How I Deal with Insomnia and Found the Reason Causing it - My Own Experience
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Insomnia, where you try your best to sleep but can not. It feels like a task to deal with Insomnia. You feel fully awake, keep on changing sleep positions, and start having random thoughts, count to 10, and still can not sleep. Insomnia or Sleeplessness is a disorder where people struggle to sleep. There can be so many reasons behind it but the best part, you can deal with it. 

I have seen myself struggling the whole night just to put my body and brain into sleep mode but was simply not able to. I have experienced what it feels like not able to sleep, the after-effects of it, the change in behavior and overall health it causes and most importantly I analyzed what causes my Insomnia and How I can Deal with it.

This post is purely based on my experience and if this is something you can relate to, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Let us begin…

What Exactly Insomnia is and How to Deal with Insomnia?

How to Deal with Insomnia

By the definition provided on Wiki, Insomnia, also known as sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder in which people have trouble sleeping. They may have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep as long as desired. Insomnia is typically followed by daytime sleepiness, low energy, irritability, and a depressed mood.

And I agree, day-time sleepiness and depress mood can seriously put your body into a state where it just keeps on thinking or keeps on imagining weird random things which cause the trouble into sleep.

What it feels like not able to sleep?

This is something like no one can understand except for the person who is actually suffering from it. A lot of times when I say that I wasn’t just able to sleep and all I get in response is – Why? What you do that you are not able to sleep? What you were doing? Just close your eyes and you will sleep… Phew!

When I have to deal with insomnia, I find it so hard to explain that it is not me who is not sleeping or not trying to sleep or purposely not putting myself into sleep. It is something that happens and does not let you sleep even after you try so hard.

I know I am tired and I want to sleep but the moment I go into my blanket and hug my pillow, my brain starts overthinking, for no reason. It just starts imagining random thoughts. I, again and again, say my self that, just breathe and start counting, but next moment my brain is having some other weird thoughts and that makes it more difficult to deal with Insomnia.

When I have to deal with Insomnia, hours and hours go by, the night is almost about to over, and then I finally fall asleep. The whole duration where I just struggle to sleep makes me so week. Literally, I just don’t feel I have energy the next day to call it a day.

Insomnia and Overthinking

OMG, I can’t even express in words that what amount of overthinking my brain does during the night. Not that I purposely do so or Imagine things it just keeps on happening. Which again disturbs my mental peace and leads to sleeplessness.

Insomnia and Behaviour Change

Those who struggle with their sleep know how pathetic you feel the next day. When you have to deal with Insomnia, you won’t feel the willingness to do something or interact with anyone. The irritation comes out of nowhere. I feel cranky and upset for no reason which leads to stress and anxiety. 

This feels like a whole circle. You deal with Insomnia, Insomnia causes Irritation, which brings anxiety and overthinking, which further leads to sleeping problems.

When it comes to How I deal with Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, or Simply Mental Health, I can go on and on but let just keep those experience for another time and dive into How I deal with Insomnia and finally found the cause behind it. 

There can be so many reasons for causing Insomnia.

When you have to deal with insomnia, an upset day, poor health, not having a good day at work, arguments, mood swings, money problems, relation problems, negativity or tension around you, poor diet, worrying about future, you name it, anything which is not making you happy is can lead to Insomnia.

Here is What was Causing Me Insomnia

Whenever I had problems sleeping or my body and brains stay awake for night, there was this heavy head or headache I always faced. 

And I realized every time I eat heavy sugary foods especially before bed, I am never ever able to sleep the whole night. 

All the time I thought it might be the stress I was having for my career or the worry-ness about my financial stability. Of course, stress, anxiety or disturbed minds are the leading causes of Insomnia in general but every individual has their own reason and in my case, it was the FOOD INTAKE!

Yes, what you eat and when you eat can heavily affect your mental health. Flavors can lift your mood up and calm your craving but it might end up affecting negatively on your physical or mental health.

