone

It is a total matte lipstick. If you are a fan of matte liquid lipsticks, it is for you. It can be drying a little but when paired with a lip balm, it glides on smoothly.

Samer Khouzami Lipstick Sand Stone Review

It is rich in pigmentation and delivered an even pigmented finish.

Samer Khouzami Lipstick Sand Stone Swatches

The shade is a pretty mix of coral and peach and looks really good under sunlight. It didn’t go well with the makeup look I created so I switched to another one but for days when you feel like wearing nude lipstick, it is pretty good.

It doesn’t transfers that easily but can start fading a little from the inner lip after a meal or two. Overall, it has a good lasting power.

6. Samer Khouzami Blending Sponge

Samer Khouzami Beauty Blender Sponge Review

The quality of this sponge is on another level. I have tried so many sponges from quality brands in the past but nothing can beat this. It is super soft and squishy and the teardrop shape helps blending the product evenly all over the face.

It gets double of its size and offers a smooth even blending without creating any streaks or patches.

The finish of the foundation I got while blending with this sponge was so fine, seamless, and gorgeous. This sponge from Samer Khouzami Cosmetics can totally become your favorite.

Makeup Look Using Samer Khouzami Cosmetics

Halo Eye Makeup with Samer Khouzami Cosmetics

Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Makeup Look Halo Eyes

Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Makeup Look

Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Summing Up –

I really wish Samer Khouzami Cosmetics come to India as I am in love with this makeup line now. The finish of their products especially the foundation and their concealer are so dreamy. Not to forget the luxurious packaging. I am totally in love.

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Review Helpful. Let me know your favorite Samer Khouzami Product in the comments below.

Have a Good Day!

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