Beauty Sleep Benefits for Healthy Skin and Hair

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There is always a veil of mystery around beauty sleep benefits, is it a myth, a catchy phrase, does it really beautify us, or is it just some silly thing our moms say to force us to sleep more at night?   

The truth is somewhere in between, but beauty sleep is a real thing, and you do not have to put in much effort to see the benefits. So, if it’s that simple, why are we not all glowing all the time? Keep on Reading to Find out the Beauty Benefits of a Quality Sleep.

How Long Should Beauty Sleep Last?

The idea of beauty sleep benefits is based on getting enough sleep, so your skin has time to repair over the night. On average, adults need from 7 to 9 hours of proper rest every night. Without it, you can hardly see any perks of sleep, only the negatives such as dark under-eye circles, tired-looking skin, etc. Establishing a healthy sleep routine also helps, try going to bed and waking up at approximately the same time every day.

Do I Need Any Preparations for My Beauty Sleep?

Yes and no. If you do not wear makeup, and you have clean skin, you do not necessarily have to apply any cosmetic products before sleeping, but you can if you enjoy it. It is mandatory to remove your makeup before falling asleep, no matter how tired you are. Use a gentle face cleanser, and apply some night cream or serum to nourish your skin. These steps will help your skin to look more youthful, clean, and fresh in the morning.

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Benefits of Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep Benefits for Healthy Skin and Hair

Here we are going to focus on the beauty sleep benefits that you can easily notice on your face skin. However, beauty sleep can also help you feel better about yourself, to be more energetic, positive, etc. So, it not just about the looks, beauty sleep benefits are like an entire life philosophy which encourages you to work on yourself and to take care of yourself.

1. Fewer wrinkles

While sleeping, our body produces collagen, which fights with our wrinkles. You have probably heard about collagen since it is one of the most prominent anti-aging ingredients today. If you want to save some bucks on collagen creams and serums, all you have to do is to get enough sleep. Also, another tip for preventing skin aging and fine lines is to sleep on your back, avoid any pressure on your face, and, if possible, use silk pillowcases.

2. No Dark Under-Eye Circles

Moving further with Beauty Sleep Benefits comes how effective it is in treating dark circles. One evident sign of a sleepless night is a greyish, puffy, under-eye area, and hardly any concealer can hide it completely. Also, people who are sleep deprived tend to have a greyish undertone to their skin, and overall their skin looks more tired, dehydrated, and older.

3. Glowy skin

Next in the Beauty Sleep Benefits comes Glowy Skin. During the night, multiple processes vital for our complexion are occurring. Our blood circulation surges, our skin is restoring and healing from potential UV damage; our skin cells are growing, etc. All this helps us to wake up with glowing, rejuvenated skin. If you want to enhance it, even more, include serums, moisturizers, or night creams as a part of your bedtime pampering routine.

4. Healthy Hair

Last, but not least in the list of Beauty Sleep Benefits is healthy hair. Believe it or not, your hair can also benefit from a beauty sleep. Lack of sleep can make your hair more dry and damaged. That happens because our hair follicles are not getting enough restorative nutrients overnight that help hair to grow and have strength.

We All Need Beauty Sleep

Why we all need it? Because beauty sleep is more than that, it is not just some beautifying process, it is actually a part of some essential, healthy life habits, that we all should incorporate into our everyday routine.   

The long term benefits of sleep cannot be mimicked by makeup or skincare products. Beauty sleep is the foundation of it all, and without it, there is only so much that beauty products can do. And let’s face it, we all want to wake up feeling good in our skin, glowing, and looking fresh, right?

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found reading Beauty Sleep Benefits for Healthy Skin and Hair helpful.

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