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Eyeshadows are love. Since my teenagehood, I have been getting attracted to eye shadow palettes. I love seeing colors in a palette. Even as a Kid, paint palettes used to draw my attention. I love the concept of being creative and artistic on your eyelids. Talented people literally draw a painting on their eyelids with eyeshadows.

I love trying new brands and new products so I thought why not curate a list of Best Eyeshadow Palettes in India under Rs.1000/- which I personally love and have been using for months.

There are tons of eye shadows available in the market. Some love colorful palettes while some are more towards neutral shades. Not just eye shadow palettes, people now are going for loose pigments, glitters, and sparkles.

In this post, I have shared my personal favorite eye shadows from trusted brands that offer amazing quality, pigmentation, and color pay-off, and Most Importantly, I made sure these are easily available in India. 😊

Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes in India Under Rs.1000/-

The list is in no Particular Order…

Available at Nykaa, Amazon, and BeautyBay

  1. Wet n Wild – Color Icon 10 Pan Palette

Price: Rs.499/-

Shade: Rose in the Air

There are 2 or 3 color variants available in India I guess. 

This is considered as an exact dupe of the Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette. All the shades in both the eye shadow palettes are exactly similar. The quality of the wet n wild rose in the air palette is so good, smooth, soft, and buttery and it blends like a dream.

This palette is my all-time favorite. It has got neutrals mattes, transition colors, and highlighting colors. Shades are not at all chalky, have a great pigmented with a great color pay-off. It has also got one banana powder kind of shade which you can use to set your base.

Only the plum shade in this palette is a bit weird. It looks highly pigmented, but the color really doesn’t come out that effectively.

This is the look I created using Wet n Wild Rose in the Air Palette. I kept it rosy and subtle. 😊

  1. Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads

Price: Rs.299/- 

Shade: Hasta la Costa Baby

There is a total of 8 color variants and I picked this turquoise and purple shade palette “Hasta La Costa Baby”. 

I wanted to have this turquoise color in my collection and when I saw this wet n wild quad, I decided to go for it because Wet n Wild is a cruelty-free, quality brand at an affordable price. 

Quad has got one transition shade, crease shade, eyelid shade, and one browbone shade. The quality of the shades is no doubt the best. Soft, smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend with a rich color pay-off and no chalkiness.

Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes in India under Rs.1000/- and their Swatches 12

This is the look I created using this Wet n Wild Color Icon Quad in “Hasta la Costa Baby”.
Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes in India under Rs.1000/- and their Swatches 13

  1. SUGAR Cosmetics Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Quads

Price: Rs.699/- 

Shade: GoldenEye

SUGAR Cosmetics Eye shadow quads are the tiny segment of their Two Big Eye shadow Palettes.

If you don’t want to go for the whole palette and looking for some selected shades, you can opt for the quads and there are a total of 18 quads on the SUGAR Cosmetics Website.

I love the sugar eye shadows for the warm, neutral, and golden tones. The whole big palette comes with an in-built mirror along with a blending brush with having a sponge tip applicator on one end.

These eyeshadows look so pretty on the eyes. Not at all chunky or powdery. These shadows blend in so beautifully without any fall-off and get applied without any hassle. Pigmented, soft, with a good color pay-off.

This is the look I created with SUGAR Cosmetics Eyeshadows, not with this particular quad, but with the complete palette I own which is the collections of quads only. 

  1. FACES Canada Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Price: Rs.999/- 

Shade: Nude and Rose

The formulation of these palettes is so soft that even while swatching, the cake started to break. 

Just like the above-mentioned eye shadow palettes, the quality of these shades is pretty great. They are pigmented, non-chalky, rich color pay-off and blend in beautifully except for that plum shade and just like that wet n wild palette, this plum shade too seems pigmented but doesn’t have much color pay-off.

I personally love rosy tones but here with this FACES Rose palette, I feel there aren’t many pink or plums or rosy tones to be called Rose Palette completely. No doubt, it does a decent job with whatever collection of tones it has. No wonder people go for the nude palette more.

Here is the look I created using FACES Rose Palette. I am not able to find any picture of me where I used FACES Nude Palette.

  1. Maybelline City Mini Palette

Price: Rs.750/-

Shade: Chill Brunchneautrals

The moment I saw this combination of neutrals, I immediately grabbed it as if I wasn’t having enough neutrals. 😂

The shades are appropriate for everyday wear. The pigmentation I will say is not too strong but is not low either. I feel they are of more subtle toned, daily wear shades.

The shades are soft and easy to blend and gives a very nice, natural decent sort of shadow to the eyes. It has got the matte crease shades and lid shades with a slight shimmer to them. 

Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes in India under Rs.1000/- and their Swatches 29

This is the eye look I created using Maybelline Chill Brunchneutrals Palette. The camera isn’t picking much but these shades look so pretty in real.

And those eye shadow palettes are…

Beauty Bay Colour Theory “ORIGIN”- 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette 

Price: Rs.1760.30/- INR


Their ORIGIN Palette is more into warm shades and I have created multiple looks using the palette. It is highly pigmented and comes with a step by step guidance so even if you are a beginner, you are going to love Beauty Bay Colour Theory Eye Shadow Palettes.

Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes in India under Rs.1000/- and their Swatches 35

The shades blend in beautifully without being patchy or having extreme fall-off. The palette has 7 vertical rows and each row consists of 6 steps i.e, from transition to crease shade, liner, and lid shade. By following the row step by step, you can easily create beautiful eye looks.

I simply enjoy this palette. 💓

Makeup Revolution SophX Extra Spice Palette

Price: Rs.1950/- (Always on discount on HOK Makeup)

I am obsessed with this palette at the moment all because of the combination of color shades it has. The balance between dramatic colors and neutrals attracted me the moment I saw it.

The most amazing part, that the raspberry shade which is the most beautiful shade in this palette is highly pigmented. All the mattes and shimmer shades look so beautiful when blended with each other.

The packaging is even worth the money. It comes with a huge in-built full-quality mirror. 😍 Like, I have seen low-quality cheap mirrors in the eye shadow palettes but this one is up to the mark.

Just like my other favorites, these are soft, non-chalky, pigmented, and have high color pay-off. I really feel happy when the colored mattes give you high results.

The only sad part is the yellow shade isn’t that pigmented as I was expecting.

I love the combination of colored, neutrals, mattes, and shimmer shades in this palette. Shades like Infinity, Romance, La Sun, and Twenty One are ruling this palette.

Ain’t these shades are pretty? No wonder everyone loves this palette.

Etude House Play Color Eye Palette – Leopard Runway

Price: Rs.4161/- as shown on the YesStyle Website (Always on Discount).

I recently got this in my YesStyle Haul and like always, these colorful plum tones paired with matte neutrals attracted me. 

Etude House is a Korean Brand which is recently launched on Nykaa.

The shades in this palette are again up to the quality and do a decent job. The pink tones in this palette are nicely pigmented and help in creating a pink-toned look. 

But, I will suggest you grab this palette only if available at on discount as this might not be worth the MRP. 😅 For Rs.4000/-, you can grab better eye shadow palettes I feel.

Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes in India under Rs.1000/- and their Swatches 43

I created this rose-gold look using the Etude House Leopard Runway Eyeshadow Palette

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Let me know your favorite. I would love to know your thoughts. 

Have a Good Day! 😇

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