Noom App Review – My Experience with Noom Weight Loss Program

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We are in the Year 2020! Who remembers the FRIENDS Episode 10 where Chandler Bing says to Emma, “Hi Emma. It is the Year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?”. I seriously got goosebumps lol. Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year 2020 and I wish this New Year brings everyone a lot more love, happiness, health, success, positivity, and mental peace. 

With New Year, comes in New Resolutions and New Goals and getting fit or losing weight is one of the goals we always set for ourselves. Health should be always our top priority as when we are mentally and physically healthy, we think good, we function properly and attract higher vibes. 

I have been personally using the App Noom for my Weight-Loss Goals and I will be sharing my Noom app review, my experience on the Noom weight loss program, how it works, what I like about the app Noom, Why I Like Noom, and How the Noom Program can Help You Achieve Your Fitness or Weight-Loss Goals.

Not to forget the best part, you can Try Noom App with their 14-Day Trial Offer which will help you get an insight on how it will work for you.

Let us get into the details…

Noom Weight Loss App Review - How Noom Program Can Help You Achieve Fitness Goals

What is the Noom Weight Loss App?


The Noom Program is a health and fitness app designed by experts combining behavioral psychology, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) to help individuals achieve their fitness targets by working on How an Individual’s body behaves, what it demands and what it will need to achieve the weight-loss and fitness goals in a smart way. 

In the words of the Noom, their Ultimate Mission is to help people everywhere lead healthier lives through behavior change. They measure success by the number of lives that they have made healthy. They focus on significant, lasting outcomes. 

Weight loss is just the start. It resonates with most people and is the first step to preventing or improving other chronic and pre-chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Small “non-scale” victories are important; things, like gaining confidence and having more energy, contribute to a happy, healthy life. – Says the Noom Experts or what they like to call themselves, “#NoomNerds”.

How to Join/Sign Up for App Noom?

Simply visit the website Noom where you will be asked a brief survey to understand your goals and requirements be it getting fit or losing weight, whether you are a Man or Woman, your routine, your lifestyle, and everything which will be needed to curate a personalized plan for you. 

Next, you will be offered a 14-Day Trial for Noom so that you can see how it works for you, and later, if you like it, you can proceed to full-program.

How the Noom Program works and helps achieve Weight-loss and Fitness Goals?

Noom combines the power of technology with the empathy of real human coaches to deliver successful behavior change and sustainable weight loss results. Over 80% of Noom users have lost weight on other weight loss plans only to gain it all back. Their psychology-based program teaches people how to identify and change the habits that have been holding them back.

How Noom App works Through Behavioral Change?

Each Noom user receives coaching from professionals trained in cognitive behavior therapy. (CBT) The program is modeled after the CDC’s diabetes prevention program and Noom has had 10 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals demonstrating the effectiveness of the program.

They dive deeper to help users understand their personal barriers, goals, and areas of opportunity for change. They know that weight loss is hard – both to start and to maintain – but by helping people train their brains, Noom helps ensure the hard work is worth it.

How Noom Weight Loss Program Works through Human Support?

Users get weekly, individual one-on-one goal setting and support from their Goal Specialist who is trained in cognitive behavior therapy to aid in actionable change. Once they have passed the 14-day Noom app trial, users have 24/7 access to their Group to share the daily struggles and successes of their common journey and daily access to their Group Coach to work through day-to-day struggles, to get kudos for their accomplishments, and to discuss the lessons being taught in the curriculum.

How Noom App works through Personalization?

During the first week of the program, the Goal Specialist and curriculum help the user identify their “Ultimate Why“. More often than not it is not just to lose weight, but a much more personal motivation… like being healthy for their kids.

Each week the Goal Specialist works with the user to create a personalized action plan based on their “Ultimate Why”, current progress, and individual life circumstances.

SOS Plans: When users start to fall off their program or lose touch with the coach, the coach sends a message that was crafted and agreed upon by the user during the first few days of the program. That way when the coach extends a hand to bring them back on track, their messaging resonates deeply with the user.

Additionally, many articles in our curriculum are interactive and allow users to dive deeper into the topics they feel strongly connected to.

How Noom Program works through Technology and AI

NOOM weight loss program is an App, so it’s easy to use and always by your side. The Noom Food database is always updating and evolving, currently at 426 thousand items. Through AI the Noom weight loss app remembers past meals for easier food-logging. Ever innovating, Noom is always looking for new ways to enhance the user experience.

One recent addition: AI technology intuitively identifies when a user has reached a certain milestone (ex. logs their first meal) and sends them some digital praise in the form of “High Fives” to help keep them going.

How Noom Program uses Psychology Model to help achieve Users their Fitness Goals?

