Jewelry For Your Outfit

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The right jewelry can bring out your style and make you look great, and feel awesome. On the flip side, the wrong jewelry, depending on what you pair it with, can make you look clumsy and uncomfortable.

More people have jewellery now more than ever. According to the National Retail Federation, over $3.9 billion was spent on jewelry alone on Valentine’s Day 2019. With so much, it may feel like picking the right jewelry is cakes and ale, but sometimes it’s not, especially when matching an outfit.

If you face difficulty choosing, here are five simple pointers to help you pick the right jewellery that coordinates with your outfit.

5 Tips To Pick The Best Jewelry For Your Outfit

1. Scale Is Key

The size of the jewellery you choose should match your outfit. Very small jewelry may get overshadowed by your outfit, beating the reason you wore it in the first place. Very large jewelry, on the other hand, may look clunky and clumsy.

Small and simple jewelry pieces match patterned and busy outfits. In such a case, stud earrings and small pearl necklaces will do just fine. Large jewellery matches simple outfits.

If you are wearing a simple blouse and jeans trousers, you can match that with thick bangles or bib necklaces. However, if you want to create a conservative or formal look, you can match small and simple jewelry with simple one-color outfits.

2. Outfit And Jewelry Color

Color is equally important when choosing jewellery unless you want to look like a rainbow. Gold and silver jewelry match all outfits, and so are neutral colors black, white and grey. If you want other colors, use the color wheel. Choose jewelry in the same color family as your outfit, such as green and yellow-green. You can also choose colors opposing each other on the wheel such as green and purple.

Even though colored jewelry looks great, jewellery with more than two colors may look busy and fail to match your outfits.

3. Define Your Style

Your style determines the jewelry you choose. It sets the rules on the use of accessories. The design of your outfit and the occasion will also dictate the accessories you pick.

To create a professional look, you can opt for simple jewellery such as stud earrings and a simple necklace. If you want a classic look for a function, a pearl necklace coupled with diamond earrings will make a statement.

You should wear oversized jewelry when you want to create an edgy look, and bib necklaces and chandelier earrings when creating a glamorous look. 

In fact, you may not choose the perfect jewelry for your style the first time. So you may have to try out different combinations before settling for one that perfectly complements your style.

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4. Know Your Skin Tone

Jewelry According to Your Skin Tone

Matching jewelry with your outfit will make you look great. But matching jewelry with your skin tone and outfit will make you look greater.

Silver is great at highlighting the most cool-toned skin tones while gold highlights warm skin tones for people with darker hair

But, never be afraid to experiment with the style. If your vibes are willing to rock something unique, go for it. 

5. Outfit Necklines

Necklaces are the centerpieces of accessories. A necklace has to match the neckline of your dress, shirt, t-shirt, or blouse.

For a V-shaped neckline, a V or Y-shaped pendant looks great. Coupled with matching earrings, the pendant will highlight your face. For a square neck, a petite pendant with thin chains or embellished locket will look awesome.

Cowl and turtlenecks look great with no necklace. But if you must have a necklace, multiple layered necklaces, or one with many pendants will look nice. And for a jewel neckline, off-shoulder, and boat necklines, a low-hanging pendant will look perfect.

Heart necklines go well with pendant necklaces just like V-shaped necklines. However, if you choose to wear drop earrings, you can ditch the necklaces altogether. Lastly, round beaded or pearl necklaces go well with round necklines.

Accessorize Like a Pro

To get a perfect outfit jewelry combo, you have to try out different looks. With time, following the pointers above, you will accessorize like a pro. You have to consider the occasion at all times so you don’t end up with large bangles when you have to type on your computer all day.

Accessories worn every day, such as your wedding band, should be medium-sized with gold silver, or neutral colors to match all outfits. If your wedding band does not match your style, you can always upgrade it after the wedding. 

This was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

What tips do you use to match your jewelry and your outfit?

Have a Good Day!

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