8 Easy Things You Can Do To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

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Our metabolism dictates a lot of aspects of our lives. It determines how we eat, how we function, and how we feel. When you’re constantly tired and gaining weight, it’s easy to place the blame on one’s metabolism. However, the fact is that we can influence our metabolism with some key changes. They don’t have to be drastic changes, either. You can make some pretty slight adjustments to your everyday life and come out feeling much better. Here are some examples of things you can do to boost your metabolism.

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8 Easy Things You Can Do To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

8 Easy Things You Can Do To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

1. Get an Early Start to Your Day

They say that the early bird gets the worm, but the bird also gets a host of other benefits from being up early. A boost to its metabolism is one example. Sleeping in and relaxing in your bed is fun, but it’s not exactly great for your circadian rhythm. It’s why you’ll always find yourself exhausted and drowsy after sleeping in too long. After a good night’s sleep, you want to get up early and seize the day while it’s still young!

Adequate sleep will give you the energy you need to start your day and will help you boost your metabolism.

Two things should be on your mind when you want to boost your metabolism: eating well and getting a light workout in. The exercise portion helps you get out of the drowsy state you might be in after waking up. It invigorates you and gets your blood pumping. This will kick your metabolism into high-gear and make you feel ready for the rest of the day.

When you want to boost your metabolism, It’s important that you have some food in your system not long after waking up. Breakfast isn’t called the most important meal of the day for nothing. It’s a meal that dictates your metabolism throughout the day. Once you’ve sated your stomach’s early morning needs, you won’t be needing any food until lunch.

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Remember to stick to a strong breakfast when you want to boost your metabolism. The less sugar and more protein featured, the better. This will help you avoid having a sugar crash so early in the day. Add savory things to your plate and dig in. You’ll get all the energy your body has been craving all night, but without taking down your energy.

2. Do Hardcore Cardio

HIIT 8 Easy Things You Can Do To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

Cardio has always been an effective way to increase your metabolism and burn fat. However, the downside of this is that it doesn’t last very long. It only gets your body worked up as long as you’re doing the exercise, but afterward, your metabolism returns to normal. 

HIIT exercises are a mixed bag. They leave longer-lasting effects on your metabolism, but you don’t get the quick uplift that you need from a cardio workout. Doing both at the same time is hardly ever recommended, as you’ll tire out pretty quickly. If only there were a way to combine these types of workouts into the ideal metabolism exercise without dropping dead of exhaustion. Well, the good news is that there is.

By running on a varying incline, you’re getting a little bit of both, while also getting the rest you need to make HIIT tolerable for longer. Running up and down a slight hill would work, but it might be a nuisance to try looking for one. A treadmill is a great alternative to running up an actual hill, and you can set your incline however you please. Not to mention, if you’re already a member of a gym, this will add to your exercise regime and make it even more effective.

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3. Factor in Fiber

Fiber Inatke - 8 Easy Things You Can Do To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

Fiber might not be an essential nutrient, but only because it’s not technically a nutrient. Your body doesn’t break-down fiber, nor does it use any of its by-products for energy. Fibre mostly remains unchanged in your system until it’s out. However, it does a lot of work for your body and metabolism along the way.

Your body doesn’t recognize what passes through, so it tries to digest it all the same. This includes fiber, which isn’t exactly digestible. This means your body uses a lot of energy to try and break-down something for no results. This not only keeps your digestive metabolism working hard, but it also provides your body with other benefits and helps you boost your metabolism.

Fiber helps stabilize and regulate your digestion, increasing the efficiency of nutrient absorption. While this may seem like it would slow your metabolism, the contrary is true. Efficiency leads to less need for intake, and fiber makes sure of this. It’s something that keeps you full while it’s speeding up your metabolism and helps you boost your metabolism, which is why it’s particularly great for weight loss.

4. Manage Micronutrients

There’s often a lot of talk of macronutrients and how to balance them, but their micro counterparts are just as important. While the name suggests otherwise, micronutrients play a huge role in our body’s metabolism and overall health.

