Keeping a Healthy and Tidy Home During a Remodeling Project

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Whether you’ve decided to give your living room a makeover, want to expand the existing space, or plan on adding an entirely new room, a home remodeling project is always an exciting process regardless of the project at hand.

That being said, many homeowners who went through the process themselves know that there are some inevitable side effects that come with remodeling. They are usually in the form of dust, debris, and dirt, and until the construction work is completed, keeping your home clean and healthy can be quite challenging.

To make things easier, here are a couple of cleaning tips and tricks that will help keep your home tidy as much as possible while your remodeling project is underway.

Let us get into the details…

Keeping a Healthy and Tidy Home During a Remodeling Project

Keeping a Healthy and Tidy Home During a Remodeling Project

1. Tackle One Room at a Time

Going for a large scale home remodel can be quite tempting to many homeowners for good reason. Tackling several rooms at once could potentially save you time and let you get more done. However, extensive work projects also contribute to mess and dirt that would be more difficult to get rid of.

In addition, you wouldn’t be able to use your home for quite some time, which could mean staying with friends, relatives, or renting hotel rooms until the project is completed, with the latter option being quite an expense.

On the other side, tackling one room at a time is far less complicated. Although the process takes longer, it’s still a wiser option when it comes to keeping your home clean and healthy as you’re able to manage the dirt and mess more easily and maintain order to a certain extent.

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2. Protect the Bulkier Furnishings with a Padding Wrap

Keeping a Healthy and Tidy Home During a Remodeling Project

Most people have some bulkier, heavier pieces they can’t really move around when remodeling their homes, such as an old armoire that’s just too big to fit through the door or an antique vanity that’s easier to just protect than to try to move it outside.

If that happens to be the case, the best you can do is keep those pieces protected by covering them up with some padding. This will help prevent dirt and dust from getting stuck in all the awkward nooks and crannies, and it will also keep the paint and finishes on the furniture pieces fresh and safe from any scratches.

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3. Remove Smaller Furniture Pieces and Valuables

Keeping a Healthy and Tidy Home During a Remodeling Project

Aside from the bulky furnishings, there are probably some furniture pieces in your home that you can do without during the remodeling project. Or, there may be items you deem too precious and valuable to risk them getting damaged or destroyed.

Whichever the case, you want to get those particular furniture pieces out of the house so that the construction area is decluttered and ready for remodeling. Storage units and hire trucks can be very practical in these situations.

For example, you could rely on the reputable Budget truck rental to hire a vehicle big enough to accommodate the number of belongings you want to move. By moving the furniture yourself, you can rest assured that your items are safe until the work is completed and you can put everything back.

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4. Clear the Air

Keeping a Healthy and Tidy Home During a Remodeling Project

Remodeling is a messy process, and the air quality is bound to drop once the project starts. This is often the case with remodeling projects that involve older homes as they’re mostly built using materials that could present a health hazard.

Substances such as lead, asbestos, radon, and formaldehyde could be lurking inside the walls, floor, paint, and pipes of an older home, and there’s a danger of them getting released into the air if not handled properly.

To prevent the substances from spreading and potentially causing serious health issues, have your home inspected and tested for these household hazards.

Be sure to tackle any mold and mildew and check your ventilation system. Finally, rely on air purifiers and vacuums with HEPA filters to clear the air and keep your home well-ventilated to ensure good indoor air quality.

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5. Clean Up After Each Workday

Keeping a Healthy and Tidy Home During a Remodeling Project

Different contractors will have different approaches to work, and while some may have the habit of cleaning up after they’re done for the day, others may not. However, it’s better to tackle the mess after each workday than to do it at the end of the project.

Not only is it more tedious to do later on, but it also contributes to the spreading of dust particles and debris to other parts of the house, which affects both you and the workmen.

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Therefore, make sure to ask your contractors to clean up after they’re done. The area should be swept and vacuumed and the air scrubber should be used to eliminate any harmful pollutants and dust particles lingering in the air.

Summing up…

Home remodeling projects are exciting, but unfortunately, excitement isn’t the only thing that’s in the air when the project is in full swing. Having a plan always pays off, so for your next remodeling project, use the tips above – they’ll help you breeze through the process and safeguard your health while you’re at it.

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