Reasons Your Acne Scar Won’t Go Away and What to Do About It

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Reasons Your Acne Scar Won't Go Away and What to Do About It
Reasons Your Acne Scar Won’t Go Away and What to Do About It

Scars are formed when an inflammation, such as acne, causes damage to the dermis. They are a normal part of the skin’s natural healing process. However, many people find them cosmetically bothersome.

Some acne scars eventually fade away on their own. 
But somehow, no matter what you do, there are these persistent acne scars that won’t go away. 

Acne scars caused by the most severe form of acne, cystic acne, may lead to permanent scarring. Here’s an in-depth explanation of how cystic acne causes scars and how to treat them. 

Understanding the reason behind these cosmetic problems will help you take early preventive measures to avoid them from getting worse.

Here are more reasons why some acne scars won’t go away and what you need to do about them.

Why won’t Acne Scars Go Away?

Damage or deep injury that occurred in the skin can cause permanent acne scars. 

Even though our body naturally forms new collagen to repair the broken tissues, it will only create uneven and discolored scar tissue which won’t look smooth or flawless like how your skin used to be. 

There are two significant reasons why acne scars develop:

Squeezing your pimple – As tempting as it can be, squeezing your pimple will only result in worsening the infection. Squeezing your pimple will only push the infected material deeper into your pores and worsen the issue.

Picking a scab – Picking a scab can also be very tempting. By doing so, you will delay the healing process of the scar, and it also increases the chance of developing acne scars.

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How to Treat your Acne Scars

Listed below are some ways to treat acne scars:

Reasons Your Acne Scar Won't Go Away and What to Do About It
Reasons Your Acne Scar Won’t Go Away and What to Do About It

Home Treatments

This process may take some time to treat your acne scar, so patience is needed if you want to save yourself from spending too much on treatments. 
Best home remedy is always to apply moisturizer to your skin. Moisturizers help to heal and improve the appearance of your skin by keeping it hydrated. It is also advisable to avoid the harsh sun as it may increase hyperpigmentation and makes your scars more visible.

Laser Treatments

Ablative and Non-Ablative laser treatments are the two types of laser treatment for treating acne scars. 

Ablative laser treatment eliminates small patches of skin, creating a smoother area on the surface. 

Non-Ablative laser treatment is done to stimulate the growth of collagen, to tighten the skin, and to repair the damage scarring has caused.


The process is done by removing the top layer of the skin with the use of a fast rotating device which remodels the proteins of your skin, making it look smoother than ever.

Punch Technique

Usually used to treat skin issues like deep boxcar and ice pick scars. The process is done surgically. It will completely remove the scar and at the same time, smoothens the skin.

How to Avoid having Acne Scars

The best thing you can do to prevent acne scars is to avoid squeezing your pimple. 

One reason for this is because your hand carries oils and bacteria. When you touch or squeeze your pimple, it will only worsen the infection. 

Having a skincare routine will prevent you from having acne scars and will also help you have clearer skin. 

Do make sure not to use too many products frequently on your face for it may irritate your skin especially if your skin is sensitive and reacts easily with new ingredients.

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