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The Pink Velvet Blog is a Beauty and Lifestyle Blog by Niharika Verma, Indian Beauty Blogger, and Influencer.

A place where you can find Beauty Products Reviews, Beauty Related Content, Tips on Skincare, Makeup, Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle. And yes, a bit of Food too. No Matter if You are a Girl, Boy, Man or Woman. Skincare and Healthy Lifestyle is for everyone. Isn't it? 😄 All the reviews and opinions are honest reviews and are not biased in any way. 😇

About Niharika Verma :) - Owner of The Pink Velvet Blog

Niharika Verma - Beauty Blogger - The Pink Velvet Blog

A Delhi University-Commerce Graduate, Passionate Beauty Blogger, Influencer, and a Foodie 😇 I love Exploring and Trying New Brands and Beauty Products maybe that's why I am here with my Blog 😃 Blogging since July 2016 💁 And Yes, I believe in GOD and Destiny 💖 

DISCLAIMER - All the review related content on www.thepinkvelvetblog.com is unbiased, honest, and my personal opinion irrespective of the sponsorship if any. This site, may or may not contain affiliate links, which means, I may receive a small commission when you buy from the link which will help me to grow my blog and serve you better.

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