3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home

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3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home
3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home

Suffering from digestive problems is common. Such disorders range from mild cramping in the stomach, bloating, nausea to diarrhea, constipation and even a severe disorder like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which upsets the large intestine. 

Approximately 50% (Fifty Percent) of the Indian population suffers from symptoms related to IBS.

However, you don’t need to feel embarrassed and be a silent sufferer through these undesired conditions. You can cure your digestion problems and achieve that much-needed comfort.

While you might be seeking the best quality CBD oil on the market for keeping your digestive tract healthy, you could also try out remedies in your very own home.

Here are 3 remedies to cure all Digestive Problems at Home

Lemon Water

3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home
3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home

A popular morning drink, lemon water is nothing but a mixture of fresh lemon juice and water. You can enjoy this drink either cold or hot. Use lemon in quantities that suit your taste. You can also add a lemon rind to the lemon water.

Lemons have an irresistible mouthwatering aroma which supports primary digestion in the sense that the digestive saliva rushes into your mouth even before your tasting the water. The lemons’ natural acidity does the remaining work.

The citrus flavonoids found in lemons are the major cause of cured digestion problems when you drink warm lemon water. 

These flavonoids suppress appetite and soothe an upset stomach, thus functioning as an effective digestive tonic. What the citrus flavonoids actually do is that they assist the hydrochloric acid in your gut to break down your food.

While breaking down the food, the flavonoids activate the digestive system and boost secretion of digestive juices, gall, and acids. This, in turn, circulates the food all through the intestine.

Plenty of acids is present in lemons and it helps to cleanse the excretory system. The roughage present in lemons, meaning the fibrous indigestible substance helps to relieve constipation. 

Warm lemon water is very effective in stimulating bowel movements.

Studies show that the lemon juice from lemon water is packed with antioxidants. These help to maintain the health of your digestive tract.

This way lemon water acts as a great home remedy and can be a good substitute for water. You can also add lemon zest to the lemon water as it improves the good bacteria present in your stomach.

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3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home
3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home

A popular spice and flavoring agent in Indian households, ginger is also used as a natural remedy for digestion problems.

Ginger contains gingerols which are antioxidant substances capable of relieving nausea and indigestion. 

Gingerols lessen gastric contractions and alleviate gastrointestinal irritation and inflammation. Ginger scores over several conventional anti-nausea medicines because it does not cause unwanted side effects like a dry mouth or sleepiness.

Research proves that ginger is an incredible natural remedy for diarrhea, soothing the pain of this condition. Ginger inhibits muscle spasms and hence reduces the number of times you have the urge of having a bowel movement.

You can consume ginger in myriad forms such as fresh, dried, jellied, syrup and pickled. 

You can also drink ginger tea in order to soothe your stomach and combat indigestion. Just boil a couple of pieces of ginger root in about four cups of water. Then add lemon or honey for the added flavor before drinking.

This way ginger alleviates symptoms of indigestion, including flatulence, constipation, bloating and persistent abdominal pain.

Peppermint Tea

3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home
3 Remedies to Cure All Digestive Problems at Home

An absolutely tasty and gently calming beverage, peppermint tea is one of the most popular herbal teas worldwide. This caffeine-free tea is extremely refreshing, doesn’t require sweetening and certainly energizes you anytime you drink it.

For making peppermint tea at home –

  • Tear a handful of peppermint leaves and put them in boiling water (not less than two cups) in a pan. 
  • Switch the burner off after the water boils for some time (a few minutes). 
  • Allow the water to take in all the benefits of peppermint and then strain it while pouring it in a cup.
Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia have shown that peppermint tea effectively helps to soothe IBS. Peppermint tea has an antispasmodic effect on the body, helping to soothe cramps and spasms in the gastrointestinal region.

So, both, the food and swallowed air, pass smoothly through the digestive area, without any discomfort. Also, peppermint contains volatile oils that activate the gallbladder to secrete bile that is used for digesting fats.

This way peppermint tea helps to relieve several digestion problems including bloating, nausea and stomach gas.

Make sure to drink a cup of peppermint tea after having meals so that it quickly soothes your stomach. You can also sip at a little quantity of the tea during your meals. Drink around two cups of peppermint tea daily so that you’d obtain all its digestive benefits.

So, now you know how to benefit from the natural resources which are readily available in your house and are also in your daily use. 

Lemon, ginger, and peppermint are some of the best superfoods grown extensively in India.

Also, it takes only a few minutes in your daily routine to make lemon water, ginger tea, and peppermint tea.

Try these simple yet effective remedies at home and say goodbye to all digestion problems.

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