5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care

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5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care

Cannabis had a mind-blowing come back a few years ago with scientific evidence to back up its benefits and importance. The plant has taken up headlines since then with a new discovery about its benefits every day. 

Although the term drug attached to it has caused it to have a complicated relationship with its users, these studies and user portfolios are turning the tables on the attitude towards this miracle plant.

Hemp is yet another ingredient that has gained popularity in this cannabis boom. Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis species industrially grown for various uses. 
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
A commonly used strain like budget buds has proven to be a potent ingredient for solving various health ailments as well as found to be beneficial for the body. Apart from budget buds, many other strains have numerous uses. 

The purified form of Hemp oil eliminates the psychoactive substances of cannabis and presents the health benefits to its users. 

Scientific evidence proving its efficiency in adding the necessary nutrients to the body that backs up this amazing ingredient. 
But can Hemp oil be beneficial to the outer body just as much as it is to the inner organs? Here are 5 amazing ways hemp oil helps in body care.

5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care

5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care

1. Can Help Reduce Acne and Eczema 

Skin problems such as eczema and acne affect people of all ages. These skin conditions rapidly deteriorate the health of the skin and make it look dull and lifeless. 

Acne is caused due to excess sebum production by the skin and aggravated due to various reason such as oil, impurities. 

Inflammation of the skin is one of the many skin problem hemp oils can cure. Hemp oil helps balance the sebum production by the skin and ensure that there is no excess. 

5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil help reduce the redness and inflamed blemishes during acne and clear your skin of impurities.

Hemp oil is also good for treating eczema and excess skin dryness. The oil processes anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and antimicrobial properties that help skin stay healthy. 

By interacting with the receptors in the skin hemp oil can reduce the symptoms of eczema and dry skin. Being a humectant, it draws moisture to the skin and naturally moisturizes your skin and hydrated well and looks healthy and glowing. 
Sativa or Shatter based moisturizers and creams can become a part of regular skin care to eliminate your skin problems.

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2. Mask for Anti-Aging Properties

Skin is the first organ that directly begins to reflect the effects of aging. With more environmental problems such as pollution and dirt, such symptoms began to appear earlier than expected. 

5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
Wrinkles, dark circles, sagging skin, dark spots are common signs of aging that are visible on the skin. These make the skin look lifeless and old. Hemp oil can be the best ingredient to include in your skin care routine to eliminate these signs.

Hemp oil can be a part of your regular skin care masks to nourish the skin with the best nutrients. The oil is packed with nutrients such as vitamin A, B, D, E, antioxidants which are essential to keep the skin healthy and young.


An avocado and hemp oil mask can be particularly beneficial for the skin as it helps remove blemishes and naturally hydrates the skin. In a bowl mash half an avocado and add 2 drops of lemon juice. Now add few drops of hemp oil to the mixture.

Use this face mask for about 20 minutes and wash with warm water. Hemp oil in combination or as an alternative to other essential oils in masks helps to keep your skin young and blemish free.

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3. It can help with Skin Detox

Dirt, dust, UV rays damage the skin at the micro level and the effects of the same start reflecting on the skin. Regular makeup also causes damage to the skin. 

5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
Skin detox procedures are important to ensure you remove the effects of these substances on the skin immediately. This will make sure you have beautiful and supple skin. Cleansing and steam facial are two ways of ensuring these particles do not stay on the skin.

A drop of hemp oil can be a good make-up remover. It gives amazing results and also ensures your skin is soft and moisturized. 

Similarly, you can include hemp oil to your regular cleanser to make sure it does not strip away the moisture while cleansing. 
Massage a tablespoon of hemp oil, tea tree oil, and lemongrass oil on the skin before going for a steam facial. Using this oil mixture eliminates the pollutants from your skin and keeps it healthy and well moisturized. 
Hemp oil can also give you even skin tone. And using it in combination with your toner can be beneficial for your skin.

4. Smoothen your Hair

Hemp oil unlike most oils we use for our hair is more efficient because it gets absorbed at the roots better. Some of the primary causes for bad and frizzy hair is lack of enough oils at the roots. 

5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
When the scalp is healthy it reflects on the texture of the hair naturally. 
Hemp oil effectively penetrates the scalp and gets to the cells to strengthen them. 
  • It contains essential fatty acid and prevents loss of protein from the hair. 
  • It reduces dryness and flakiness at the roots and removes problems such as dandruff. 
  • It also moisturizes the hair follicles from root to tip and leaves it looking voluminous and beautiful. 
  • It also prevents hair fall by facilitating keratin formation.

You can whip up a simple mask for your hair and scalp to include hemp oil to benefit your hair. 


In a bowl mix 2 spoons of honey, 1 spoon argan oil, 2 spoons of hemp oil, 1 banana and any essential oil of your choice. Apply this mask and shampoo after 2 hours. Use it regularly for about 3-6 months to get long and gorgeous hair. Include some hemp oil capsules to your diet to enhance the benefits.

5. Strengthens Nails and Cuticles

Hemp oil can repair weak nail naturally and strengthen it. Dry cuticles often reduce the strength of your nail beds and cause them to break easily. 

5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Body Care
Cracked nails and dry cuticles are problems that increase with age. Cracked nails need extra care so massage hemp oil into this area to repair them. 
Toenails also suffer from bacterial infections and hence an antibacterial ingredient such as hemp oil can be useful for keeping the nails clean and problem free.

Massage a mixture of almond oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil and a drop of essential oil into the cuticles. The oil contains calcium, potassium, vitamins, and antioxidants that are essential for the body. It moisturizes and strengthens the nail bed and makes sure you have healthy and strong nails. Hemp oil catalyzes the formation of keratin and gives the base for strong nails.

Summing Up – 

These are some simple ways in which your body can benefit from the use of hemp oil. You can also try a wide range of skin and hair care products available with hemp oil that can help you achieve glowing skin and lustrous hair.


So this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Have a Good Day! 😇

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