No clue, why sugar-based foods such as pastries or sweets even though I love having them, were giving me this severe headache and bad Insomnia. I had this wonderful coffee but because it was a little bit sweeter than I prefer, I ended up having severe headaches and sleeplessness.

I had this pastry as a dessert after dinner and again, it ended up giving me a headache and insomnia. 

I am a big-time foodie and to me, food is love. I forget all my worries and tensions when I dive into a good meal but never knew this can badly affect my mental health. This kept on happening which resulted in irritated behavior, leading to negative thoughts, cranky conversations, negative approaches which further led to abnormal crankiness and anxiety. 

Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health

How I Deal with Insomnia and Found the Reason Causing it My Own Experience

People often talk about physical health, body weight, gymming, being in shape but hardly focuses on mental health. The health of your brain is as important as your physical health. 

If you are not healthy mentally, you will end up worrying, negative thoughts, cranky behaviors which, if not treated on time can worsen up the conditions.

How I Deal with Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety

How I Deal with Insomnia and Found the Reason Causing it

All these things happens when you are not feeling happy. If you are having constant negative thoughts negativity will there with you all the time. 

I realized whenever I am happy, I think positive, and great things happen with me. 

In case you are wondering, one book that helped me deal with Insomnia, stress, and anxiety is sure shot “Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King” which is available on Amazon (India) and Amazon (Internatio I am not a book reader but that little tiny book worked like a therapy for me and made me so better. I will personally recommend to each and every person looking for a way to deal with the emotions and stress.

To stay happy, the most common solution is to go out, hang out, socialize. And yes, that actually works like magic. I know a few people, I go out with them and days go well but what if when you are not much of a social person? What if you do not have that option?

This was again a challenge for me to deal with insomnia and mental health on your own.

Do not underestimate the power of self-pampering and little things…

I started doing things for me. I picked up a razor and shaved my legs. I decided to apply a mask and scroll through funny Instagram videos. I applied the nail paint. I decorated an old pot. I shopped online for me a little. I cleaned my almirah. I sorted my lipsticks.

Initially, I never had this energy to do all these things but when I started giving my time into these little tasks, I realized how they made me come out of the stressed-zone. When I am doing these things my mind is no longer overthinking about random things and these little tasks actually helped me calm the anxiety…

And when I was feeling good and happy, I was no longer having an urge to eat sweets or chocolates and ultimately, I found a way to cure my Insomnia.

I realized the power of feeling happy…

When giving my time and energy into me and myself, I realized I am feeling better about myself. The more I think about me, the more I do stuff to make myself better. I even started to go for a walk and light workout. Doing all these things made me feel and look happy which resulted in a happy me. 

When I was feeling happy and went to bed with happy and positive thoughts, I fell asleep within minutes. There was no sign of anxiety or insomnia when I was happy from the inside and that only happened when I started giving attention to me myself.

Music and Blogging work like magic to me…

Every time I plugged in earphones and started listening to music, I realized how it makes my mind happy and fills me up with positive vibes. Listening to music can actually help you deal with insomnia, anxiety, and stress. At that very moment, my mind was no longer putting itself into overthinking. 

Mark my words, music can actually help you feel happy and deal with insomnia and help with your mental health. 

Talking about Blogging, it is like my whole other world. I feel I am just happily lost into my own world where I am sharing my thoughts freely via my blog. No one is interrupting and no one is judging. It relieves my mental stress like magic and that is How I deal with Insomnia.

Summing up…

To Improve and Recover from Mental Health problems like Insomnia, Stress, and Anxiety, all you need to do is giving attention and time to yourself. Either by skincare, listening to music, or going for a walk, anything which results in the betterment of you, results in happiness and positivity in you which in turn helps you deal with insomnia and anxiety. Even if sleepness is related to your diet, feeling positive and happy about yourself can help you get over binge eating and improve your sleep.

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Feel free to share your thoughts on how you deal with insomnia in the comments below. You can always connect with me on my Instagram @niharikaverma95.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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