How Playing Games Can Benefit You

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Playing games is a popular hobby among people in every country and across every generation. Some are fun to play alone, while others are better with friends. Their popularity has helped to create a huge billion-dollar industry in video games and traditional board games.

While games are fun, you may not think about the other positive effects that they can have. 

How Playing Games Can Benefit You

How Playing Games Can Benefit You Pinterest

Games Make us More Social

Trying to beat your high score on Super Mario is fun and doesn’t require you to involve anyone else. However, playing games isn’t something you have to do in isolation. In fact, a large proportion of video game players do so with others, either online or in person. Playing traditional board and card games nearly always requires you to play with friends too, making it a great opportunity to get much needed social interaction. 

The lines between classic games and board games have been blurring in recent years, so it’s now possible to play games like chess and Scrabble with friends over the internet. It’s even possible to turn your weekly poker night into a digital affair with the home games feature from PokerStars, which lets you play online poker with friends in your own private games. 

Research has shown that being more social can help to improve our mental health, as well as having a range of other physical health benefits. 

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Games Can Help Us De-stress

It likely doesn’t come as a surprise to you that modern life is stressful. Increasing financial pressures, growing work demands, and social media can all contribute to a feeling of being overwhelmed. 

If this builds up too much over time, it can lead to bigger mental health problems. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to relieve stress, including exercise, reading, painting, and other creative activities. Playing games can be a way to help manage stress levels. In fact, around half of all video game players all over the world say that stress reduction is one of the reasons they play. 

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The positive feelings that come from winning and playing games can release dopamine, the hormone associated with happiness and pleasure. Crucially, research that was conducted by McGill University in 2007 has shown that video games can reduce the production of cortisol, the hormone that can make us feel stressed. 

Games Can Help Us Think More Strategically

How Playing Games Can Benefit You

In many games, whether it’s chess, poker, or Fortnite, it’s important to think strategically. You need to be planning your moves several steps ahead, assessing what your opponent will likely do, and adapt your approach to those assumptions. 

If you’re only reacting to what you see happening in front of you, you will likely lose. 

The same is true for life. If you work in a big organization, you’ll likely be caught up in office politics, battling for resources, and to get your ideas accepted by senior management. Being able to think strategically can help you with this too, since you can try to outsmart your office rivals. 

Playing Games improve your decision making or thought process. Thinking strategically can help with achieving your goals too, whether you’re trying to start a business or make a life change like moving house. Being able to plan out your steps will help you achieve these things better. 

Without a strategy for your business, you will likely struggle to succeed, since you’ll have no clear direction and fall into the trap of making reactive decisions that take you off on a tangent. Moving house is also easier if you plan ahead, since you can pack and unpack in the order that you need the items and even reduce the number of boxes you’ll need. 

Games Can Make Us Better Problem Solvers

How Playing Games Can Benefit You

Playing games usually requires us to be creative to solve a problem. Finding ways to complete a challenge in an allotted time, how to bluff an opponent, or outmaneuver an enemy team all require us to be creative. 

Problem-solving is another important skill for life and for work, since we may be required to meet deadlines in a short time frame, or find a solution that keeps two groups of opposing people happy. Improvement in problem-solving is yet another of gaming’s potential benefits.

So This was it for today. I hope you have found reading about ‘How Playing Games Can Benefit You” helpful.

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