5 Things to Keep Your Mind Busy During This Crazy Time

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The situation we have all been living in for the past few months due to lockdown restrictions has been hard on everyone’s mental health. This post is all about 5 Things to Keep Your Mind Busy During This Crazy Time.

Even the most introverted people are going to go stir crazy because we cannot socialize and the weather outside is nice and inviting. Humans need to be both mentally and physically healthy, thanks to the internet we can practice different things to keep our minds busy.

Here are things you can do to distract yourself, keep your mind busy and keep your thoughts from wandering and creating even more anxiety.

5 Things to Keep Your Mind Busy During This Crazy Time

5 Things to Keep Your Mind Busy During This Crazy Time

1. Shut off the News

The very first thing you need to do to when it comes to Things to Keep Your Mind Busy is taking a break from all the news for a while. Taking a break from COVID-19 updates is what you need if you have been always glued to the screen. With every day comes negative reports which you should avoid at all costs to ensure you relieve your brain of stress and anxiety. Turning off alerts and notifications on your phone is another good way to limit your exposure to bad news. 

2. Read

5 Things to Keep Your Mind Busy During This Crazy Time - Reading

There are more than enough books for you to read on the shelves and your tablet. Reading is one of the Things to Keep Your Mind Busy. Read something new that will hook and interest you to keep your mind off the negative news. From books, magazines, to online resources they provide a limitless option from where you can soak in positive ideas. If reading many pages is not fun, you can google facts like ‘what is the longest bridge in the world’ and read about them. 

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3. Get moving, start a new workout challenge

Do you want to get that summer body? This is the time to focus your energies on building up the body shape that you desire so much. Take advantage of home workout apps and tone your body. This will help you spend time off the pandemic news.

4. Indulge in self-care and pampering yourself

5 Things to Keep Your Mind Busy During This Crazy Time - Self Care

Indulge yourself in mindfulness sessions for some minutes within a day is some progress. With plenty of time in our hands, this is the best time to meditate and breathe in positive energy. Self-massages and enjoying yourself in your home tub is a good way of self-pampering.

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5. Get creative with DIY projects

Ample time and a creative idea are all you need to hit the ground running and accomplish your DIY projects. With everything on the internet especially YouTube you can learn a new set of skills and accomplish the projects that have been in your to-do list.

Summing Up…

These are just 5 of the many things you could do. Finding something that works for you is crucial to ensure you relieve stress and you can share with us what you have been doing to keep your mind busy.

So This was it for today. I hope you have loved reading this.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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  1. I totally agree with you, the news channel is making the mind so depressive. I used to watch the news every morning, but after certain days I have stopped watching. Nowadays plantation and reading is better than anything in this whole world.

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