5 Tips to Treat the Effects of Pollution on Your Skin

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5 Tips to Treat the Effects of Pollution on Your Skin

Taking care of your lovely pores is no easy endeavor nowadays, what with the tons of different makeup you’re often excited to try out, the sun exposure, harsh winds, and now the growing levels of pollution. 

Although most of us tweak our routine to cherish our beauty and get rid of all that makeup residue, perhaps it’s finally time to consider how pollution can affect your skin and what you can do to reverse the damage – because luckily, you can do precisely that!

If you have sensitive skin, or you’re prone to acne and similar skin imperfections, all the more reason to start adapting your skincare routine to protect yourself from the adverse effects of pollution. 

Here to help you heal those pollution-caused issues are the five handy tips to add to your beauty routine and your lifestyle that will have a positive impact on your wellbeing and your skin’s youthful radiance.

Tips to Treat the Effects of Pollution on Your Skin

5 Tips to Treat the Effects of Pollution on Your Skin

1. Make Sure Your Skin is Nourished

First and foremost, you should understand the basics of how your skin is affected by pollution in the first place in order to reconsider a diet change. 

Simply put, when your skin is exposed to air pollution over time, cigarette smoke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH for short), soot, oxides, and similar particles penetrate your skin and cause cumulative damage. 

Add to that, toxic pollutants of all sorts actually speed up free radical damage and lead to premature dark spots, lack of collagen, poor elasticity and other issues.

As your first line of defense and your main protective layer for your entire body, your skin requires nutrition to stay resilient. 

5 Tips to Treat the Effects of Pollution on Your Skin

To be specific, you should make sure that your diet is brimming with antioxidant-rich foods such as various berries, vitamin-C-packed oranges, and leafy greens such as spinach. Feed your pores with the right goodies, and it will become more resilient to pollution-caused stress.

2. Cleanse your Indoor Air

Much like your lungs can be damaged by inhaling cigarette smoke as well as traffic-related fumes, your indoor air is often loaded with similar, if not the very same toxic gases that can penetrate your pores and cause harm. 

Although you cannot really change the people around you or the city you live in, you can definitely invest in devices that will keep your space clean and pollution-free.

The first step you should consider is to look for air purifiers for smoke that have high-quality HEPA and carbon air filters specifically designed to keep your indoor air smoke and odor-free. 

So even if your guests to enjoy an occasional smoke in your home, you’ll be able to reduce the impact on your skin with the right device at your disposal. Add a few potted plants to further detox your indoor air, and you’ll maximize your prevention efforts in your home environment.

3. Scrub the Toxins Away

5 Tips to Treat the Effects of Pollution on Your Skin

Sure, you should definitely have a trusty cleanser for your face, but when it comes to pollution, you need to keep in mind that a regular cleanser most likely won’t cut it. To get rid of the accumulated toxins in your pores, you need to add exfoliation to your routine – and stay consistent with your schedule based on your skin sensitivity.

In addition to those standard scrubbing lotions and gels that can be helpful from time to time, you might want to consider using a scrubbing brush designed for thorough facial exfoliation. 

Of course, when your entire body is exposed to air pollution during the summer, find a brush that will work its magic all over your body.

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4. Steaming to the Rescue

Think of this as your spa session for your pores. Steaming with hot water infused with herbs or essential oils such as orange can be a relaxing experience and an extremely helpful one for your complexion. 

Once a week, add this healing ritual to your beauty routine, and you’ll increase your ability to reduce the effects of pollution and reverse the existing damage more effectively.

5. Pamper and Protect

When you’re done with all the novel cleaning steps in your reinforced skincare routine, you can apply the nourishing and protective lotions to keep your pores pollution-safe and to reduce any current imperfections caused by pollution. 

For starters, your sunscreen is not just there to keep those harmful sun’s rays at bay, but it’s also a great shield that will keep air pollutants at bay.

Summing Up – 

It takes time and plenty of knowledge to refine your beauty steps in order to keep your pores safe from pollution and to reduce the harm it has already caused. 

Follow these simple, but effective steps, and you’ll keep your complexion as radiant as ever!

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

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