How To Refresh Your Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

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As Summertime edges closer and closer it may be time to refresh your living room’s interior décor, when Summertime comes and COVID restrictions are gradually loosened, you’ll no doubt be excited at the thought of entertaining guests once again. So now is the perfect time to bring some new life into your living room ready for your guests when restrictions are lifted.

But we understand that not everyone has the financial flexibility to refresh your living room or to completely redo their home, so today we’ll be looking at small ways you can refresh the look of your living room without spending too much money, but still creating a nice new look for when you have guests over.

Refresh Your Living Room on a Budget in 3 Easy Ways

1. Restyle Your Existing Furniture

First on our list of how to refresh the look of your living room is restyling furniture you already have such as coffee tables, shelving units, and TV units. Rather than getting new pieces of furniture to upgrade what you have, a bit of DIY should help bring your tired furniture back to life.

For any wooden furniture, you have the options of repainting or revarnishing the furniture with wood paint or wood varnish which you can pick up at any good DIY store. Simply put a few coats on the furniture, leave it to dry, and then voila your wooden furniture will look good as new.

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2. Upgrade Your Existing Furnishings

How To Refresh Your Living Room

Again, we’re looking at how you can use what you have to avoid shelling out for all new everything to refresh your living room. So now we’re looking at furnishings around the home like blinds and scatter cushions to refresh your living room. Rather than buying a whole new set of blinds or new sets of cushions a lot of the time, you can simply buy new pieces of fabric to use on them, to bring them back to looking new.

For your blinds, you can easily find vertical blinds replacement slats which allow you to simply change the fabric portion of your blinds rather than needing to purchase a new blind in its entirety. For things like your cushions, you can look for new cushion covers, again avoiding the need to buy new cushions. These are both cheaper ways to bring new life into your living room as you can improve the look of furnishings without spending more money than you need to, to refresh your living room.

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3. Cover Up Problem Areas

Every living room has problem areas, whether it is a bit of wall covered in scuffs, cracks in the leather of your sofa, or stained carpet. Unfortunately, resolving these problem areas can be costly, but it is a lot cheaper to simply cover up the issues that haunt your living room, rather than to fix them.

For example, you can cover stains on the floor with a rug or a mat, which will hide the stain and give you a new décor piece in your home. Scuffs and marks on walls can be covered up with art prints or posters. And damaged areas of sofas can be hidden by strategically placing scatter cushions or a sofa throw on your sofa to cover it up.

And there you have it, a few cheap and easy ways to refresh the look of your living room without needing to break any piggy banks. Have you tried any of these mini-projects before? Let us know what you did and how it went for you!

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