Top 3 Mods for Suzuki Boulevard S40 For Female Bike Lovers

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The Suzuki Boulevard started life as the Suzuki Savage in 1988. Designed to appeal to a younger biker generation, this entry-level lightweight cruiser has remained popular for its classic good looks, dependability, and affordable price point.   

A great ride for the novice biker, it’s also a good choice for modding due to the ease of replacing parts. Watch a few videos, read a few books, grab a few tools, and you’re ready to dig in.

Before you hit the road, make sure you’ve got your motorcycle protective riding gear on. You need more between you and the asphalt than a thin pair of jeans. Get quality boots, helmets, and leather from reputable bike shops for the best protection.

Great Mods for a Great Bike Suzuki Boulevard S40

Top 3 Mods for Suzuki Boulevard S40 For Female Bike Lovers

1. SuperTrapp Exhaust

The SuperTrapp muffler is tunable, meaning you can adjust the performance, powerband, and sound level of the exhaust system. SuperTrapp uses a series of discs that you can add to, subtract from, and otherwise move around to create the perfect performance level for your bike.    If you’re looking to add some power to that S40 engine, this mod is a step in the right direction. Note that this is a lightweight cruiser, so if you really want a lot of power, you’ve bought the wrong bike. Have realistic expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Fork Brace

This mod is super easy and gives some bang for the buck. You can always check genuine Suzuki Boulevard S40 parts and see what they’re offering, but failing an OEM, there are plenty of sexy little fork braces out there that will do the job. 

The purpose of this part is to provide stability, especially at higher speeds, reduce front-end wobble, and prevent twisting or torques. 

There is some debate in the bikerverse about the reality of these claims. Some say it makes a huge difference to their ride, others say it’s for looks only. However, for a lightweight bike like the S40, you can’t go wrong to put one on.

Most fork braces come in two sections. Separate them and install them just below the chrome caps on your front forks. The bottom of the brace sits above the front fender. As far as farkles go, it’s one of the pricier ones, but it can deliver real benefits to the S40.

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3. Better Tires

As everyone knows, tires get expensive. But hey, they are the actual part running on the ground, so don’t you want some good ones? Nothing will improve performance and handling faster than the right set of tires. 

Some things to look for include:

  • Good wet-weather traction
  • Stiffer sidewalls
  • More tread depth
  • Compound construction

If you’re taking your S40 out on long rides, you’ll need tires that give good mileage and keep traction in all types of weather. If you treat it more like a street bike, you should look for a hybrid tire that gives a bit more stick.

Don’t forget to look for gloves, pants, jackets, and motorcycle helmets on sale. The safest ride is always the best ride.

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

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