9 Quick Ways to De-Stress – Tips to Reduce Anxiety

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Living in a fast-paced world can get stressful at times. We tend to get busy with our job and everyday responsibilities that we forget to take some time for ourselves, even if it’s just a few minutes. In this post, we will see 9 Quick Ways to De-Stress and some Tips to Reduce Anxiety. These nine easy tips will hopefully help you relax and calm down in those situations when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.  

Let us see 9 quick and easy ways to de-stress and reduce anxiety which will help you improve your mental health…

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress – Tips to Reduce Anxiety

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress - Tips to Reduce Anxiety

1. Take a 10-Minute Walk

In case your job requires you to sit all day behind a desk, your body could use a walk. Whatever the source of your stress might be, taking a ten-minute walk could really help you relax. Go outside to get some fresh air and take a deep breath. It might seem insignificant, but by doing this, your brain releases endorphins. It will subdue your anxiety, improve your mood and increase your energy levels.   

Once you clear your mind you will be able to go back to work feeling refreshed and calm. This way you will be way more productive and focused. And in the end, the problems that you were stressing about might turn out to be more easily solvable than you thought.  

2. Meditate

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress - Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Moving on with the ways to de-stress and tips to reduce anxiety, taking at least 5 minutes a day to sit down and meditate is the key to reducing your stress level. The best thing about meditation is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is find a comfortable spot and sit in silence for at least a few minutes. You can either close your eyes or choose a certain object to focus on. Try not to think about anything, be present in a moment. Forget about your work and your responsibilities. These few minutes are just for you.

I am personally reading the Vex King Book – “Good Vibes Good Life” which has helped me come out of an anxiety and depressed state and also gave me a new way of looking at life. I no longer feel depressed and my anxiety levels are much, much reduced. You can get yours from Amazon (India).

Or if you’re not comfortable with the complete silence, you can play some calming and soothing music in the background. Or you could find one of those videos on YouTube with certain ambient sounds of rain, waves crashing against the shore, the wind blowing, or anything that you sound relaxing.

3. Talk to your Friends and Family

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress - Tips to Reduce Anxiety
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If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, a good way of releasing that tension is to simply let it out. Turn to your close friends and family members. Talk to them about your problems and your emotions. They will listen to you, sympathize and maybe even offer a solution to the problem you haven’t thought of. They will be able to give you a different perspective and an opinion that might help you out. 

Also, when it comes to finding ways to de-stress and tips to reduce anxiety, it has been proven that interactions like these release oxytocin. It is a hormone known for decreasing stress levels. And in addition to that, by openly talking about your feelings with your friends, you’re forming an even stronger and longer-lasting bond with them.

4. Get Inspired with a TED Talk

Sometimes, when you feel stressed, all you need is a healthy dose of motivation to put you back on the right track. For instance, try looking up some of the TED talks on YouTube. When it comes to finding quick ways to de-stress and tips to reduce anxiety, watching some of the inspiring and motivating TED talk videos can help you get back in the game and increase your productivity. They can reignite your perseverance and desire to learn and progress. And who knows? One of those TED talks might even give you a possible solution to your current problem.

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5. Listen to Music

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress - Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Another way you can relax and calm down during those stressful days is by listening to some music. If you’re home alone and finding ways to de-stress and tips to reduce anxiety, you can blast some happy and upbeat music and have a little dance party by yourself. Get your body moving and have some fun. You will most likely feel the adrenaline rush that will get you energized so you could go back to work feeling motivated. 

On the other hand, if you are at work and listening to music would only bother your colleagues then put on headphones. That way you won’t be making any noise and you can also ensure that the background noise doesn’t disturb you either.

6. Take a Power Nap

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress - Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Stress and everyday busy schedules can really mess up your sleep. But it’s important to get the healthy amount of sleep your body needs in order to function properly and be productive throughout the day. 

However, you’re inevitably going to find yourself in a situation where you have to work and stay focused, but you just can’t because of lack of sleep. You’re feeling tired and as a result, you’re getting even more stressed out because you’re not getting things done. 

In that case, allow yourself to rest for a little bit. Take a ten-minute power nap. It will stabilize your emotions, increase your energy and restore brain functionality. It might not seem like much, but it will definitely help you get back to work.

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7. Cuddle with Your Pet

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress - Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Furry friends are known for being stress reducers. So if you happen to have a pet at home don’t miss the opportunity to spend some time with them. Take at least ten to twenty minutes to play fetch with your dog or cuddle with your cat. Your mood will improve immensely and you’ll make their day too. 

Also, it has been proven on multiple occasions that interaction with animals stimulates the release of oxytocin in the brain. As mentioned above, oxytocin is a hormone that reduces anxiety and stress levels. Even if it is just a five-minute walk with your dog, it will help you calm down and forget about your problems.

8. Stretch it Out

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress - Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Busy schedule and tons of work will have you sitting at your desk for hours without even noticing that your body is tense. Take a break to stand up and stretch out for a few minutes. You can even try out some of the stretching exercises and a little bit of yoga to relax your body. It will get your blood flowing and help you get back to work.

If you don’t really have a chance or space to stretch out at work, you could invest in something that will help your whole body relax when you come home from work such as a quality massage chair. This way you can enjoy having a professional massage in the comfort of your own home.

9. Drink Tea Instead of Coffee

9 Quick Ways to De-Stress - Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Coffee does seem like a reasonable option to go for when you feel tired and overwhelmed with all the work you have to get done. You feel like you can’t get through the day without a cup of coffee, but trust me, you can. It might wake you up temporarily, but it’s not very healthy to drink it that often. Try swapping it with tea be it herbal or green tea when it comes to tips to reduce anxiety. 

Coffee contains a greater amount of caffeine and will more likely cause you to feel some symptoms of anxiety. And you certainly don’t want that when you’re already stressed out. On the other hand, tea will provide you with a healthy amount of energy and still manage to keep you awake and focused on your tasks.


In conclusion, it doesn’t take much effort or time to relax and forget about the world around you for a bit. Whatever tips to reduce the anxiety you find from this list to implement, try to make the best of them that you can whether you’re home or at work.

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and found some quick ways to de-stress and tips to reduce anxiety for your everyday health and mental health.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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