YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review

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Sale Alert for my readers-

YBP Color Cream in The Mermaid was my first ever product from YBP Cosmetics. I wasn’t actually in need of this but I wanted to have something from this brand I wanted to give this brand a try. Back then, the only products YBP Cosmetics had were their color creams and makeup perfector. In their later years, they introduced skincare in the market.

YBP Plant Remedy was their first-ever skincare launch if I am not wrong which I also bought and tried. Since then, they have been focusing on skincare and I can say with no doubt, their skincare game is on the next level.

I have used so many products containing the term “pure” and “organic” but they never felt pure in the true sense. It’s with YBP Skincare only I felt I am using something so pure that I am able to connect with it mentally.

In fact, I have now recently purchased their healing salve as well and I AM IMPRESSED! The ingredients in their skincare which I used to believe do not work for me at all, worked so beautifully.

Well, enough about their skincare. This post is about YBP Color Cream in The Mermaid.

I know it’s not available on their website anymore and I don’t know if they will ever restock it back but I didn’t want to keep the experience by myself.

I clicked the pictures and here I am with my YBP Cosmetics Color Cream in The Mermaid Review.

YBP Color Cream – The Mermaid (Dark Mauve Pink)

YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review

Price: Rs.900/- for 50gm

I bought it under discount for Rs.900/- from Amazon

You can find more of my product reviews and recommendations on my Amazon Storefront.

Product Description

  • A unique makeup formula that is neither too dry, nor too gloss
  • It starts with a creamy texture and settles into a silky smooth finish that can be used on lips, cheeks, and eyes

How to Use

Take a dot sized amount and blend it gently with your fingers onto your cheeks, eyes, and lips.

REVIEW – YBP Color Cream The Mermaid

YBP Color Cream The Mermaid Review

Packaging: It comes with a cardboard box which I do not have with me anymore. There is a full-sized picture of Shreya Jain with her different looks printed on all the boxes.

YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review Packaging

YBP Cosmetics Color Cream Mermaid Review

The tube is a transparent squeezable tube with a long screw lid on it. It has a tiny nozzle to dispense the product with a controlled flow.

The negative point here is no price, date, or even shade mentioned on the tube. You lost the outer box, you are left with no information at all.

Shade: The mermaid is a deep mauve berry color ideal for people who love berry tones.

Fragrance: It has some berries or smoothie kind of fragrance. Not bad!

My Experience

YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review and Swatches

As the name suggests, color cream is a multipurpose tinted cream that can be used as a cream blush, cream eyeshadow, and lip color.

The first I noticed was its pigmentation. It is pigmented beyond your imagination. I took a teeny-tiny dot and it covered both of my cheeks giving a rosy-tinted look. You take slightly more than a dot and it will turn your cheeks red requiring double the amount of blending.

Review YBP Color Cream Mermaid

I wore YBP Color Cream as my cream blush on top of my moisturizer and once blended, it looked so pretty. It blended easily without leaving any streaks or patches. That is the beauty of cream blushes. They look so beautiful and healthy as if you are blushing from within.

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Some days after my morning skincare routine, I use YBP Color Cream Mermaid as my final step and that rosy tinted look on my cheeks just lifts my mood.

YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review Swatch

Talking about the texture, it is so soft and air like. It doesn’t feel heavy, liquid, sticky, or powder at all. It is something unique. In fact, it has no weight at all. Once blended, I didn’t felt like I have applied something to my face.

I was worried if wearing YBP Color Cream for the whole day going to give me breakouts but nope, it didn’t react to my sensitive and acne-prone skin at all. Noice! (In Jake Peralta’s Voice, haha!).

YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review Swatch Dark Pink

I also tried it with makeup and it looked so beautiful. Though with the full face of makeup on, It didn’t last that long. The longevity of this color cream is not enough to wear on a long special occasion as it will fade away quickly.

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The least it lasted was on eyes and lips. On eyes, it disappeared within an hour and on lips, it came off right after I ate or drank anything. Basically, it’s all good for cheeks.

YBP Cosmetics Color Cream Mermaid Review and Swatch

I use it when I am not in a mood for makeup and I just want to give my skin a lift-up. Or simply after my morning skincare routine to groom myself a little for the day. If you are someone who does not wear makeup at all but still wants to do a bit for a more presentable look, tints or YBP Color Cream is your thing.

The only downside of YBP Color Cream I feel is the tube is way too big considering the amount it requires to do the job. All you need is a tiny dot and you are done. This large tube can last more than its expiry period. If it was in a smaller size, It could have been affordable and efficient as well.

Summing Up

YBP Color Cream is a tinted cream that gives a beautiful healthy rosy look when used as a cream blush. It is lightweight as air and doesn’t react to skin. It is highly pigmented and only requires a dot sized amount. Can be worn daily after skincare for a fresh look. Doesn’t lasts long when paired with makeup or used as cream eye shadow or lip cream.

  • Light as air
  • Blends beautifully
  • Leaves no patches
  • Can be worn daily
  • Works with Skincare Products
  • Provides a natural healthy blushed look
  • Doesn’t last long with makeup
  • Fades away quickly when worn on eyes and lips
  • Product Quantity is way too much considering the amount required which leads to expiration and wastage of the product.
  • Costly

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading the YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review Helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a Good Day!

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