Peoples’ diets are often the first aspects of their life that suffer when they lack time. If you’re too busy, you probably won’t take the time to make an extra salad to go with your meal or add another kind of side dish. Instead, you’ll keep your meals quick and practical. This is great for time-saving, but not so great for your micronutrient needs. You need a diverse diet to get every food your body is after.

Vitamins are absolutely essential for our health and metabolism regulation. This is especially true for vitamins E and C when you want to boost your metabolism. They help with the metabolism of matter like collagen, which is crucial for our skin and hair. Vitamin D is great for bone strength and density, but it also assists in preventing metabolic syndrome.

If you feel like your diet is lacking, consider supplementing your needed micronutrients. Even if you have faith in your diet, it would still be wise to supplement it from time to time. Just to make sure you have everything covered.

5. Build Some Muscles

Toning your muscles is one of the better things you can do to boost your metabolism. Muscles require a lot of energy to function, even while they are not being used. Increasing muscle mass also comes with a loss of fat, as strength training is great for burning it. It’s why men often have a higher metabolism rate than women since they have more muscle mass in general.

When you boost your metabolism, utilize strength and muscle-building exercises and you’ll find that your metabolism will go up for hours. It’s been shown that high-intensity workouts can leave an effect that lasts for eight hours or more and help you boost your metabolism as an overall result.

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6. Have Some Green Tea

Tea and coffee have long been used as healthy stimulants for metabolism. Although, they have different effects on our overall health when you consider other factors. Drinking lots of coffee is great for crunching while studying or at work, but it’s not something you want to overdo on a regular basis. It can increase your cortisol level and even cause adrenal fatigue. This would only increase your stress and slow down your metabolism over a longer period.

Tea is a bit milder in this regard. The brewed tea is a very effective way to get your caffeine up with fewer side effects. It contains other substances that boost your metabolism, such as ECGC. However, this doesn’t mean you should forsake coffee, as it’s still a very useful tool for productivity and metabolism-boosting.

Instead, try to keep a healthy balance of both. Take a good brew every morning and then switch to tea for the rest of the day. This will keep you and your metabolism in high-alert. Just make sure that you avoid sodas and caloric drinks after coffee, as the cortisol helps bind them and put on weight. 

7. Ride a Bike

Ride a Bike - 8 Easy Things You Can Do To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

There are lots of ways to get your cardio groove on, but very few are as effective or practical as riding a bicycle. You can get a high-intensity workout or simply work on some light cardio when you’re out, depending on how you want to shape your exercise routine. Bicycles might not tire you out, but they require a lot of energy to ride far and this boosts your metabolism. 

Another great thing about cycling is that it can replace other modes of transportation. Instead of taking your car to work and being stuck in your regular commute, you can take your bike and circumvent the blockage. Not to mention, you won’t necessarily feel exhausted, even if it’s a long way. All you need to do is pace yourself.

Biking is a relatively easy activity to get into when you want to boost your metabolism. As people say, you never forget to ride one. It’s also pretty easy to find a bicycle that fits your needs. Search through any online bicycle shop and you’ll eventually find the bike you want. Alternatively, you can always get a custom bike made to your specifications. Either way, a bike will keep you and your metabolism busy, no matter how you decide to use it.

7. Keep it Moving

There are some pretty innocuous ways you can increase and boost your metabolism without even thinking about it. Consider how you move around your home or office? Do you often take the elevator instead of the stairs? Do you frequently go to the shop or is it just a one-week shopping spree? These seem like habits that aren’t relevant to your metabolism, but they play a big part.

Moving around a lot will boost your metabolism and keep your heart at a healthy elevation. Take the stairs as often as you can and start walking to places you would otherwise drive to. At home, you can keep tidying up the place and doing chores. This will keep your mind and your body busy, increasing your metabolism. You’re always prepared to move and that will make you feel more agile and healthy as well.


To sum it all up, your metabolism can always be improved. All it takes is a few changes in your daily life to boost your metabolism and you can start seeing quick results. Despite this, most people aren’t aware of the potential influence they can have on their own bodies. The good news is that research is bringing people closer to these realizations and they’re taking steps to better their physical state. With the help of just a couple of these changes, you can boost your metabolism and get rid of a wealth of issues that come with having a slow metabolism.

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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