Our coaching model is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that addresses patterns of thinking and/or behavior. By helping the user identify the behavior chain (Trigger, Thought, Action, Consequence) behind their unhealthy habits, users gain a better understanding of where they struggle and where they can make positive changes.

Coaches spend time addressing mindfulness as it relates to eating, physical activity, and general health – mindful choices, mindful eating, intention, and attention. Coaches are trained in a technique called Motivational Interviewing, a counseling approach that aims to bring about behavior change in the client.

Noom App Review – My Experience with Noom Weight Loss Program

A bit of history…

I started my journey on the Noom weight loss app on September 11, 2019, with almost 98 kgs of weight which is, to be honest, was the highest I have ever gone. As a kid, I was so thin that neighbors use to tease my family that does they even feed me? The tendency of gaining fat and low metabolism runs in my family. As I grew old, I gained a lot, a lot of weight. All my school life I have been a healthy and chubby kid. 

Heavy Muscles, Broad Frame, Heavy Built, and Low Metabolism runs in my family…

Yes. I have been told stories by my parents that everyone in my family was a bodybuilder. Hence, heavy built and bones run in my family. No matter what weight I am having, the broad shoulders and heavy bones going to stick with me.

Well, I kind of like it. Having strong bones and muscles is really something I enjoy. But at the same time, they add it to my weight too. So I knew I don’t have to exactly rely on the scale for my health. I have to make sure I am healthy, not obese.

A bit about my weight-loss journey and how I gained it all back…

When I was in Grade 10, I weighed myself and it was 75kgs. That’s when I started to lose weight, learned more about healthy food options, dived into exercising and walking and finally I was able to lose up to 10 kgs. I was feeling better and happy but being a big-time foodie, it was impossible for me to stay away from snacking and tasty food. The moment I started eating all my favorites snacks thinking I have lost 10kgs I can enjoy now, I gained it all back!. 

Work from Home added to my Weight Gain…

On top of it, because I work from home as a full-time blogger, my weight kept on growing because of a lack of physical activity and long hours of sitting on a laptop. It went to 80kgs, then 90kgs, and it reached 98kgs. Of course, there were ups and downs in my weight-graph because I make sure to take time for walking, a bit of workout but the graph was only increasing.

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Coming back to my Noom app experience…

I have signed up for so many weight-loss and meal logging apps but honestly, I have never seen anything like Noom app. The moment I started with the app Noom, their questions like “Why I want to lose weight?“, “What triggers my weight-loss goal?“, “What I want to achieve by losing weight?” helps me to go deeper into my thoughts as to why I actually want to do it. 

It is because of the Noom phycological model, I am still sticking with it. I never really thought of my weight-loss like that. Because Noom app now knows who I am, what my goals are, when and what I crave for, I am able to feel comfortable and happy while on a weight-loss journey.

While reading their daily articles, I could feel that someone is actually understanding me. I crave for salt, I crave for sweet, I crave for spicy, I want to eat because of a bad mood, I want to eat because why not, I don’t want to eat healthy food because it isn’t tasty, no matter what emotions I go through, Noom knows it

They know you will gain and lose weight in your weight-loss journey. They know you want to eat because you are going through this feeling. At no point, I felt bad about what I was doing while on a weight-loss journey with Noom even if I had a packet of chips. 

The Noom program’s daily articles work as motivation. I get to read everything I go through and I was like “OMG! Yes, it happens!”. 

Slowly and Gradually I learned what kind of food I am eating, I learned about proportions, I learned about positively calming my cravings, I learned about different emotions and triggers which is common during weight-loss.

Within a span of 3-4 months, I happily lost almost 5kgs without pushing myself to fast or strict diets, without feeling bad even if I ate a burger. Most importantly, it all went positively. And the journey is still going on…

Whenever I used to crave for something, I told my coach or shared in the group. I shared my tiny achievements in the group which helped me stay motivated. 

I start my day by logging daily weight in the app, followed by logging meals and daily Noom articles.

When the occasions and festivals arrived, Yes, I ate the party-meals and heavy food but then I knew where I have to balance. Because of all these healthy practices, my body was able to lose it all back again.

I was having a check on my daily calories. If I hate heavy lunch, I knew I need to plan my dinner accordingly. From what I am eating to how much I am eating, I started to gain an insight into everything. I started to understand my triggers and my actions better.

Even if I gain a kilo on weekends, I know where and how to balance it. I was having a better understanding and undoubtedly, credit goes to the Noom program, their motivational and full of knowledge articles, their positive approach, their ability to understand me and my needs as an Individual.


The App Noom or simply Noom Program not only provided a platform for me to log meals but also improved my knowledge about my weight-loss, about my own body’s requirements, about my needs which in turn helped me to lose weight. The journey is still going happily…

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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