How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home

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How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home
How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home

We suffer a great deal of pressure in our daily lives. 

Work, school, family obligations, paying the bills, staying competitive in our field or at our universities. Couple that with the constant bombardment of information, of different media sources vying for our attention. 

All this calls for a great need to stay grounded, to find our centers, and to push through. 

Through meditation we can learn to focus better, to control our emotions and to get some peace of mind. In order to see the benefits though, meditation needs to be practiced regularly.

One of the ways you can stick to it is by setting up a meditation space in your home.

Namely, a meditation space makes the following meditation practice much simpler. However, it doesn’t solely need to revolve around you practicing the art and discipline of meditation. It can also serve as a place to completely unwind and let your mind drift.

How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home

How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home
How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home

Use Light to Your Advantage

Setting up your own meditation space in your house doesn’t have to imply you’re going to repurpose a closet or an entire unused room. Sometimes all you have to do is section of one part of your home and dedicated entirely to your practice. And one of the ways you can do just that is through lighting.

For example, when you are ready to mediate, either through the actual practice or simply to relax, we suggest you turn off all the lights in your room

Then, keep a small lamp in one corner of your living space as a meditation room essential, and turn it on exclusively when you want to center yourself. This will help you get in the groove, and will immediately make you think of mediation when you turn it on.

Another interesting thing you can try is to play with natural light. Set your meditation pillow or chair right at a spot where some natural light is coming in through a window. 

The sunlight coming through will energize you (and might even give you a bit of a tan). This means that you have to practice meditation at pretty much the same time every day, with slight adjustments as the years passes by. 

Basically, practicing it like this will sync you up with the sun, and with the seasons, doing wonders for your circadian rhythm.

How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home
How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home

If natural light is not an option, try to at least get some nice, atmospheric lighting going there. A candle might be all you need, or maybe switch your bright, neon light bulbs with some warmer, more natural-looking ones.

Relaxation and Luxury

On one hand, specifically practicing meditation, or what people consider Buddhist mindfulness training, is one of the best things you can do to develop focus and understanding of yourself. 

However, sometimes what we actually need is to sit back and relax, to meditate through a bit of luxury and comfort.

So, maybe working on your backyard, having a nice pagoda surrounded by a garden can give you the space you need to focus and to relax. 

How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home
How to Set Up a Meditation Space at Home

Or perhaps what you really need is a nice, long, warm bubble bath in your bathroom. Visit a good bathroom supply store, set up the place to look beautiful and clean, maybe get some nice candles and essential oils

Then just soak in the tub, read, maybe speak what’s on your mind into your phone, or simply relax. 

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Dedicate a Room to Meditation

You can go all out and choose an unused room as your personal home meditation space. If you are fortunate enough to have space, then a separate meditation room is just the thing you need. 

You can keep this space as an exclusive relaxation and meditation area, or at least keep this as its primary function.

We advise you to get some plants and vegetation within this area. A little Buddha statue, or your own little shrine, can help you maximize your practice. 

Don’t allow anything from the “outside world” into this room. 

No books except those related to improving yourself mentally and physically. Don’t put a TV here, or a desk, don’t use it as a storage space and don’t bring in any kind of food or drink except tea or water. 

Leave your phone outside of this area, and get a mediation timer instead.

Use this room as an escape, as a place to go to and unwind

Candles and incense are beneficial, they might clear up your mind and get you into the zone you need to be in.


And there you have it, folks. If you want to stay grounded and find your center, a meditation space might just help you. You can either have an entirely separate room or perhaps it’s better if you adapt your living area to this practice. And of course, mediation doesn’t just have to be sitting on a pillow and closing your eye – you can center yourself by relaxing outside surrounded by a garden, or in a nice warm tub.


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