Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding

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Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding
Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding

The weekend is coming up and you have just realized that it’s been a while since you spent some quality time with friends. People are always busy, they are easily distracted by their obligations so they often forget the importance of human connection. 

Having some friends over for a thoughtful bonding will create more memories than any video game out there or the latest best-seller. 

So, if you are ready to host a staycation for your friends, here are some Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding.

Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding

Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding
Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding


So, all of your friends responded with enthusiasm to the idea of a BFF bonding at your place. Now it is time to sit down and plan a list of activities everyone will enjoy. 

Take all of their interests into account, delegate some responsibilities to each one of them. You don’t have to be the only one doing the shopping for that day. Your friends can help, too. And prepare some fun and interesting activities all of them will enjoy. 

Since this BFF staycation will last only for a day, think practically. Don’t over plan because the entire idea is to spend quality time with your friends without any pressure or many responsibilities.

Create a Soothing Atmosphere

You can create a soothing atmosphere by lighting up a few scented candles. These will create a sense of spending time in a stress-free haven. 

Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding
Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding

The body and mind react positively to fragrances. 

Make sure the candles are made with real essential oils in order to achieve the positive effects of aromatherapy. 

Lavender oil is known for its relaxation effect. 
Eucalyptus oil is beneficial to those suffering from a common cold while peppermint oil is a pure mood booster. 

Next, add some fresh flowers to brighten up your home and prepare some fuzzy slippers for each one of your guests.

Start with Coffee or Tea

Welcome your friends with a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. 

It will be the perfect opportunity to lay out the list of activities for the day. If some of your friends are reluctant to take part in a mani or Pedi, they can be responsible for the playlist. 

Having tea with your friends will let you catch up on the latest events you’ve missed and they want to tell you all about them.

Cook or Bake Together

Having friends over is the perfect opportunity to cook or bake together. 

Cooking is a creative activity everyone can take part in. What’s more, you will get to spend quality time together and eat delicious food at the end. 

You can make something easy like mac and cheese, quesadillas or pizza. Don’t forget to sip some great wine while everyone is busy with their cooking task. 

You can even bake some cookies which will be devoured during a Netflix binge later on.

Spa-like Indulgence

Once you are done with cooking and eating, it’s time for a pampering session. 

Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding
Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding

Prepare an exfoliator, cleansing tonic and several types of hydrating sheet masks for the professional spa experience at home. 

Your friends will truly appreciate this gift. 

The spa experience in the comfort of your home is incomplete without a massage. Your friends will enjoy this treat as much as you will. 

The massage chair is one of the best solutions for you if you want to reap the health benefits of regular massages in the comfort of your own home. They are known to help relieve stress, tension, improve posture and enable you to sleep better.

Any massage chair will fit perfectly into your favorite nook and turn your home into an oasis of calm even your BFFs will enjoy. 

While one of your friends is enjoying a relaxing massage, the other two can pick some movies or series for your next bonding activity.

Plan a Netflix Binge

A Netflix-binge session is simply good for your wellbeing and it is a great group activity. Pick something you’ve never watched before, so it will be memorable to all of you. 

Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding
Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding

While you watch the series together, you get the chance to discuss the events as the story unravels. It will also spark further creative and intelligent discussions which will bring you even closer. 

Alternatively, you can watch something you all know like Friends or The Sex and the City and bring some of the memories back because you’ve probably experienced something that happens in an episode.

Prepare a BFF Package

A BFF care package will make this event even more memorable for your friends. It does not have to be expensive or complicated. 

Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding
Staycation Tips for Your Next BFF Bonding

Firstly, pick a beautiful packaging. You can watch one of the Youtube tutorials and make your own box or just pick a paper bag in a bright color. 

 Then, include a few gifts your friends will like. Their favorite candy bar, a sheet mask (like the ones you used during your spa indulgence), scented candle and a handwritten note will be a thoughtful gift. 

If you have a polaroid camera, you can take a few selfies and include them too.

Once the day is over, you will be filled with so much positive energy. You’ll be happy that you spent some quality time together and your care package will remind your friends of this day, too. 

This can even be the start of a lovely tradition and something you do once in a few months. 

Making time for our loved ones should be a priority because friendship is one of the most important relationships in our lives.

So This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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