Planning a Trip to London? 5 Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London

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London each year attracts around 27 million tourists. There is a lot to do in London if you are visiting London as a tourist. The most diverse city with deep roots in historic culture gathers flocks of people. Residents speak around 300 languages in this capital city. There are tons of reasons why you should visit London.

It’s for architecture, Wealth of culture, History. It is for the best food and nightlife in the world. The capital city of England build by Romans will never stop to amaze you! London can’t bore you at all! Reasons – the city divides into hubs of world-class entertainment, art, shopping, and dining.

Let’s explore the best things you can’t miss to do in London…

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London

1. Westminster Abbey

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - Westminster Abbey

We bet everyone did their homework before visiting this place for sure when it comes to things to do in London. That said the name is enough to get hordes of the crowd here. Westminster Abbey being part of life and death of great Britons is the essence of London. It would be best if you planned on the places you want to see here. 

Sites you can’t miss Westminster Abbey–

  • The Lady Chapel
  • Coronation Chair
  • Poets Corner
  • The Queens Window
  • Pyx Chamber
  • Royal tombs

2. Hyde Park

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - Hyde Park

One of the Royal Parks – Hyde Park is in the heart of London. Hyde Park offers both world-class events and repose. It has a long history of holding protests and rallies. The park is famous for Speaker’s corner which occupies protests and debates. Folks can get a roof tent to relax in a breath of fresh air away from the city. 

Sites you can’t miss at Hyde Park–

  • Boating on the Serpentine
  • Diana Memorial Fountain
  • The Rose Garden
  • Speaker’s Corner

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3. British Museum

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London

Moving on in the list of things to do in London, comes The British Museum. Two million years of human history and culture is present at the British Museum. You can feel the ages pass by in front of your naked eyes. And you will be left in Awe! We are sure you will be inspired and changed person leaving the doors of the museum. Museum has 8 million masterpieces worth visiting.

4. The London Eye

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - London Eye

As they say – Take a flight through the heart of the city. Muster up your courage and leave fear behind or you will miss this beautiful location. The London Eye is an observatory wheel on the bank of River Thames. The eye offers you the view of whole capital – it’s ecstatic! You can get your private capsule and sip on Champagne while glancing at the city.

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5. Buckingham Palace

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - Buckingham Palace

Then home now, the administrative headquarters of monarchs is an example of absolute royalty. The palace is open to visitors for eight weeks in summer. You can visit 19 staterooms in the palace. There is no need for us to tell what lies inside! This place is for no ordinary person; it’s only for the sovereign! 

Sites you can’t miss at Buckingham Palace –

  • Changing of the Guard
  • The State Rooms
  • The Royal Mews
  • The Queens Gallery
  • Clarence House

6. Soho

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - Soho

The area got its name from Tudor’s hunting cry. Soho is must-visit for its infamous nightlife. For centuries this place was a hunting ground. The streets lined with pubs, restaurants, and bars are for outlaws! 

Sites you can’t miss at Soho–

  • The French House
  • La Bodega Negra
  • Soho’s Secret Tearoom
  • El Camion
  • Cahoots

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7. Tower of London

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - Tower of London

Three words describe the Tower of London – Palace, Prison, and Fortress. It’s also home to Yeomen Warders and is the protector of the crown jewels. This place stands tall for 1000 years! And is part of the world heritage site — the tower echoes of ghost tales and stories of torture and execution. Tower of London is a must-visit. 

Sites you can’t miss at the Tower of London–

  • The White Tower and the Line of Kings
  • The Jewel house
  • The Royal Mint
  • The Medieval Palace
  • The Bloody Tower

8. National Gallery

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - national Gallery

National Gallery paints the picture of European art. Located at Trafalgar Square, it is the largest gallery in Europe. One who believes in art romantics should not skip this place. National Gallery consists of the world’s greatest masterpieces. And no one would disagree on it!

Paintings you should not miss at the National Gallery–

  • The Leonardo Cartoon – Leonardo da Vinci
  • Venus and Mars – Botticelli
  • The Madonna of the Pinks – Raphael
  • Le Chapeau de Paille – Rubens
  • Bacchus and Ariadne – Titian

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9. Piccadilly Circus

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - Piccadilly Circus

If you want to go on a shopping spree, Piccadilly is the perfect place. The Times Square of London – Piccadilly lives up to its name. The circle or circus is upbeat day and night. People of all kinds swarm here for leisure activities. This area is a rare mix of old Edwardian buildings and Modern electronic billboards. You defiantly don’t want to miss it.

10. Camden

Best Things You Can’t-Miss To Do In London - Camden

Camden is the place where you can find crowd mix with Punks, Goths, Hipsters and much more. You can find tattoo parlors, antique arts, street food, bakeries and stalls of never heard. Visit Camden for food and varieties of the world.

Summing Up –

London doesn’t end with this list. There are places for fans like – Warner Brother Studio of Harry Potter and Sherlock’s Baker Street. Madame Tussauds wax museum and Shakespeare’s Globes. There are infinite things you can do in London. There is a lot to do in London.

We stand to our point in London can’t be boring! London is a vibrant city both day and night. The time doesn’t stop in this capital. Neither should you stop planning a visit to London!

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and found this post helpful.

Have some London Memories? I am excited to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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