4 Tips to Keep Your Beauty Essentials Safe While Traveling

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Travel often wreaks havoc on your skin, especially if you’re dehydrated or your diet lacks essential nutrients. That’s why it’s important to take the time to plan out what you really need and want to take on your journey especially when it comes to skincare and makeup so that you can keep your beauty essentials safe while traveling.

Take note that all the real comforts of home are gone. However, you can still manage to bring on an astonishing assortment of beauty products if you have durable luggage.  

The last thing you need is a bag full of broken makeup, leaky skincare products, and body lotion or liquid soap spilling out onto everything else. Chances are, there will be no time to use an entire beauty routine of products anyway. Travel time is often too busy and there’s little chance to remember all the right beauty products if you don’t really know what to expect.  

Thus, to keep your face healthy and fresh while traveling, here are some travel packing tips to keep your beauty essentials safe while traveling.

Tips To Keep Your Beauty Essentials Safe While Traveling

4 Tips to Keep Your Beauty Essentials Safe While Traveling

1. Replace Things That Take Up The Most Space

Things that take up too much space can end up broken or damaged if they’re breakable. Luckily, standard size items usually have some compact versions, which, sometimes, can also feature conveniences for your travels, like a storage bag for travel. Try to take along such compact options if need be. Plus, if you put too many things in your travel bag, you might break or tear it apart. 

Trust your own sense of judgment to determine what you really need or want. Traveling is not the time to try new things, so when in doubt, get into stylish traveling with your tried and true favorites or consider filling up travel-sized containers.  

Travel-sized containers are usually a bit heavier than other containers so they can stand up to more wear and tear. The lids are more durable and the containers should fit easily into another bag for further protection. 

2. Try Luggage with Compartments and Thoughtful Storage Alternatives

Luggage with pockets and compartments will save you from stress and help you to keep your beauty essentials safe while traveling. Also, gathering certain types of health and beauty products together in an organized manner allows you to better find the incidental whatnots later.  

As a storage alternative, to prevent messy spills, resealable food storage bags will do the trick; it never hurts to put a little cling wrap around caps and lids, either.  

Ensure that lotion and other squeezable containers are emptied of excess air. Pack pressed powder cosmetics with a cotton ball inside to avoid breakage and crumbling. Be sure to place smaller bags containing beauty products at the center middle of the suitcase, padded, and surrounded by clothing or other durable items.

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3. Set Aside Travel Size Items for Immediate and Overnight Use

4 Tips to Keep Your Beauty Essentials Safe While Traveling

It won’t hurt to have a spare cosmetic bag of incidentals items on the way to your travel destination and the following night. You’ll possibly be too tired to unpack and sort through your items the first night at any destination.  

A multi-use balm and bar of moisturizing soap can go a long way. These could be real lifesavers in a worst-case scenario like you end up with no time to pack. The same goes for a single bobby pin and hand sanitizer. Facial oil blotting papers never hurt either. 

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4. Some Quick Storage Alternatives

These few travel hacks will save you a lot of time and still keep your beauty essentials safe while traveling.  

  • Use an eyeglass case to protect travel size hairbrushes.
  • Pour single-use size amounts of any thicker liquid, creme, or gel products, like makeup foundation, in an empty compact lens case for convenience. 
  • Use an empty medicine bottle to carry cotton swabs. 
  • Store the compact lens case and medicine bottle with other products to fit in a resealable food storage bag. 
  • Only take the most important things with you, like a cleanser – cleanser can disrupt your skin’s acid balance.


Travelling is always fun and almost everyone loves to do it. It is, therefore, important to plan how you travel safely with your luggage to ensure they’re safe.  

The tips highlighted in this article will assist you to travel safely with your beauty essentials. These are easy to follow tips that don’t require you to adjust so much. 

One last thing for you to remember here that you don’t always need too many beauty products with you while you are traveling. Some essentials and you are good to go. Enjoy yourself more, be more confident in yourself. Trips and vacations should be fun, not stressful. 

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