Vintage Themed Parties Taking Over Texas

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Thinking of throwing a party? Why not choose a chic, vintage theme? The past has made a comeback in celebrations all over Texas with its Vintage Themed Parties, where guests enjoy all the trappings of years gone by. It’s easy to create an authentic atmosphere with Austin party rentals for any decade you can imagine.

One of the best things about going the vintage route is the variety of themes available; you can roll back the clock 20 years or 100, depending on your personal taste. In fact, here are five amazing ideas for your next get-together.

Let us see some Vintage Themed Parties Ideas for your next get together…

Vintage Themed Parties Taking Over Texas

Vintage Themed Parties Taking Over Texas

1. Bohemian Bash

Vintage Themed Parties Taking Over Texas

If you’re in the mood for a laid-back gathering, bohemian is the way to go for your Vintage Themed Parties. It’s an easy theme to dress for (who doesn’t like comfortable, flowing dresses and tunics?) and a great choice if you want to host outdoors. If you pick a spring date, you may even get some Instagram-worthy photos. For a final touch, put some 60s beats on the radio.

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2. Haunted House Party

Autumn is prime time for event rentals Houston, and it’s easy to see why: After the triple-digit temperatures of summer, the cool fall climate is downright heavenly. While Halloween is a time to bundle up in other areas of the country, Texans get to dress how they want, which makes it easy to go all-in on a costume.

This year, why not put a vintage spin on your Halloween hangout? 

It’s a great chance to go outside the box with costumes:

  • 80s horror movies
  • Black-and-white
  • Retro television shows
  • Ancient legends
  • Pulp fiction monsters

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3. Old West Shindig

If you’re all about being on-location, Texas has some of the coolest historical destinations. You can find dozens of venues with rich histories or if you prefer something a little more functionally modern, rustic aesthetics. An Old West theme is also a great chance to dress up in your best cowboy duds, have a thoroughly Texan barbecue and drink some hometown-brewed beer.

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4. Flapper Fun

Vintage Themed Parties Taking Over Texas

Speaking of beer, if you’re into flamboyant cocktails, intricate bartending and a roaring atmosphere, you should consider throwing a Prohibition-era party. A time of excess and pageantry, the 20s easily lend themselves to a fun theme, especially if you enjoy fine spirits of the metaphorical and alcoholic variety. Since Texas is known for its local breweries and distilleries, be sure to add a few favorites to your bar.

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5. Proper Tea Party

Vintage Themed Parties Taking Over Texas

If you’re looking for an elegant theme for a garden party, consider a Victorian tea party theme. This era was all about frills, proper manners and — most importantly — good tea. This is also a great option for people who have a sweet tooth, as tea is always paired with a variety of cakes, cookies (or “biscuits,” if you want to be authentic) and light sandwiches. To take the pressure off, you can make it a potluck, with each guest bringing their favorite sugary treat.

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Summing Up

Now that you’ve got your ideas pinned down, it’s time to prepare. Make sure you look into wedding table rentals, catering, venue booking, and other details well in advance so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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