5 Affordable Makeover Tips for Women

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5 Affordable Makeover Tips for Women
5 Affordable Makeover Tips for Women

A makeover is something we could all use from time to time. Whether you’re undergoing a total body transformation or simply getting a fresh new haircut, there is no denying that a makeover can help us feel more confident and serve as a self-esteem booster.

If you’re working with a budget, however, a makeover can seem expensive and impractical. A full hair coloring service at a swanky salon can easily run over $100, and purchasing a whole new wardrobe can end up costing as much as a piece of Salt Lake City real estate.

If you could use a makeover but don’t want to break the bank, here are 5 affordable tips that will have you feeling like your best self!

5 Affordable Makeover Tips for Women

Work with Clothes You Already Have

While it may be tempting to get rid of all of your old clothes and just start fresh, purchasing an entirely new wardrobe simply isn’t practical for most of us. The good news is, you can still achieve a fresh new look by assessing the clothes that are already in your closet! 

That old pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while can be cut into trendy shorts, and many other articles of clothing can be repurposed in similar ways.


Switch Up Your Haircut

Have you been rocking the same hairstyle since the 90s? If you feel it’s time for a change, head to your local salon and switch up your style. 

Before getting a new haircut, it is important to weigh your options and find a style that will be practical for everyday wear. If you’re a low-maintenance gal, for instance, something that requires a lot of styling, like bangs, may not be the best choice for you. 
Before heading to the salon, browse different hairstyles on Pinterest and bring a photo of your desired cut so your stylist has an idea of the look you’re going for.


Step Up your Self-Care Routine

5 Affordable Makeover Tips for Women
5 Affordable Makeover Tips for Women

Setting aside time each day for self-care is not only important for our mental health, but it can make us look better as well! 

When we overwork ourselves or don’t get enough sleep, we can easily look tired and less youthful. 
Because of this, it is important to set aside designated time each day to take a bath, paint your nails, spend extra time on your skincare routine, or anything which makes you take a break from everyday life. You’ll instantly feel more refreshed and confident, and you’ll come to look forward to this part of your day!

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Create a Health and Fitness Routine

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is an essential part of a happy life, so why not give yourself a diet and exercise makeover as well? 

Health and fitness apps such as noom play a really important role as they act as guidance for our overall fitness routine. They ask our height, weight, likes, dislikes, and routine data and suggest us the best to achieve our health goal.

Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important aspects of your overall health too, and you’ll notice a “glow from within” when you’re properly hydrating yourself. 
Making it a point to sweat for at least thirty minutes each day is another great way to stay healthy and feel good about yourself, so find an exercise routine that works best for you and get outside!


Choose Makeup That Works For You

One of the biggest mistakes many women make is reaching for makeup that doesn’t suit their skin tone or facial features. The wrong shade of foundation can look odd and sometimes even age you, so assess the makeup products you’ve been using and find out if you’re choosing the right ones for you. 

If you’re new to makeup or are simply having trouble choosing the right products, head to your local beauty store and ask a sales associate to help you pick out products and colors that compliment your features. 
Many stores even offer free samples, so you could make sure you like a particular product before purchasing it.


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