Understanding What Causes Brittle Hair

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Brittle hair is hair that has been allowed to dry out. Your hair should be protected by a layer of oil, this s produced by your scalp and creates a shield protecting your hair from sunlight and an array of environmental factors. If the oil is missing then your hair will dry and become brittle. 

In short, you’ll have plenty of split ends, your hair will look dull, and it will break easily. If you have dry and brittle hair you need to tackle the problem head-on. That means using a high-quality product, such as the Redken range, and getting the problem resolved as quickly as possible. High-quality products protect your hair and encourage it to reabsorb the nutrients it needs. 

It can help to understand the cause of brittle hair, it will ensure you can prevent it from happening again. 

What Causes Brittle Hair

1. Heat Damage

What Causes Brittle Hair

The sun’s rays are powerful and can damage your hair. But, the more common cause is the heat from your styling tools. Hairstyling tools dry your hair out, eliminating the moisture and breaking down the protective oil layer. As soon as this is damaged, the nutrients in the hair will leak out with the oil, leaving it looking weak and lifeless.

2. Chemicals 

We’ve already mentioned the importance of using high-quality products to help ensure your hair gets all the nutrients and protection it needs. However, there’s another reason why this is so important. 

Many cheaper hair products, including hair dyes, use chemicals to clean or color your hair. These can damage your hair follicles, causing your hair to become brittle. In effect they strip the cuticle layer of your hair, leaving it exposed and vulnerable. 

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3. Poor Diet

You may not realize it but what you eat affects your hair as well as your overall health! The main ingredient in hair is protein, although there are a number of minerals that are also required to keep your hair healthy.

If you’re not eating a balanced diet then it’s unlikely that your body, and hair, will be getting all the nutrition it needs. Without adequate nutrition, it will be unable to hold onto moisture and will quickly become brittle and easily damaged. 

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4. Sunshine

Heat styling tools are self-inflicted damage but they create the same issue that hot weather does. The sun can damage your hair by drying it out and the UV rays can damage the cuticle layer. In addition, when the sun is out you’re more likely to be using the pool which has chlorine, a chemical known to damage hair, and even bleach it.

You don’t want to avoid the sunshine, instead, you should focus on protecting your hair with products and even a hat when in the sun. 

Summing Up

Don’t forget, your hair can also be damaged and become brittle if you use too much product too often. You may find it is better for your hair to shampoo every other day, instead of every day. This will lower the risk of damage and leave your hair looking and feeling great.

So this was it for today, I hope you have enjoyed reading Dermafique Toner Review Helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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