5 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

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Dealing with acid reflux can often be difficult and inconvenient, but not uncommon which is why we bring you 5 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux. The Washington Post reports that at least 60 million Americans suffer from acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), at least once a month. This burning pain often comes right after eating, when you bend over, or when you lie down. An acid reflux attack can be painful, making daily life hard and eating troublesome.

In a previous post, we talked about ‘4 Ways to Fight Skin Problems in Children’ naturally. Today, we’re going to tackle the pain and inconvenience of acid reflux and heartburn, and five simple, natural remedies to managing your symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

5 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

1. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

While carbonated drinks like soda or sparkling water can seem like a refreshing idea after a heavy meal, people with a history of acid reflux will want to avoid them. The University of Chicago Medicine suggests that patients with GERD should make the switch from sparkling water to plain water if they want to avoid more pain. Carbonated drinks can increase gas and bloat, thereby increasing the chances of acid reflux. If you suffer from heartburn, staying away from sodas can help lessen the chances of a reoccurrence.

2. Eat Alkaline Foods

What’s the best way to fight acid? With something alkaline, of course. While antacids are a common, over-the-counter solution to acid reflux, you don’t have to head to the nearest pharmacy for a solution. A feature on Brightcore suggests adding alkaline foods like wheatgrass into your daily diet can help you reduce the chances of acid reflux. These alkaline foods help neutralize the acids in your stomach, lowering the chances of a heartburn attack after a meal making them natural remedies for acid reflux. Other alkaline foods include leafy greens, tofu, and nuts, so be sure to add them into your meals when you can.

3. Drink Ginger Tea

The humble ginger root is a pretty effective solution for dealing with acid reflux. Medical News Today says that ginger is a natural remedy for acid reflux, especially when brewed into a tea. Ginger is alkaline and helps soothe the stomach, neutralizing stomach acid and reducing the chances of backflow making it one of the best natural remedies for acid reflux. It’s best taken caffeine-free, with a little bit of honey to make it more palatable.

4. Cut Down on the Fat and Spice

Because acid reflux has a lot to do with your stomach, understanding how your diet can affect it is often one of the best ways to find a solution for your symptoms. A piece on The Daily Meal claims that acid reflux can be aggravated by foods that are high in fat, caffeine, and capsaicin, a type of compound found in spicy foods. Capsaicin can slow digestion, meaning there’s a higher amount of acid in your stomach than normal, and it can also irritate your esophagus. Cutting down on these foods can go a long way in managing your GERD.

5. More Fiber

Finally, one of the best ways you can combat GERD is by taking in more quality, fiber-rich foods like whole grain oats and vegetables. Livestrong writes that fiber can play several roles in managing the symptoms of acid reflux. Fiber-rich foods can help you feel more full on smaller meals, which prevents you from overeating and triggering an episode. They’ve also been found in some cases to affect the valve that stops food from coming up your esophagus, which can drastically reduce the chance of acid reflux.

I hope you have enjoyed reading 5 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux Helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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