How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering
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The holidays are special to many people. These are the times when people slow down a bit, get into the holiday spirit, make new resolutions and think about their past accomplishments. Since these moments are usually spent around family and guests, we need to invite this holiday spirit into our homes. The best way to do this is to decorate your home.

Let us move to the details and see How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering…

How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering

How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering

1. Cleaning is a Must

Before you decorate your home, you need to clean it thoroughly. Don’t forget even the most difficult spot. Then, declutter your living area which will be used for entertaining. Put everything where it belongs and remove blankets and pillows used for lounging and napping. The goal here is to have a clear space so you can analyze it and plan the entire decorating process.

When it comes to how to decorate your home, put everything down on paper, so you won’t forget. Plan where you want to put a Christmas tree and the gifts so it will light the room up. At the same time, it should not stand in the way of movement throughout the space.

2. Sprinkle Festive Details All-Around The Home

How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering

Since your home is clutter-free, now’s the time to get down to decorating. The goal here is to make your home brimming with the holiday spirit. Go minimal with the outdoor decorations because these are available to the public eye. 

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But, you can go wild with string and twinkle lights, wreaths, garlands, ornaments and other holiday trinkets inside your home. Make sure each room is decorated with something unique from a big Joy sign, Santa Claus figures and shiny tinsel. You can also put up a New Year’s resolution board on the wall so each guest can write their own for 2020.

3. Festive Table Decor

How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering

Moving on to how to decorate your home, If you plan on hosting at least one celebratory lunch or dinner, you need to dress up your table and decorate it. Since the table will be the focal point of the room, you will need a few details. Table cloth in a light shade goes well with a darker table runner and vice versa. If you are hosting a Christmas dinner, you can find a table runner with some festive motives. 

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Go bold with napkin colors this year. Make a floral arrangement on your own and use it as a centerpiece. Put two candleholders on the opposite side of the table centerpiece. You can light up scented candles so their light will illuminate the table. Arrange some shiny crystals around the candleholders. If you will host a lot of people, make sure to place name cards on the napkins so everyone knows where to sit.

4. Windows are perfect for some Holiday Cheer

How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering

Windows are often focal points of the room and the furniture is arranged according to it. That is why special attention must be given to decorating windows around your home. If you plan on using your living room as the main area for entertaining, give special attention to your living room decor.

First, switch out your regular window dressing to something modern like energy-efficient cellular blinds. These will also give you the much-needed privacy during your festivities and also reduce any noise caused by loud singing. Then, use some of your favorite hanging ornaments, garlands or tinsels to wrap it up in a holiday vibe.

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You can hang a garland around the window, wrap shiny tinsel all around it and hang some ornaments on it at different lengths. You can also write a holiday message on the window glass so passersby can read it and share your festive joy.

5. Show off your Creativity with a Unique Christmas Tree

How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering

Even the smallest artificial Christmas tree has to be stored somewhere when the holidays are over. If you live in a small space, you have to use your storage space wisely. Instead of having an artificial tree, you can make a unique Christmas tree. If you are a book lover, you can stack up against your books in a triangle shape, decorate the top with a star.

Make some paper star ornaments in two different colors, stick strings to it, tie them to paper clips and push them between the papers. This way your book-shaped tree will be decorated and unique. Once the festivities are over, you can just put the books back to their place.

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If you wish to unleash your inner artist, you can paint a tree on a big sheet of paper, Just paint the outline with some wide brush streaks in the color you like. Tape or staple some tiny ornaments to it. Put it up against the wall or hang it on the strings, Use an old plant pot as a base, just press it against the drawing and you’ll have a 3d masterpiece.

6. Create the Ultimate Festive Photo Setup

How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering

Everyone loves to take themed pictures during the festivities. This will definitely be a nice touch to any party. When it comes to how to decorate your home, choose an available nook in your home that has lots of natural light. Create a festive scene like a fake fireplace (you can just draw one with chalk on a black sheet of paper) or use a metallic fringe curtain as a festive backdrop.

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Include some picture props you can easily make on your own like funny festive slogans. A tripod will be a nice touch too because your friends won’t have to strain their necks trying to find that perfect selfie angle.

Summing Up…

Now that you know how to bring the festive spirit into your home and How to Decorate Your Home for Every Type of Holiday Gathering, it is time to plan a party and invite your loved ones to join.

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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