Need to Buy Personal Care Essentials During Quarantine? Nykaa is Delivering Them

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Sale Alert for my readers-

We all are going through some really tough and strange time because of Coronavirus Pandemic. We are in the quarantine and lockdown phase and in case you are wondering where you can buy and stock up on your personal care essentials or daily care essentials during quarantine, Nykaa is the answer.

Of course, there are multiple options to shop from during quarantine but I wanted to focus on some really highly important health and personal care essentials and because I recently ordered the personal care essentials from Nykaa, I thought why not to share the same with the readers so that in case if you are running out of stock from major essentials, you can consider this is an option.

Let us move further to the details…

Nykaa is Delivering Personal Care Essentials During Quarantine

Need to Buy Personal Care Essentials During Quarantine? Nykaa is Delivering Them
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Along with the food and household stuff, comes some really important personal care essentials such as Health Care Essentials or Intimate Care Essentials and even essentials for new moms and babies.

Website –

When I saw that Nykaa updated their website and focusing on essentials during this lockdown phase, I was kind of relieved because a lot of websites stopped delivering and those who were, were running out of stock.

The best practice here would be not panic buying i.e, not buying the quantity we practically don’t need when it comes to monthly groceries but, at least having a stock of up to 2 months to be on a safer side.

A lot of people are actually buying 4 to 6 times of their actual needs and all it is ending up in shortage of the supplies. Hope I am able to convey my point here. 🙂

Is Nykaa Having a Sale during Lockdown?

Yes! Even in this situation where I am seeing companies and online websites charging extra for their deliveries, Nykaa is having sales, offers, and discounts on the personal care essentials. This just melts our heart, isn’t it? 🥰

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What Essentials are available on Nykaa during Lockdown?

As per the moment, I can see the following categories available on Nykaa during the lockdown –

  • Intimate Care Must Haves
  • Bath Essentials
  • Baby Care Essentials
  • Hair Care and Personal Care Essentials
  • Hand Wash Range
  • Everyday Essentials
  • and more…

Shop at –

Let Nykaa know What you Need

This is such a nice initiative by the Nykaa. They are asking the buyers what they need so that they can restock the products accordingly.

You will find this option at the bottom of the website by the name “Tell us What you Need” and there you can mark your essentials.

Summing Up…

We all are in this situation together and I really hope things will get normal soon after quarantine and we will get back to our routine. The situation requires both, our calmness and alertness. It is highly important to keep your self-calm to avoid getting into stress and anxiety.

Please stay home and avoid social gathering. Only we can break the chain. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. You can always connect with me on my Instagram @niharikaverma95.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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