The Worst Advice We have Heard For Hyperpigmentation

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The Worst Advice We've Heard For Hyperpigmentation
The Worst Advice We have Heard For Hyperpigmentation

When it comes to dealing with hyperpigmentation, it’s natural to reach out to friends and family for advice. This is informed by the numerous treatments and procedures out there, with each promising to work better than the other.

Such advice is influenced by personal experiences, hearsay and in some cases, expertise. Unfortunately, though most of it is given in good faith, not all of this advice is helpful. To ensure that you don’t fall into further problems, we have shared the worst advice we’ve heard for hyperpigmentation. 

The Worst Advice We have Heard For Hyperpigmentation

The Worst Advice We have Heard For Hyperpigmentation
The Worst Advice We have Heard For Hyperpigmentation

1- Hyperpigmentation on Dark Skin cannot be Treated

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which some patches of the skin appear darker than the surrounding skin. 

The association of hyperpigmentation with dark spots, however, leads people to believe that the condition can’t be treated on dark skin. This is a misconception- it can be treated.

Treatments, whether oral, topical or surgical, target the excess pigment that concentrates on small areas of the skin. With proper approaches, the dark spots can be removed or faded. This leads to the evening out of skin tone- on all skin types. 

2- Once treated, Hyperpigmentation can’t come back

This is another misconception. Hyperpigmentation is as a result of different causes including injury, trauma, illnesses, hormonal imbalance, photodamage, and inflammation. With so many varying causes it’s only conceivable that the condition can reoccur.

There is however good news; with proper aftercare, you can prevent dark spots from reappearing. Here is how: After treatment, adopt measures that suppress melanin production. Such include; wearing high SPF sunscreen, not using harsh skin care products, exfoliating regularly, and eating foods with high vitamin C content.

3- Natural Remedies can’t treat Hyperpigmentation

The Worst Advice We've Heard For Hyperpigmentation
The Worst Advice We’ve Heard For Hyperpigmentation

The notion that natural remedies are ineffective against hyperpigmentation has persisted for long. This could be as a result of inadequate knowledge on which remedies work and probably how to blend the different ingredients. That said, natural remedies are safer alternatives for treating hyperpigmentation.

Actually, the best topical creams for treating hyperpigmentation are formulated from 100% natural ingredients. These products treat the skin just as effectively as synthetic chemicals but with one major difference; they come without the side effects associated with dangerous skin lighteners.

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4- It’s not possible to treat dark spots without affecting the surrounding skin tone

This notion comes from the use of skin bleaches that work by damaging melanocytes, the melanin-producing cells. With such products, complete cut off of melanin synthesis causes the surrounding skin to also lose pigmentation leading to Hypopigmentation.

The adverse side effect can, however, be avoided by using dark spot correctors that work more delicately. For this, you need a cream that reduces melanin production without killing the associated cells.

Naturally formulated creams are the best to achieve this kind of skin treatment. Reason being, they gently fade dark spots by inhibiting the actions of tyrosinase, the enzyme that determines the amount and rate of melanin synthesis.

5- Hydroquinone creams are the surest way to treat Hyperpigmentation

If you have ever dealt with hyperpigmented skin, then you have probably come across hydroquinone creams. The ingredient happens to be one of the leading constituents of skin lightening creams. It is effective, works relatively fast, and is considerably cheap.

The Worst Advice We've Heard For Hyperpigmentation - Ochronosis
The Worst Advice We’ve Heard For Hyperpigmentation – Ochronosis

However, hydroquinone happens to be one of the most controversial skin care ingredients

To begin with, its derived from crude oil and on long term use causes Ochronosis – a condition that makes the skin thicker and darker. That’s not all, it’s a possible carcinogen and has consequently been banned in many countries. So, is hydroquinone the best way to go? Not really.

6- Intense scrubbing of the skin can remove Hyperpigmented Spots

This is a widely accepted myth that has seen people scrub their skin vigorously to remove dark spots. This comes from the knowledge that sloughing off dead skin gives one a lighter complexion. Dark spots are however a little bit harder to get rid off.

Vigorous scrubbing on your skin will actually do more harm than good. This approach will actually inflame the affected area. The damage to the skin’s structure and quality will trigger internal healing mechanisms; causing more pigment to be deposited on the area- a condition known as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

The Takeaway – 

Skin care is a major aspect of beauty and health and as such, it elicits divergent views on what does or doesn’t work. Getting lost in the wrong advice can however worsen your condition and in severe cases bring a host of other health problems.

Above is just a few of the most common misleading advice that you will come across. To be on the safer side, investigate every recommendation before settling on any method.

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Have a Good Day! 😇

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