Gardening for Health and Wellness: Start a Garden and Harvest the Health Benefits

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While gardening means you will grow your own produce, it’s much more than that. As a hobby, Gardening for Health will occupy your mind and give you a perfect escape to relax. Just sitting in your garden surrounded by all the greenery will be soothing making it an ideal way to control stress. But no matter if you grow flowers, veggies or trees, you will still have to do some manual work and that means you will be physically active.

All this makes gardening beneficial for health and wellness which is the main reason city dwellers decide to turn their backyards into gardens. So, if you are considering whether to start a garden and harvest the health benefits, here are some facts that may inspire you.   

Let us see how gardening can have a positive effect on your health and lifestyle…

Gardening for Health and Wellness: Start a Garden and Harvest the Health Benefits

Gardening for Health and Wellness: Start a Garden and Harvest the Health Benefits

1. You will have a Healthier Diet

When you buy vegetables, fruits and herbs in the store, you can’t be completely sure how they were cultivated. Namely, what kind of fertilizers and insecticides were used during the growing period, as well as were the plants exposed to natural sunlight or artificial light. Additionally, it may be important to you whether the farmer used eco-friendly practices and help improve the local community.

Gardening for Health and Wellness: Start a Garden and Harvest the Health Benefits

However, when you start a garden grow your own food, you will know the process from start to finish. Furthermore, you will encourage your children to eat healthily as well as adults in your household based on the American Journal of Public Health.   

Not to mention that the products you grow will be tastier, more nutritious and save you a lot of money on groceries. Additionally, you will reduce the use of chemicals and carbon-monoxide from transport thus helping the environment to recover.

2. It’s Good for the Mind

When you start a garden and work in the garden get you exposed to Mycobacterium vaccae – a friendly bacteria that will help you sleep better and improve your mood. This is one of the reasons gardening is a suggested hobby for depression and anxiety. 

Based on the study in Preventive Medicine Reports, Gardening for Health is an activity that will reduce your anger and make you happier even more than reading or any other leisure hobby.

Another perk of being among the plants is that you will clear your mind and be more creative. The direct result of gardening for health is better productivity and increased concentration which is also important for dementia. There are even flower arrangements and plants in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and nursing homes helping people recover from various conditions.

3. Gardening Burns Calories

Doing gardening may actually help you lose weight. The thing is that you burn calories while gardening and 300 of them per hour based on the American Council on Exercise reports. Basically, when you start a garden you use up more calories with gardening than walking.

Another way gardening prevents you to become overweight or obese is that you know to eat more veggies and fruits. You don’t have to go to the store for the ingredients since you can simply harvest them in your backyard. Plus, you will be encouraged to include more healthy foods in your daily diet if you grow it yourself.

4. Tending to Garden will Keep you Active

Gardening for Health and Wellness: Start a Garden and Harvest the Health Benefits

Besides burning calories, gardening for health also brings more physical activity into your life and that will improve your overall health. The immune system, heart, and blood pressure are among things that will get better when you tend to your garden. Moreover, spending time in the sun will bring more vitamin D vital for teeth and bones, as well as against some diseases. Digging, mulching, weeding, watering, and harvesting is a great way to move and stay occupied.

But a beautiful and lush garden can inspire you to spend more time outside doing something other than gardening. Yoga and tai chi are great activities for outdoor space since they don’t require much room and are ideal to practice in serene environments. If you work from home, then moving your office to the garden may bring more calm and focus on your daily tasks.

5. Healthy Food During All Seasons

Gardening is not something that will make you feel better only when the weather is warm and sunny. With a little effort, you can grow your plants all year round with indoor garden ideas like hanging pots and vertical planting, as well as glass jars. With an indoor mushroom kit, for example, you can grow portobello, oyster, or button mushrooms right on the countertop. Sage, chives, basil, and parsley are only some of the herbs you can grow inside in jars that will require only a wall.

All these options allow you to have fresh produce even during snowfall and make delicious meals from ingredients you grow. More importantly, the greenery around the house in the winter will make the ambiance livelier and improve your mood. Especially when it’s harvest time and you get to eat your veggies, fruits, and herbs.

Summing Up-

Starting a garden may be challenging at first, but you will quickly pick up on the tricks and be able to harvest the health benefits. There are veggies you can grow in winter like onions, pea, asparagus, and spinach bringing you nutritious and fresh produces all year round. More importantly, it will help your body and mind feel better and inspire the whole family to opt for a healthier diet.

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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