Sandalwood: An Aromatic Therapy For Your Skin

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Do you often get affected by acne breakouts? An extensive range of reasons could be held responsible for the development of common skin conditions, but it is difficult to pinpoint the actual cause behind it.  

Numerous natural remedies could aid to relieve the symptoms of common skin issues like itching, burning, acne, and pain. But fortunately, sandalwood as an aromatic therapy for your skin can heal various skin conditions with its amazing antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-acne effects.

With its remarkable aromatic effects, sandalwood relieves stress and calms your mind.

Do you know that many of your skincare and beauty products contain sandalwood, an Aromatic Therapy as the main ingredient?

Sandalwood, an Aromatic Therapy, is a major commodity that is being exported in several countries and has been used since ancient times for its medicinal purpose, fragrance, and aromatic properties. Explore a lot more about sandalwood as an aromatic therapy for your skin and its numerous benefits. Keep reading.

A recent Society of Dermatology Skincare Specialists (SDSS) study suggests that 88% of women don’t really know the right products for their skin!

Why Is Sandalwood the Best Aromatherapy For Your Skin?

Sandalwood - An Aromatic Therapy For Your Skin

In both traditional Chinese medicine and ayurvedic, sandalwood oil, an aromatic therapy, is believed to be beneficial in treating both skin conditions and mental disorders. 

In sandalwood aromatherapy, absorbing the sandalwood aromatherapy oil through the skin is thought to transmit messages to parts of the brain that are involved in controlling emotions, knowns as the limbic system. 

These messages are believed to affect both emotional and physiological responses. Also, the aromatic effect helps reduce the total waking time and increases the whole non-rapid eye movement (NREM) phase of sleep through its active compound called α-santol.

The Australian Therapeutic goods administration has listed it as a potent medicine, and the US FDA has registered it as a natural aromatic ingredient in aromatherapy

Also, the Sandalwood oil has been reported to reduce anxiety in patients under palliative care, who were treated with aromatherapy massages.

The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-tanning, anti-aging, and antineoplastic in the remarkable natural medicinal properties of sandalwood that cure various skin conditions.   

Using sandalwood, an aromatic therapy can be a promising treatment, and it possesses effective ways to cure acne and other skin problems like warts, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Adolescents with moderate facial acne who used sandalwood oil saw an improvement in their symptoms without any side effects. Besides massaging with sandalwood oil also makes your skin very soft.

Alpha-santol, a significant constituent of sandalwood oil, inhibits cholinesterase and tyrosinase( enzymes which catalyze the production of melanin pigments). This is the primary reason for the sandalwood as an active ingredient in various skincare products and is considered a natural treatment for acne.

Uses of Sandalwood, an Aromatic Therapy

1. Sandalwood Oil Aromatherapy

What You Need:

  • Sandalwood Oil (2-3 drops)
  • A Carrier Oil (coconut, or jojoba oil)

How to Use

  • Add the oils in a bowl and mix the oils well.
  • You can store the mixture in a separate bottle for later use.
  • Massage the mixture on your face or the affected skin region spreading it evenly.
  • Repeat the routine twice a day.

2. Sandalwood and Milk Face Pack

What You Need:

  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Raw Milk
  • Rosewater (1 teaspoon)

How to Use

  • Mix the milk powder and a few drops of sandalwood oil in a bowl
  • Add a little amount of rose water for a fine paste
  • Apply the paste on your face and neck
  • Leave to dry for 15-25 minutes
  • Wash off with cold water and moisturize your skin
  • Repeat this thrice a week for glowing skin.

3. Sandalwood and Orange Face Pack

What You Need:

  • Orange Peel Powder
  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Rosewater

How to Use

  • Mix all the ingredients to form a paste
  • Apply it to the neck and face
  • Leave it on for 10-20 minutes
  • Wash it off with water and moisturize
  • Do it thrice a week.


Grab a fresh and young look by embracing the natural benefits of sandalwood, an aromatic therapy. The natural ingredient in various beauty products contains numerous properties, including antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidants.   

It is easy to cure your skin conditions and calm your mind with the use of sandalwood as aromatherapy for your skin. The aromatic effects relieve stress and depression that comes with your skin conditions. Eventually, the aromatic effect of the sandalwood calms the mind and provides you a good sleep.

Embrace the beauty and aromatic benefits of sandalwood and shine with a healthy glow!

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