6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

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6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

While winter is usually related to wearing multiple layers of thick clothes that make you feel heavy, it’s still a great season for being fashionable. Yes, you can look good and wear great clothes even in winter. You just need to know what to wear and how to combine it.

If you aren’t a fashionista but like to be stylish, you need to know the current style or wear classics that never go out of style. 

Once you know what you are looking for, you can either go to the local boutiques. Or, you could visit a tailor and show them what you want.

Then, they take care of the rest by using your measures on a professional dress form to create exactly what you want. But, if you want to be really fashionable, here are 6 tips for styling in winter.

6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

1. White, Camel, And Black Are Always In

6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

When choosing clothes, we always think of how we can combine them with the clothes we have and the clothes we are going to buy. The problem usually arises when we try to combine their colors. If you don’t want to have this problem, you can always go for the ever-trendy colors – white, camel, and black. And, you won’t make a mistake.

Additionally, not only they are always in but they are also easy to combine with other colors. Actually, when you don’t know which colors to pick for your outfit, you can choose one or two of them, or even use all three for your look. There is no doubt that you will look stylish.

2. Match Your Hat With Your Coat

6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

We don’t always like the way we look with a hat and a coat on us. It may be because we feel too old or maybe too young for that combination. But, there is a little trick that will change your opinion. It’s by matching the colors of your hat and coat. 

In that way, your hat won’t look like a winter topper but as a chick detail. Plus, it will make your outfit more sophisticated and fashionable.

3. Belt Your Coat(S)

6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

Speaking of coats, there is a trick to make your old coat(s) like new. It’s by belting them. Yes, a belt can give your old coat a new life. In fact, you can do this with your new coat also if you find it boring in the middle of the winter. The best thing of all is that you can use this trick with almost every coat style, including the puffer coats.

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4. Choose Pointed-toe Shoes Over Heels

6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

Snow and ice aren’t heels-friendly. They can make you fall on your bum and even slide as if you were in an ice rink. Therefore, wearing hills in winter is strongly avoided.

But, that doesn’t mean you won’t have the elongating benefits of heels. On the contrary, you can make your legs longer by wearing pointed-toe boots. You can wear short or tall boots or shoes, and look amazing and stylish without heels.

5. Bring Your Old Sweaters To Life

6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

We love sweaters, especially the knitted ones. They are stylish and you can be combined with different coat styles (including motorcycle jackets, classic coats, and puffer coats), jeans and tall or short boots. But, there is nothing stylish about a sweater that is too fuzzy or too haggard. In fact, it can decrease your confidence when sitting next to a brand new sweater.

The good news is that you don’t have to throw all your old sweaters just because they look like that. 

All you have to do is look for pulls and loose threads, and use a needle or tweezers to pull them inside. 

Moreover, if your sweater is pilling, you can use a sweater shaver to remove the pills gently. Keep in mind that you can use a razor, but it can damage your sweater if you are too rough

6. It’s All About The Layers

6 Tips For Being Fashionable In Winter

Layering is the must-do thing when it comes to looking fashionable. It’s especially important in winter because it’s a practical way to dress more when it’s cold. So, put your basic clothes on, and then add a scarf, hat, and mitts above.

If it’s too cold, you can wear a turtleneck or a long-sleeve T-shirt under a wide sweater. You can also wear thermal tights under your jeans and pants. It’s never too many layers when it’s freezing cold.

Summing Up-

Winter may be a heavy-clothes season, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fashion season. On the contrary, you can be fashionable in winter if you know what clothes and colors to wear, and how to combine them. As it turns out, wearing layers of clothes is in and makes you look good even when wrapped in lots of clothes.

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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