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Our oral health requires as much attention as our skin. Korean beauty routines, bubble masks, and age-defying serums dominate the beauty arena. Along with this, there is one more thing that we cannot overlook and that is our pearly whites or simply, oral health.

If you think of your skincare routine as twice daily, chances are it’s flanked. Just like skin, our teeth also, require a good deal of daily maintenance to stay healthy. So, don’t stop your beauty routine with just skincare, because teeth deserve more than just a quick brush. 

I recently came across this brand Dente91. The name itself has a fascinating story behind it. 91 representing India, the Dente91 was created with an aspiration of bringing awareness about the importance of oral health and the best oral hygiene practices in the country. 

With an eye for natural ingredients and gorgeous packaging, Dente91 creates its oral care range that looks great and is great for you too. Their oral care products are created with the belief that a smile is at the heart of feeling beautiful and confident. 

Oral Health with Dente91

Dente91 Mouthwash

Oral Health with Dente91 Mouthwash

Used in tandem with brushing and flossing, mouthwash can play a pivotal role in oral health and hygiene. All we need to do is pick up the right one. When we do our shopping, we pick up a mouthwash from the shopping aisle without worrying much about its ingredients. What you need to make sure is to check if it contains potent ingredients to fight bacteria and germs. Dente91 Mouthwash is powered with a super protein Lactoferrin which is naturally present in mother’s milk, bovine milk, and body fluids like saliva and tears. It helps our oral cavity to fight bad bacteria while also protecting the good ones. Lactoferrin has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties too. If you are looking for a gentle mouthwash that can give you powerful protection then Dente91 Mouthwash is your choice!

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Dente91 Toothpaste

Oral Health with Dente91 Toothpaste

I am always interested to know what life in space would be like. Could there be a space war going on right now? Probably! We don’t know. When reading about space, I came across the fact that astronauts on the space mission lost minerals from their teeth in the absence of gravity. NASA created a synthetic form of hydroxyapatite as a repairing material. Later, its nano-sized version called n-HAP was created that helped in protecting and strengthening the teeth. n-HAP is known as the “gold standard” ingredient for Oral Hygiene! Dente91 Toothpaste is created with nHAP.

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Dente91 toothpaste is specially formulated with n-HAP and Lactoferrin and is the first of its kind in the Indian market. 

‘n-HAP’ is said to be highly effective in healing cavities, reducing hypersensitivity and tooth decay naturally. Dente91 toothpaste also offers the benefits of Lactoferrin, a multifunctional protein with heroic properties. It helps in preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. It not only destroys and fights harmful bacteria but also protects the good ones.

Oral Care is the new lifestyle in the Beauty category. Using a brand like Dente91 ticks the boxes of being gentle and effective in oral care along with user satisfaction. Once you use Dente91 products, it is hard to go back to the mainstream brands. Plus it’s an investment into long-term oral as well as overall health. Providing gentle, yet effective protection, Dente91 oral care products transform the simple act of brushing your teeth into a beauty ritual that will make you look good and feel confident.

Expand your beauty routine and switch to Dente91 products to upgrade your oral beauty experience. 

Keep out an eye on bespoke Dente91 oral hygiene products at their website – frimline.store and on Amazon.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Oral Health with Dente91 Helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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