How COVID-19 Has Affected Nutrition and Health Goals

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught each one of us a lesson or two about life. During the peak of the outbreak, the world was daunted by the rapid spread of the virus. People were apprehensive about their future, as well as the future of their loved ones. To date, the COVID-19 virus has wiped off close to millions of lives, showing us the fragility of our existence. Likewise, it served as a loud wake-up call for everyone to strip off the inessentials and focus on one matter that should be on our top list—the completion of our nutrition and health goals.

Health, per se, is a broad term for it comprises the physiological, mental, emotional, and other areas of our being, which may be considered equally significant. On the other hand, nutrition is simply defined as “the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.” To define it even further, it’s a process that involves choosing and consuming essential nutrients to maintain good health. It’s a journey that we’re called to adhere to and actively prioritize, most especially today as we continue to battle against this COVID-19 pandemic.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Nutrition and Health Goals

Aside from obediently following various safety protocols, we may prevent infection from this deadly virus when we have good nutrition. During this time, physically seeing a doctor may not be feasible due to strict protocols. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a reason not to check your health status, and if you’re consuming the right amount of nutrition in your meals.

Currently, a lot of nutrition experts, such as nutrition coaches, are accommodating their clients through different online platforms. With this accessibility, people may be encouraged to cultivate healthier eating habits and curate their own health goals. 

But before availing of their services, you may want to ask yourself, what is an online nutrition coach? This knowledge may help you evaluate if tapping into their services will be worth the time and adjustment (since almost everything will be conducted virtually) for your health goals.

Although we’re collectively experiencing this COVID-19 pandemic, each one of us is going through this differently based on our perceived reality. Because of this, people are left to adjust their personal nutrition and health goals. 

Here are the noticeable effects the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about in terms of our nutrition and health goals:

1. People Working Remotely Started Gaining Weight

A large part of the workforce was encouraged to work from home in order to minimize social contact. With this, employees needed to adjust to this new arrangement and their working environment. Living rooms are turned into offices and work stations. People are currently spending their days sitting in front of their computer screens. As a result, majority have become less active as margins between work and recreation are gradually fusing.

The pressure brought about by a new work setup combined with the uncertainty induced by this deadly COVID-19 pandemic has led many to regress to their unhealthy coping strategies. Some have turned to binge eating and drinking alcohol to alleviate their anxiety. William Dietz, MD, PhD, Director of the STOP Obesity Alliance, stated that this COVID-19 pandemic has created a perfect situation for weight gain due to the apprehension brought by it.

People are no longer keeping track of their nutrition and health goals as long as they’re able to deal with the stress presented by this transition. Added with one’s household responsibility, employees who have high-demanding jobs may view exercise as the least of their priorities. With this, employees who are working from home have started gaining weight.

Generally, this might not be considered a huge problem, but if a person already has pre-existing conditions, such as obesity, then weight gain may pose more risks.

2. Increased Dependence on Food Deliveries

How COVID-19 Has Affected Nutrition and Health Goals Food Deliveries

During the quarantine, people were unable to directly shop in groceries due to strict measures also brought about by the fear of possibly acquiring the infection. Business owners saw this as an opportunity to extend their services in the online community. Hence, food deliveries became a hit. Ads from various food chains were present nearly everywhere, which made ordering convenient, especially to those who are working remotely. With just one click, they immediately had access to the food they need or crave.

While this is definitely good news, some people have used this accessibility to depend on food deliveries more often. This led them to prepare less nutritious dishes and opt for comfort food instead. All of these conveniences have led people to become lax with their personal nutrition and health goals.

3. Lack of Sleep Is Prevalent

Nutrition and health don’t only involve eating good food, but also pertain to your overall health goals. Good sleep is, therefore, vital because it recharges your body for the next day. However, due to the turmoil accompanying this COVID-19 pandemic, many people are experiencing difficulty sleeping. This has caused more stress, lethargy, and disruption in productivity among other things.

With all of these occurring, cooking healthy meals or even exercising may no longer be the priority. People who have poor quality sleep will likely prioritize regulating and dividing their remaining energy to manage to their responsibilities. This, unfortunately, has become the current situation for most people as they attempt to deal and live with uncertainty.

4.  Long Lockdowns Compelled People to Exercise

Despite people gaining weight during quarantine, there are also those who maximized the long lockdowns to improve their health and reached their health goals.

Amidst their responsibilities at work, people have created ways to accommodate their personal health goals and objectives. With increased support from virtual influencers, people started implementing their fitness plans. Free fitness programs and videos have become useful to gym-goers or even to people who wanted to get fit despite not being able to head to the gym. Many attempted to lose weight and get back into shape.

With wide-spread social media engagements, individuals across the world encouraged each other to work out and sweat. Individuals are engaged in indoor workout routines not just to maintain their physical health, but to also combat mental stressors and anxiety. 

5. Quarantine Cooking Has Become a Trend

People have gone through lifestyle transitions during the COVID-19 lockdown. While others opted to order food online, many have chosen to utilize their time trying out different recipes at home.

Undeniably, one of the good effects quarantine has brought is the opportunity to become more creative in preparing healthier meals. With the availability of various nutritious recipes online, many have engaged in cooking as a hobby and even made a business out of it.

The kitchen has been transformed into a haven where people were supplied with a feeling of nourishment and relaxation. Cooking has allowed people to ease up their anxiety brought about by daily COVID-19 updates. Likewise, the surge of healthy eating tips during quarantine has motivated many to look after what they eat.

People maximized the resources that were already present around them, and became more innovative in approaching their nutrition and health goals. This example can serve as an inspiration to bounce back and pursue your health goals amid the current situation.

Summing Up –

The COVID-19 pandemic has stirred up everyone’s lives one way or another. Regardless, it’s best to be committed and not allow this situation to stop you from accomplishing your nutrition and health objectives. 

Life in lockdown may have disrupted your motivation to progress towards these goals, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop prioritizing them. Each person has the power to choose how they respond to this present circumstance, so instead of looking at this negatively, you can view the situation as a challenge that you can soon overcome. 

So this was it for today. I hope you have found reading about the effects of COVID-19 on Nutrition and Health Goals Helpful.

Does Covid-19 affect your daily lifestyle and health routine too? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a Good Day!

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