A Woman’s Guide For Choosing Scrubs That Fit

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As the prescribed work attire for many health care providers, medical scrubs are a necessity. This kind of uniform provides them with adequate protection against contaminants, pathogens, bodily fluids, and other external threats that can harm their health. Also, it allows them to move freely while in the workplace. That’s because scrubs were designed with the hectic nature of health care jobs in mind.

For this reason, whether you’re working in a hospital or clinic, a well-fitting scrub suit is crucial as it can significantly impact your performance at work. Whether you’re a doctor, an ER nurse, a specialist, or any other medical practitioner, getting a high-quality pair of scrubs can help you be the best at what you do.

The Consequences Of Ill-Fitting Scrubs

Nowadays, more female health care professionals are starting to experiment and explore how to look stylish even while wearing scrubs. Of course, looking fashionable includes ensuring that your scrubs fit you well.

When it comes to shopping scrubs for women, take your time in the fitting room. You wouldn’t want to regret your purchase and have to deal with baggy clothes later on. This may impact your level of productivity or motivation to show up to work and accomplish your tasks.

For instance, imagine how wearing ill-fitted uniforms can influence your level of comfort during a regular work shift. You wouldn’t want to initially wear scrubs that are too tight. This might make you feel restricted as you assist doctors and administer treatments the entire day. 

Similarly, dealing with loose-fitting scrubs during a busy operation or as you reach for a certain device will do you no good. This problem could cause you uneasiness, which can lead you to get distracted.

Guide For Choosing Scrubs That Fit

A Woman's Guide For Choosing Scrubs That Fit

Choosing well-tailored clothes must be a priority considering their importance. Aside from affecting your work performance and level of comfort, the right pair of scrubs will help you make a positive impression on the people you work with and even your patients. What you wear may affect the way people perceive you.  

With that in mind, you must learn to look for and invest in pieces that fit you right. To help you, here’s a quick guide in selecting perfectly fitted scrubs.

1. Take Your Measurements In Advance

With a wide variety of scrub styles, patterns, colors, lengths, and cuts to choose from, you may end up purchasing the first pair of scrubs in your size. This might feel convenient, especially for those with extremely busy schedules. Clothing labels may seem like an adequate indicator of whether a particular garment will fit you well.

However, this technique may not be applicable to the majority of health care providers. Each individual has unique body proportions. Considering this, it would be better to find a good tailor who’ll help you determine your body type and size to custom-make scrubs that’ll suit you and make you feel good while wearing them. They’ll also be able to alter a pair you already have so it’ll fit you better.

Never underestimate the importance of taking your measurements correctly. This will forever be a style tip that’ll save you from having to deal with shapeless or restricted clothing. 

To get the proper size of scrubs, you need to take your measurements beforehand. Look for a flexible tape measure and hold it in a relaxed straight line as you measure parts of your body. If you have it at home, a size chart provides measurements you can use as a guide. This may help you compare and identify sizes to consider.

To perform the measurements correctly, pay attention to the following:
  • Chest – Wrap the tape around the upper portion of your body, making sure to measure around the entire area of your bust. Take the measurement of the distance around your shoulder blades as well. See to it that you don’t hold the tape too tight.
  • Waist – Loosely hold and place the measuring tape around your waistline.
  • Hip – Place the tape around your hips, with your feet an inch or two apart. 
  • Inseam – Measure along the inner part of your legs, beginning at the groin region all the way to your preferred length for the bottom hem.
  • Height – Ask someone to measure your height. For women, anything below 5’4 is considered petite, while measurements above 5’7 are considered tall.

2. Understand The Different Types Of Fabric

High-quality fabric allows you to be comfortable in your uniform as you move around the workplace and fulfill your responsibilities. The type of fabric will help you figure out if the scrubs will naturally drape or hang limp when worn after being washed. Also, it’ll indicate other factors such as the ease of care, amount of fabric stretch, and stain resistance.

With a busy job that compels you to be almost always on the go, you need to select a fabric that will last you a long time. Since scrubs can easily be stained, look for fabric that’ll stay durable regardless of how often you’ll wash them.

Furthermore, most scrub fabrics are a combination of two or more fibers purposefully blended and designed to cater to the wearer’s needs and the nature of their job. For instance, cotton/polyester fabric blends have strong attributes that’ll prevent post-laundry shrinkage. To learn more about this, consult a tailor and ask for recommendations on ideal fabric blends for your scrub suit.

In addition, knowing the composition and characteristics of different fabric types will allow you to easily recognize them the next time you shop for scrubs. You’ll be able to identify the fabric that’ll match your priorities and preferences. Aside from preventing you from purchasing the wrong material, understanding the kinds of fabric you can opt for will help you look great due to the suitability and comfort of the final product.

Final Thoughts

Don’t underestimate the impact of well-tailored scrubs on your comfort, performance, even motivation, and level of confidence at work. With a well-fitting uniform, you no longer need to worry about shapelessness, bagginess, and other similar concerns. Ultimately, scrub suits that fit you properly can make a huge difference as they allow you to move freely without any restrictions. 

So this was it for today, I hope you have enjoyed reading A Woman’s Guide For Choosing Scrubs That Fit Helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Laila Madison is a healthcare professional. She has been an advocate of using scrubs in the workplace, promoting comfort and a more approachable uniform for healthcare professionals. She shares her experience and expertise in scrub suit wearing and selection through blog posting.

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