Azah, NUA, and Carmesi Review
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Azah, Nua, or Carmesi? Which one of these are the best organic environment and skin-friendly sanitary pads? When I decided to switch to organic and biodegradable options this question was constantly on my mind because it is something you can not take a high risk with and on top of it, it is your hard-earned money.

One wrong product can cause a chain of problems. It can be messy, it can cause leakage, resulting in increased stress, affecting hormones and mental health, and ultimately affecting our period health.

I went ahead and researched all the available options. I read reviews and what people are saying about these new organic options and after trying my hands on multiple brands, I have finally decided on my favorite.

Along with Azah, Nua, and Carmesi, I tried Polka, Plush, and Wahey too. But I wasn’t sure if they fit completely into the organic category or are simply made with better material. Plus, my experience wasn’t that great either. Those brands were nowhere near a quality experience.

Azah, Nua, or Carmesi? Which one is best?

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  1. Azah Organic Sanitary Pads Review
Azah Pads Review

I ordered Azah pads when they were on sale and they offered an additional discount for the first-time buyers. I was really worried because a lot of people said that organic pads are not really good at absorbing.

I am not kidding when I say, Azah turned out to be one of my best purchases ever. I was hesitating because honestly, they are costly than the regular commercial options but girl, Azah pads are worth every money.

From packaging to material, to ease of use and disposal, to absorbancy and feel on the skin, each and everything about Azah is perfect. At no point, I felt discomfort or frustrated.

Each pad comes in their individual pouch in which you can dispose of the used pad and they have a seal as well to make sure the pouch is completely sealed before throwing away. They have a variant without disposable bags as well but believe me, you are going to love this concept of disposable pouches. It has made disposing of the pads really easy and convenient.

Talking about the softness and absorbency and I can definitely say that Azah pads are really the softest and comfortable pads I have ever tried. Literally no sign of rash, itch, or any discomfort.

The next thing I wanted to see was if they are really stable or will move easily. They actually impressed me. The pad stayed in the place the whole time and even the wings were in their position. Super impressive!

I’ll be honest, I bleed heard. I don’t know how else should I put it but along with the absorbing power I also needed to make sure the length and wideness are enough to carry the heavy bleeding without causing any mess and Oh God they nailed it. I wore the Azah pad comfortably without facing any leakage or mess.

Along with the L and XL size, I also use their maternity option during the nights. If you too have a super heavy flow, that maternity pad will be your best choice. Or in simple words, if you have been a regular user of Whisper XXXL, like me, these Azah maternity pads can easily replace that.

  1. NUA Sanitary Napkins Review
NUA Sanitary Pads Review
Image source: NUA Website

I tried NUA Pads when they launched their self-care kind of kit which included their sanitary pads in all sizes, sleeping eye bag, stickers, candle, and heat pouch. This way I was able to try all their sizes.

What I like about NUA is they offer customization with their pads when you subscribe. I mean you can easily choose how many L or how many XL or regular size you need a per box. Isn’t it great?

Just like Azah, NUA Pads too come with their own individual disposable bag. Unwrapping the pad was easy-peasy and they performed really well with my heavy flow.

They don’t move easily but weren’t stable like the Azah ones. There is 1% chance they can slightly move from their position if you are involved in heavy movements. Otherwise, they stayed in ther place pretty much the whole time.

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The material was really soft like a cotton ball and were so comfortable on the skin. I think both of these options, Azah and NUA feels like you are not wearing anything at all. The most comfortable sanitary napkins ever.

Their absorbing power were great as well. They managed to absorb heavy flow without causing any leak or mess. One thing I missed here is they are not long enough to secure the back during the nights. They are wide for sure but not the best during the nights especially if you have heavy flow.

I didn’t felt any itch, rash, or discomfort while wearing NUA.

  1. Carmesi Sanitary Pads Review
Carmesi Pads Review

If I am not wrong, Carmesi was the first brand to introduce the organic pads in the market. They marketed themseleves as a skin and environment friendly organic option which was so different than the regular brands we all used for ages.

They portraided themseleves as a superior brand hence the premium pricing. I couldn’t even think of giving Carmesi a try. Luckily, I received a Carmesi PR package with both of their variants in it- sensitive and eco-conscious.

I had so many expectations from Carmesi for obvious reasons but they turned out to be the worst pad ever. From packaging to stickiness, everything was simply dissappointing.

They come in their own disposable pouch which is great and no doubt the material felt soft on the skin but they don’t stick to the fabric at all. They move and crumble so bad. Wearing Carmesi was like an open invitation to leakage and mess.

I tried both their variants, Sensitive and eco-conscious and both of them failed badly. Not a single time they stayed in their position. I couldn’t even check if they are really good at absorbing heavy flow because I had to change them so frequently. They just won’t stick!

Unwrapping the pad itself is a full-on mess. You literally have to tear the packet and find your way to remove the pad from the wrapper. I remember this whole thing frustrated me so much I can’t express.

Wearing Carmesi was like being in a constant tension. I knew just a few more movements and it will all crumble causing a leak. The wings simply won’t stick no matter what.

This was it for today. I hope this comparision will help you in making the right decison. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a Good Day!

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