How to Step Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone

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We all like to feel comfortable and quickly throw on an outfit when we rush in the morning. Of course, having your own style is great, as fashion and clothes are definitely a fantastic way of self-expression but how about you Step Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone?

Still, can you really say that you’re 100% happy with your choice of garments and combinations? When you see fashionable girls in magazines, on Instagram, and even pass them by on the street, can you honestly say that you don’t imagine yourself rocking some of those outfits and fashion styles?

If you can, that’s amazing! But most of us tend to get stuck in a rut of our own fashion comfort zone. That doesn’t mean that the clothes you wear aren’t fashionable, but exploring your own self through your freedom of style is another way of self-care and self-love that everyone can benefit from.  

So, how can you step outside your fashion comfort zone, get to know yourself more, and show more of your creativity to the world? Let’s find out.

How to Step Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone

How to Step Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone

1. Stay open to New Trends

Even if you enjoy the concept of a capsule wardrobe, there’s nothing wrong with staying in touch with the new fashion trends. After all, fashion is like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, which means that we can always look forward to the fashion comebacks from the past.

Of course, these comebacks tend to be adjusted to the contemporary style. That said, simply checking out new releases and trends in fashion can get you a chance to enrich your wardrobe and elevate your look with interesting pieces that still match your fashion sense.

For instance, you might really enjoy wearing scarves, so why not consider exploring the options with different patterns and materials, embroidery, pearls, tassels, and so on? This is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone slowly and – comfortably!

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2. Embrace the Baby Steps

How to Step Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Speaking of stepping outside your fashion comfort zone slowly, remember that baby steps are crucial for any change, regardless of what your end goal is. If you don’t feel ready or confident enough to explore completely new styles from head to toe at once, don’t hesitate to do it in your own way.

Let’s say you want to step outside your fashion comfort zone and that you want to make your wardrobe a bit brighter and finally add more color to a bunch of neutrals that you own. You don’t have to buy garments in neon shades or very bright shades of red, blue, yellow, and so on.

How to Step Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Instead, you can ease your way into color with muted shades such as burgundy, navy, mustard, olive green, burnt orange, and similar. They won’t be too out there compared to what you’re used to, yet you’ll still get to spice things up.

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Or, if you really want to step outside your fashion comfort zone you might really want to break your shell and start rocking trendier and more unique accessories.

Again, trying out something that’s not on the completely opposite end of the spectrum to what you normally wear is the safest approach.

For example, in case you like to wear dressy watches but are tired of plain straps or common metals, you can easily elevate your style with a fashionable marble face watch or delicate zircon one.

Jewelry-wise, you can switch from your stud earrings to cluster ones, or try rocking smaller lever-back or wire hook earrings that are still delicate and attractive to you personally. And if you really wish to wear drop earrings, stick to the minimal and sleek design for a start. Baby steps all the way!

3. Inspire yourself for a Fashion Challenge

How to Step Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Challenging yourself to do something outside your comfort zone is always the more difficult part, fashion included. This is why you need to remain comfortable with ditching the comfort zone. Allowing yourself to get and stay inspired by different things you like is definitely the best way to embrace this challenge.

Inspiration is very individual, which means that you should look for it wherever it feels right to you. Not to mention that inspiration can strike unexpectedly, at the park, company meetings, lunch dates – not only when you browse Instagram. But, again, you know yourself the best, so don’t hesitate to put yourself in situations that have led to an inspiration boost before.

For instance, you might like different fashion eras, with a special preference for a vintage and retro period. If that’s the case, why not try to dress like a pinup girl with a modern twist and explore your own creativity and confidence while you do it?

It’s easy enough to do so at home at first, to familiarize yourself with the new concept and find comfort in this new style.  

Summing Up…

Every change seems scary, especially when it involves stepping out of your comfort zone. But when it comes to fashion, remember that every baby step you take and inspiration you make the most out of are there to make you happier and more confident, and simply let you enjoy small life’s joys to the fullest.

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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