Having Trouble Sleeping? Science Has Established a Connection Between Sex and Sleep Quality

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Science Has Established a Connection Between Sex and Sleep Quality. Drinking warm milk, counting sheep, having a relaxing bath and other calming techniques aren’t doing it… you simply cannot fall asleep at night. Unfortunately, you’re not alone in this major struggle.

According to the Sleep Foundation, anywhere between 10 and 30 percent of adults suffer from chronic insomnia

This condition can be linked to many issues. Chronic stress, excess weight, alcohol or caffeine intake, shift work and even a noisy environment can all contribute to sleep problems.

The good news is that insomnia can be overcome. Decompressing properly before going to bed and having an optimal relaxation environment in the bedroom can both contribute to significant improvements. And if you’re looking for even better sleep quality, there’s one more thing you can try out.

Research suggests that sex can actually have a beneficial impact on sleep quality. Here’s the link and the reasons why you should definitely consider being intimate with your partner more often.

The Link Between Sex and Sleep Quality

The Link Between Sex and Sleep Quality

Clinical trials and studies have indeed established a link between sex and sleep quality.

According to research carried out in Australia in 2017, people who have sex before going to bed report significant improvements in sleep quality. 

And this isn’t the only trial researchers have carried out to confirm a link. Ottawa clinicians found out that sex before sleep can contribute to significant stress reduction. They concluded this is the main mechanism in which intimacy with a partner helps people fall asleep faster and enjoy better sleep quality.

But partnered sex isn’t the only way to get relief.

Solo sex and achieving an orgasm through masturbation have been shown to bring on the exact same beneficial effect. This is a perfect way for a person to decompress in the end of a long day. Handling stress in an effective manner decreases worries and anxiety, promoting a peaceful state of mind. Needless to say, such a state of mind is one of the main contributors to better sleep after sex.

How Does Sex Work?

The studies quoted above explain one of the mechanisms that could contribute to better sleep after having sex.

Intimacy, however, affects the body in more than one important way.

In both men and women, sexual activity is linked to increased levels of certain hormones. Women, for example, experienced a spike in estrogen. Higher estrogen levels affect REM sleep – the deep kind of sleep that has the most beneficial regenerative properties.

Sex is also linked to oxytocin production. Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone that controls the body’s stress response. It contributes to feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Higher levels of oxytocin have a very beneficial anti-stress effect.

Many other hormones are also affected by sex and orgasms. Dopamine, progesterone and prolactin are all impacted. Coincidentally, these hormones also play a role in the body’s stress response. People who have sex experience a sense of relief and some drowsiness immediately after the act. Both of these have been connected to hormonal fluctuations and adjustments.

To sum it up, sex (whether alone or with a partner) before falling asleep improves your mood, helps you relax, reduces stress levels and makes it easier for the busy mind to get “switched off.” These combined effects reduce the likelihood of insomnia and they can also contribute to better sleep quality.

Ways to Improve Sleep Through Intimacy

Ways to Improve Sleep Through Intimacy - Sex and Sleep Quality

All of this sounds great – an all-natural, incredibly pleasurable way to overcome your sleep problems. But how do you enjoy the benefits of intimacy to counter insomnia?

Understand one very important thing – the connection between sleep and sex is two-directional. In other words, being underslept will kill your libido and make you less likely to want intimacy. Hence, you should definitely push yourself to enjoy sexy time at first. As you get to enjoy intimacy more often, your hormone levels will start regulating and your libido will go back up to its normal levels.

Also, having satisfying sex is crucial.

Orgasms are the ones that contribute to the spike in oxytocin and other feel-good hormones. Thus, if you haven’t been too satisfied with intimacy until now, the time has come to change things and make them more exciting.

There are many ways to start having more fun in the bedroom. Something as simple as the purchase of a few sex toys will contribute to a massive surge in satisfaction (as long as you select the items that match your needs and preferences). 

According to HotCherry, glass dildos are very versatile and will help you feel more satisfied. One of the biggest advantages of aglass dildo is that they are great for all kinds of sex. Such toys are amazing for both single individuals and couples. And needless to say, there are many other choices to explore. You can start out simple with something small (like a bullet vibrator or a massage wand) and you can move on with the experiments if you enjoy the addition of toys to the bedroom.

Don’t be afraid of exploring your body. This holds true for individuals who are single. Self-love is a form of self-care. It contributes to better hormonal balance and feelings of happiness. There are many ways to experiment with touch and solo intimacy. Don’t forget that such activities aren’t just beneficial in terms of sleep improvement. They can also contribute to having much more satisfying sex when you find a partner.

Good Sleep Beyond Sex

Do understand the fact that sleep problems will sometimes run much deeper.

If lifestyle adjustments and simple changes don’t get the job done, you may want to speak to a doctor.

Sleep disturbances can be linked to other health problems. Hence, you should definitely have a thorough examination to find out if something else could be wrong. Most problems that contribute to insomnia and poor sleep quality can be tackled effectively. The sooner you seek out treatment for such issues, the better the outcome is going to be.

Poor sleep quality isn’t something you should accept as a normal part of life. Even if you lead a very hectic and stressful existence, there are ways to make things better. Take your time to pinpoint the issue that’s robbing you of zzzs. Once you have a better idea about the problem, you can start experimenting with different solutions.

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