Collagen and Whey Protein Mix for Strong and Healthy Skin

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Honestly, most of us are busy from the second we open our eyes to the second we go back to bed. For this reason, our kitchen blenders have become our best friends, perfect for whipping up those super easy and nutritious protein shakes and smoothies that will replace our meals and fill us up with new energy.  In this post, let us find about Collagen and Whey Protein Mix for Strong and Healthy Skin.

If you’ve been surfing the internet for some new recipes for your shakes, you probably came across those containing Collagen and Whey Protein as your sources of protein. While whey is a household name in the world of protein shakes, the question is can collagen give you the same benefits?

Well, with its promises of healthy skin, it truly seems like a perfect addition to our grab-and-go morning meals. But, before you ditch whey, here’s what you need to know about Collagen and Whey Protein and the best ways to take them.

What is Collagen?

Collagen and Whey Protein Mix for Strong and Healthy Skin

Let us start our little beauty/nutrition guide with collagen. This incomplete protein is very popular today, mainly for its ability to support wrinkle-free skin and grow healthy skin, hair, and nails.   

While our collagen production is robust in your early years, once we reach our mid-twenties, it starts to slow down. Also, every year, our skin experiences more exposure to sunlight, oxygen, pollution, and other factors all of which have collagen-degrading properties.   

So, adding collagen to our smoothies and shake sounds like a perfect solution to dry, flaking, and wrinkling skin.

However, since collagen is not a complete protein, it can’t be used as a replacement for other forms of protein like whey or plant-based protein. Sure, it promises glowing and strong skin, shiny hair and break-free nails, but it needs some help from other proteins in order to show its benefits and boost our beauty and wellbeing.

Benefits of Collagen

As mentioned above, our bodies produce collagen, but they become less efficient in production as years go by, which can result in wrinkles, dullness and impaired texture of the skin.   

However, collagen is rich in something called glycine.

This component is not only responsible for making new collagen for your skin, hair and nails to use, but also for better sleep, liver detox, anxiety reduction, and blood sugar balancing.   

But, if you’re interested in mainly cosmetic benefits, know that collagen works together with keratin to improve on your skin’s strength, elasticity, resilience, and texture. So, if you supplement your skin with collagen, you can boost your skin’s elasticity and reduce dryness.

This effect of collagen is scientifically proven in a 2014 study where 69 women (aged between 35 and 55) received either placebo or collagen for 8 weeks. At the end of the study, groups that received collagen showed better skin results, especially when it comes to elasticity. So, you should definitely consider grabbing a pouch of this protein to add to your shakes!

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What is Whey and What Does it Do?

Collagen and Whey Protein Mix for Strong and Healthy Skin

Whey protein is a complete protein sourced from dairy and it’s used to support muscle growth and health. But, besides its role in bodybuilding, whey has other, lesser-known benefits. Whey protein concentrates are full of healthy compounds that encourage the detoxification of your body.    Thanks to glutathione, a master antioxidant, and even better detoxifying agent, whey can help you build strong immunity and fight infections and inflammations. By destroying free radicals in the body, whey can ensure your skin is youthful and plump.   

If you want only the best detoxifying benefits, make sure to invest in premium WPC whey protein concentrate sourced from grass-fed cattle that guarantees the best quality and taste. Mix with your fruit of choice and maybe a touch of cinnamon and you’ll have a meal perfect for providing you with strength, beauty, and health.

How Whey and Collagen Work Together?

Collagen and Whey Protein Mix for Strong and Healthy Skin

One of the best things you can do for your beauty and your overall health is mixing your Collagen and Whey Protein. Both Collagen and Whey Protein have unique beauty benefits, but they are so much better when taken together.   

While collagen is better for skin strengthening, whey boosts detoxification and keeps your skin safe from infections and inflammations. If you decide to combine Collagen and Whey Protein together, you can create a much more complex protein structure than will leave a beautiful effect on your skin, hair, and nails and keep you energized, healthy, and strong! What else can you ask from your morning shake?

Summing Up-

So, this dynamic duo of Collagen and Whey Protein is a perfect diet addition for everyone looking for beautiful looks, graceful aging, and great overall performance. In order to get all the benefits, make sure to invest in high-quality products from certified suppliers—only then will you feel the power of Collagen and Whey Protein combo!

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found reading about Collagen and Whey Protein Mix for Strong and Healthy Skin helpful.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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