The Basic Difference Between Hydrating and Moisturizing the Skin

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The skin happens to be the largest organ of the body and we always want to take care of it as it is the most visible part of the body.

Taking advantage of this, various brands in the beauty industry are always pushing their products promising smooth, healthy and radiant skin for you!

So it can be quite a confusing affair to know the difference between hydrating and moisturizing! When confronted with so many options to hydrate and moisturize the skin, the first thing to do is know the difference.

Many use the term “hydrate and “moisturize” interchangeably. But both are not the same thing. Broadly, they are both skincare essentials working towards the betterment of your skin. But when you know the difference, you will be able to decide which products are best for your skin type.   

Let us get into the details and know the difference between hydrating and moisturizing…  

What is the Difference between Hydration and Moisture?

The Difference Between Hydrating and Moisturizing

Simply put, hydration signifies water while moisture signifies oil! If the skin is dehydrated it lacks water and if the skin gets dry it lacks oil!

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Difference Between Hydrating and Moisturising

The hydration and moisturizers both address the significance of ensuring the skin is getting all the moisture that it needs for fighting the dehydration and dryness, premature signs of environmental damage and aging. The difference, however, is how they go about achieving the results.

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The Difference Between Hydrating and Moisturizing
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The hydration refers to the water content within the cells that makes them swell and be plump and bouncy which ends up reflecting light.

On the other hand, when the water flows out of the cells and the cells get dehydrated, they can get wrinkled. This results in lackluster skin.

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This means that when you are using topical hydration, you are infusing the cells with the water that improves the ability of the skin to absorb the nutrients and moisture.

On the other hand, moisturizing is about sealing and trapping in the moisture for building the protective barrier of the skin and preventing water loss and keeping the skin smooth and soft.

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Know What is a Hydrating Product and What is a Moisturizing Product!

After knowing the difference, you must understand how to find the best product. Both the hydrating and moisturizing products appear in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. There are also products that both moisturize and hydrate. So it is essential that you read the label.

Hydrating Products 

The Difference Between Hydrating and Moisturizing
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Hyaluronic acid is the best by far in this case. This tiny molecule holds water up to a thousand times more its weight. It is found in the human body naturally!

But with age, the supply of our skin depletes just like that of collagen. When this occurs, the skin starts to appear to be thin, dull and the healthy skin cells move quite sluggishly to the surface. The skin does not just need to be hydrated to look great but also to function in an optimum way.

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Moisturising Products

The Difference Between Hydrating and Moisturizing
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Only using oil-free products is one of the most prevalent misguided habits that many of us follow. Most of us associate oil to breakout almost automatically.

Even for those people who have massively dry skin believe that they can initiate acne breakout if they apply anything on the skin except for the oil-free moisturizer. This is, however, far from the truth. Lack of oil and over-drying not just gives rise to breakout but also makes the skin age faster. If you strip your skin of any oil and let it overdry, the skin will respond by giving rise to excess oil. This can lead to breakouts by overwhelming the pores. The skin also heals faster and efficiently in an environment that is moist.

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What Can Be Done on Your Part?

It is not possible for us to control the environment that we are exposed to. That is why we have to take steps to improve the condition of dry or dehydrated skin. 

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Here are certain steps that you can follow to keep your skin Hydrated and Moisturized

1. Drink plenty of water as it keeps your body and skin hydrated from within as our body is 75% of water and drinking plenty of water keeps our skin plump and healthy.

2. If the skin feels dehydrated, go for hydration with hyaluronic acid that helps to keep your skin feeling protected, stable and regenerated while holding a sufficient amount of moisture. This makes the skin look plump, lively and firm!

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In case, you are looking for the best moisturizer go for the ones with vitamin C and other fruit extracts, cocoa butter or shea. You also try bee wax for assisting your skin to lock the moisture.

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Honey or aloe, apart from natural oils, is also seen to be quite beneficial to nourish the skin and also moisturize it.

3. Take the water-based, nutrient-rich fruits that can hydrate the skin.

4. Use sunscreen with SPF 15 or 30 as the constant exposure to the sun can make the skin look flaky, dry and wrinkled.

5. Last but not least, if you are using hydration and moisturizer both, make sure you use the hydration first and then follow it up with the moisturizer.

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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