The Pink Velvet Blog is a Beauty and Lifestyle Blog by Niharika Verma, Indian Beauty Blogger, and Influencer.

A place where you can find Beauty Products Reviews, Beauty Related Content, Tips on Skincare, Makeup, Health, and Lifestyle. And yes, a bit of Food too. No Matter if You are a Girl, Boy, Man or Woman. Skincare is for everyone. Isn't it? 😄 All the reviews and opinions are honest reviews and are not biased in any way. 😇

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About Niharika Verma :)

A Delhi University-Commerce Graduate, Passionate Beauty Blogger, Influencer, and a Foodie 😇 I love Exploring and Trying New Brands and Beauty Products maybe that's why I am here with my Blog 😃 Blogging since July 2016 💁 And Yes, I believe in GOD and Destiny 💖

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