How To Deal with Weight Gain and Oily Skin During The Festive Season

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The festive season is one of the most exciting times of the year, and it’s mostly characterized by spending time with your loved ones, enjoying the great food and buying gifts to those who matter. Still, when it comes to winter holidays, there are certain issues that tend to cause grief to most people. The most common ones are, of course, weight gain and skin problems that happen when we consume salty, greasy and sugary foods.    Now, it would be ludicrous to expect you to give up all your favorite treats during the holiday season, so for that reason, here are some tips that will help you deal with weight gain and oily skin.  

Let us get into the details…

How To Deal With Weight Gain And Oily Skin During The Festive Season

How To Deal With Weight Gain And Oily Skin During The Festive Season

1. Make Sure you Eat Regularly

Holidays are the perfect time to relax and eat all the tasty festive food, but no matter how many dinners you have to attend it’s important to eat regularly throughout the day. Skipping meals, mainly breakfast, will only cause you to gain weight and overburden your intestines which can also lead to more serious health problems.   

Therefore, always make sure to eat regardless of whether you have a lavish meal in the evening. Starving yourself won’t do you any favors, even if you decide to eat a lot later on, because being healthy is all about keeping a balance and listening to your body.   

You can also consider going for noon to avoid weight gain, which will help you plan your meals and will also help and support you psychologically to deal with mood fluctuations and thoughts in a better way.

Additionally, eating in moderation and exercising some self-control will help you prevent from getting oily skin and surely prevent you from overeating, so as soon as you feel full, you should stop eating, and if possible, try taking a light walk or take a sip of water or your favorite herbal tea.  

2. Don’t Forget About Your Skincare Routine

How To Deal With Weight Gain And Oily Skin During The Festive Season

Since eating too much during the festive season can have consequences on your skin, it’s important to be careful in order to prevent acne and other skin blemishes.   

Now, you don’t need to deprive yourself of all the festive food to prevent getting oily skin, but having a skincare routine can greatly help you reduce pimples and sebum. The easiest skincare routine to treat oily skin is washing your face with a cleanser, then using a toner, and finally applying the appropriate serum and/or moisturizer. Always make sure to use products suitable for your skin type, and in case you experience irritation and other complications, you should stop using the product(s) immediately. 

An all-encompassing skincare routine will leave you with clear, soft and even skin, but it’s important to pick the right products that will suit your skin type as well.  

3. Consider Getting Some Extra Help

It’s well-known that a balanced diet is key to being healthy. But, if you truly want to take care of your weight, then you should incorporate some other methods that can help you be fit.

Aside from eating well, there are various supplements that can contribute to faster weight loss and improved training performance. For example, using supplements based on yohimbine can improve your circulation and promote losing those stubborn pounds.

In case you love exercising, then you should know that using these types of products can be extremely helpful when it comes to boosting your energy and endurance. Still, before you decide to add some supplements to your routine, you should definitely consult your doctor, especially if you already suffer from certain allergies and conditions.  

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

How To Deal With Weight Gain And Oily Skin During The Festive Season

Even if your exercise less during the festive season, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yourself hydrated. On the contrary, drinking enough fluids will provide you with smooth skin and healthier body weight, so always be sure to have a glass of water every hour or two.   

Aside from water, you can also enjoy fresh smoothies, natural fruit juices, herbal teas, and plant-based milk, as long as they’re free of added sugars and other artificial ingredients and flavors. In case you’re drinking alcohol, then it’s extremely important to consume enough water since alcoholic drinks can lead to dehydration and weakness.   


Gaining a bit of weight during the holidays isn’t a bad thing per se, but you should still be careful of what you eat, and if possible, try exercising at least once a week. Plus, using certain supplements will improve the effects of your exercise and in case you can’t work out, then walking instead of driving can be a great physical activity. Finally, don’t forget to listen to your body and eat in moderate amounts, because that’s the best way to feel healthy and look great during the festive season.

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