Loose Setting Powder: Why and How to Use It

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Have you ever experienced the disappointment of spending time applying a full face of makeup, only to have it all but disappear a couple of hours later? If yes, the loose setting powder will be a game-changer for you. 

Looking in the mirror expecting to admire your hard work, and being distracted by the glare of the overhead lights on your now-shiny face? If these scenarios sound familiar to you, a loose setting powder is a must-have makeup product for you.

We think everyone can benefit from a setting powder. Think of it as the “topcoat” for your foundation – loose setting powder helps keep your base products in place and your final product shines free. It’s a fine powder and goes on lightly, so it won’t give you the cakey look you might fear from multiple layers of makeup.

Loose Setting Powder: Why and How to Use It

Loose Setting Powder: Why and How to Use It

There are a few tricks to making the most of your loose setting powder, and we’ll examine some easy tips below:

  • Choose the correct color of Setting Powder
  • Use the proper application tools
  • Know the difference between a Setting Powder and a Finishing Powder

Choosing the Correct Color of Setting Powder

Loose Setting Powder: Why and How to Use It

Setting powder is meant to lock in your look – you don’t want it to take away from your other makeup by creating a color contrast; too light, and you look ghostly – to dark, and you look like you’ve just received a bad spray tan.

Ideally, your setting powder will be the same color as your foundation, or you may opt to take the guesswork out of it altogether and go with a translucent, colorless powder, which works for all skin types.

We think a translucent setting powder works best for matching with your foundation and ensuring even coverage.

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How to Use: Best Way to Apply Loose Setting Powder

The proper brush can make all the difference in the final effect of your loose setting powder. For best results, use a large, fluffy brush so that it’s easier to evenly distribute the powder on your face. If you’re using the loose setting powder to bake, apply it with a damp makeup sponge, let sit for 5-10 minutes, and then use your brush to lightly dust off the excess. 

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Setting Powder vs. Finishing Powder

Loose Setting Powder: Why and How to Use It

Though they are often confused with each other, finishing powders and setting powders actually perform two pretty different tasks. 

A Setting Powder does exactly what it sounds like – it “sets” your makeup, keeping you looking fresh for hours longer than you would with makeup alone by absorbing excess oil and locking in your face makeup.

Loose setting powder can make the difference between achieving a long-wearing look from your makeup application, or requiring several touch-ups throughout the day to keep your face looking at its best.

Finishing Powder, on the other hand, “finishes” your look by blurring any fine lines, wrinkles, or visible pores.  It’s great for when you’re being photographed, or under bright and unforgiving lights. It’s a heavier product for your face, so it’s best saved for those glam evenings when all eyes will be on you. 

Summing Up…

If you’re looking to lock in your look and keep your flawless face from fading, the loose setting powder should be an integral part of your arsenal.

Loose setting powder holds on to your foundation, concealer, and other face makeup and gives you that just-applied look pretty much all day long. It can even be used on days when you want to go foundation-free, opting for a minimal, makeup-free look while still giving your face some coverage. 

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